TWIN Motor HUGE High Performance RC Airplane!!! – FT Twin Otter

Check out the FT Twin Otter here:
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This is the Flite Test Twin Otter, and Nate has the honor of flying this on their YouTube channel ​⁠@FliteTest . In this video we fly this twin motor giant at our space and show you how amazingly capable this RC airplane truly can be! Let us know your thoughts about the FT Twin Otter in the comments and be sure to like the video if you want to see Nate fly off water!
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Check out the FT Twin Otter here:
Save 15% on the Twin Otter and/or electronics with this exclusive coupon code: RcSaylors
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There are transmitter options and other accessories options on the drop down menu on the Twin Otter linked above.

The products in this video are rated for ages 14+.

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And now watch this out here Like look at that oh my gosh yeah all Right but let's play our favorite game Mr show off will it snap Isn't that cool Though okay ready did you like that Inverted flat spin of course I that was The best one I've ever done so you want To see it snap will it snap a lot of People for a long time have been asking To see this in Planes like it on the Channel and that is because this is a Made in America airplane here I am Hovering at about 40% throttle that is Amazing it also just so happens to be a Very big airplane with twin Motors or Twin engines you might say let check This out this is zero throttle it just Flies so slow so good w wow wasn't that Amazing that was wild looking do that in Front of Us that was crazy and from my experience It has extremely high performance now Today's video will be a maiden flight of This in our location but I've got to be Honest I may have snuck over to another Channel somewhere to do a real Maiden With some friends so I want you guys to Definitely check that out after you Watch this video and in celebration of That new friendship we have a coupon Code for you guys paired with our Link In the description box below if you buy The bundle for this airplane that is Where you're going to save save the

Money so this airplane comes in as a kit Believe it or not this is just flat Sheets of foam when you buy it and you Can build this completely for free but My favorite option is their laser cut so That really helps give you nice edges And clean cuts and saves a ton of time On putting it together you watch an Instructional video step by step on how To put it together and in my case one of My friends did build this one for me but I've been doing some building my own And that is either on the channel or Will be soon here's an added bonus guys And I can't believe they're doing this But the radial Motors that they Recommend for this which we will have Linked In the description box actually Have a lifetime warranty if I crash this Nose dive into the asphalt and it Explodes or bends or whatever they will Replace that and the ESC paired with Those Motors so that's amazing those Motors and esc's have a lifetime Warranty for something that is made in America it also is a giant Siz airplane You have optional floats optional lights Optional stickers there's a ton of extra Things you can add if you like but an Airplane like this at that price is very Exciting but it's not exciting if it Doesn't fly well so I want to show you Guys the performance of this plane so Enough talking let's put it in the air

And have some fun check out this Differential [Music] Thrust so this will fly on a 3s or 4S Battery and we can steer It On The Ground even without a steerable nose Wheel because of that differential Thrust which is very very cool works Well on the water I may have destroyed Uh Josh's airplane want you guys to Check that out but again after this so I Haven't even heard about that well I Don't know if I destroyed it but mine Might have come out ahead a little More fun we had a lot of we had a lot of Fun so right now I am flying out of yeah Isn't that nice that was fast nice easy Take off And it does fly really well the roll Rate is nice on this everything just Performs extremely well on this it's who That's a goose oh it scared me it scared Me I'm good I'm good where's it at it's Down here there is a goose on the Runway and it's flapping wings scared me I thought it was like a big dog running After yeah I thought so too wow that Really scared Me I need to trim this okay we didn't Crash so that's good it was flying nose Up just a hair so I it was really windy When I madeen this with the Ft crew and So I really haven't had a chance to trim It up uh but oh we had a blast flying

