We Almost MESSED UP the Losi Promoto-MX release

Check out the Losi Promoto MX here:

When you are one of two people to get the Losi Promoto-MX early but you don’t have a battery to make it go… #thercsaylors #motorcycle #dirtbike #behindthescenes #btsadventure #losi #losipromotomx #opps #fail #scavengerhunt #rc #rctoys

This is not a good look for this Motorcycle yeah that's not gonna work so We are on a secret mission I have a Hundred batteries and somehow I don't Have the right size battery for this Motorcycle because of this crazy new News we had to reach out to the big head Honchos at Lucy and Horizon to reach out To a hobby shop that's about an hour Away where we need to find a secretly Hidden battery just for the RC Sailors I Think I know where it is they said a Video we packed the whole family up just So we can run this thing this is the Stuff that we do all the time that you Guys never really get to see a lot goes Into making videos oh this feels so Shady It's gonna be over there Amelia are you Ready for a scavenger hunt yeah Yeah I think I see it See it oh did you see it You don't see it It's so funny yeah when I saw the video And they sent me I thought that was Super Shady what a mission to go on just To make a video happen

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