Together so this is a really high Performance airplane you guys missed That because of our Goose friend that Decided not to honk and sound like a Running dog let's climb it roll that's Not even Full Throttle it's a very high Performance airplane this is on a 4S 3200 mamp battery let's let's go up this Way and now here's Full Throttle don't do it cuz I didn't say it And now watch this Abby you're going to Like This look at that oh my gosh yeah all Right but let's play our favorite game Mr show off will it snap Isn't that cool Though okay ready did you like that Inverted flat spin of course I that was The best one I've ever done so you want To see it snap will it snap well sure it Will here let's just get it into a Perfect Spot and snapping it look at that oh Look we're stuck into a flat spin Oh no You're hilarious regular flat Spin now go upside down let's see how Good are You I flight inverted go from a flat Spin right side up to an inverted flat Spin I are you that Good I love giving him things that so This is you know buy this but Okay regular flat spin and then flip it Now flip It I'm trying I'm trying you're getting

Claser to the Ground I can't do that mayday mayday oh So it flies slow really well as you can See right but it also has so much power That we can climb out of this at any Angle this airplane is very lightweight For the amount of power and thrust that It has and that's the one really unique Thing about it compared to other foam Things on the market I really love Because here I am hovering at about 40% Throttle that is amazing it's this is I Didn't think that the flight test planes Could be this high performance but I was Wrong it needed me getting my hands on The sticks to uh to know otherwise you Can set this up with flaps too and uh Mine does not have them because check This out this is zero throttle it just Flies so slow so good w W wasn't that Amazing that was wild looking do that in Front of Us that was crazy yeah we can basically This thing just wants to fly it just Wants to fly that's it the it it Probably could fly very well without two Motors but it has two mots so here we Go wow it does just want to fly that's Crazy yeah I'm impressed yes it's a as I Said very high performance airplane we Knife edge Climb what's the battery life looking on Like on this um I can't remember but we Were pushing like well first of all my

First flight with this Josh handed me a Dead battery and I got like 5 minutes of Flight on a dead battery it felt like Whoa that was too much I had too much uh Differential thrust I almost whipped it Into like a sideways spin oh you know What let's try that Ready there wow it cartwheel That thing is it's a cool is wow so I Might have said the wrong plane when I Was doing the video with them but there Was an origin hobby I think it was Called an Acro do you remember that yes And it had a vector thrust yes this Reminds me of that because of how Snappy It is here's Full Throttle Again I have not been flying this Full Throttle like at all because it's so Powerful so powerful at Full Throttle it Feels look at that that's full throttle Look is't that amazing Mhm amazing yeah the power is there and To think to think the motors and esc's Have a lifetime warranty that's pretty Amazing pretty Huge stuck The Landing every time I have Had a blast with this and it just makes Me want to build and fly more like the Video if you want to see Nate fly on Water on our Channel so this has floats Too optional floats and they use a uh a Foam that's not made out of this atams Board that is actually really good on Water I mean really good on water and

The floats to take on and off well Abby I had the floats on and I needed to take Them off and put these wheels on and it Took me how long it was like 2 minutes Yeah about 2 minutes I was like w you Did it already because Nate once he Makes something a water plane usually it Stays a water plane because it's a Little cumbersome to get floats off and On of a plane not this one I was super Impressed by that this was two uh two Collars I think they're called and it Was just two Allen two little set screws Right that was it two set screws to take The whole float set off two set screws To put my back wheels on and the front Just clicks into place from a cool 3D Printed design that they have so and the Cool thing about this is you can Completely customize it that's it so you Can really make this come to Life right now it's just plain Jane White and I wanted to leave it that way So you guys can just see what these look Like after you've built it but yeah you Can do whatever you want and make it Make it really your airplane you could Do just a you could make this look like A silver you know old style Airplane uh and just spray painted all Silver that would actually be really Cool and then you could just add some Like red uh Stripes to it man that's I Think that maybe what I do with

This it' look a lot like a beachcraft if You did that that would be really cool Like the ailia air heart One so I could fly this all day and I I Probably will I can't believe you're Still flying this like I thought the Batteries would be dead by now yeah I Think I have my voltage tester right There yeah well I'll let you know guys What this is a 3200 so it can fly on a 3s or 4S 2200 to I I'm just going to say 3200 it might be 4 4,000 I could see a 4,000 in here and performance would be Just fine uh but what a blast you know One more one more flat SP spin okay one More inverted flat spin that was a Wow and you ready for it mhm it's just Too much Fun what are you doing that was a Cartwheel though so good job on [Music] That there it is There that's better I was hitting the Wrong thing inverted too I'm impressed Nate thank You I only is it your skill or is it Just a really good plane that's the Question both but it is a really good Plane this does inverted flat spins Better than anything I've ever had on The channel and that's like 20% throttle Right there coming in this would fly in Tons of wind in fact I Pro proved it Flying in tons of wind uh over on their

Channel so remember guys this is uh Really cool Airplane and I think it's priced fairly But in celebration of our new friendship We have this isn't a car Nate what are You doing Well like drag racing down the runway What are you Doing that differential thrust is the Reason for those flat spins and they are Beautiful and perfect and that alone Should be a reason to want to pick one Of these up uh but let's check the Voltage really fast pass so you guys can See what that flight does for the Battery they also designed a really nice Springloaded latch key system here to Hold the canopy on so that's nice how Does that come out oh yeah There Okay battery's only a little bit warm Motors not even warm at all I think We're at about 3.8 volts per cell which Is just the perfect storage charge 3.78 yeah yeah so that's perfect I don't Know what that flight time was but on The way I was flying it pretty long You're like eight maybe 9 minutes that's Really good and If you flew more tamely You could easily fly for a couple more Minutes getting really close to a 10-minute flight time on a very powerful Awesome airplane and guys I'm excited About this because this is something

Different in the hobby people have been Asking me for a long time why don't you Build your own airplanes well I'll be Honest BSA kits can take tens of or 20 30 or more even 100 hours or so to build Especially for an inexperienced person Like myself I do have a few hours at the End of the day maybe a couple hours a Lot of times and I like to sit and watch A little TV and wind down after the kids Go to bed I have enough time to put one Of these together even if it takes me a Couple days and I'm excited to put a Couple together myself a little bit more Advanced like this and see them fly Because that is a very rewarding feeling To know that your labor of love is Taking to the skies and you're having a Good time with it I also love knowing That if I crash this I can buy another Body the whole airplane all of this foam Laser cut out is like under $100 that's Amazing $85 cuz other planes any other plane any Other phone plane to replace if you had To replace Parts just a fuselage would Be it adds up you might as well just buy A new plane cuz it adds up to be way More than the It's a nice security blanket knowing That if this crashes worst case scenario Absolutely worst case scenario I might Be out like a Servo and the entire cost Of the airplane but odds are it can be

Hot glued back together and fly again Especially knowing that the lifetime Warranty on the motors and esc's exists Yeah or you could just take the motors And any electronics that survived and Build a different plane boom that's it That's exactly right so you don't have To be stuck with the twin otter you can Take these and try a different so when You crash it's kind of like an excuse to Build something else and try something Else with what you have left that's Right I like that Abby and I probably Would do that too but I do love this I Couldn't think about not having this one In the collection hey they've done a Great job I'm excited to be doing this And I'm very happy about our new Friendship uh especially if we're able To get that coupon code to you guys Using the link in the description does Help to support our Channel and our Family at no extra cost to you and we're Very grateful for that no matter uh what You're buying on the the website whether It's this or any of their other airplane Kits you are helping to support us and We thank you from the bottom of our Hearts I also want to say a massive Thanks to God for blessing us with this Beautiful day to get this airplane in The skies and for our new found Friendship I'm very grateful I also want To say a massive thanks to our patreon

Supporters because we couldn't do what We do as often as we do it without your Insanely awesome support if you love the Idea of this style of airplane I think We've got a very budget friendly option Popping up right about now thanks for Watching we'll see you then bye

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