WILD, FUN, & CHEAP Land, Air, and Sea RC Plane!!

Check out the RC plane here:
This rc plane is wild, fun, and cheap. This is the kfplan kf603 rc plane. In this video we try this out to see if it is any fun and good. Let us know your thoughts about this RC airplane in the comments.
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Check out the RC plane here:

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What you are looking at is the sky Guardians galaxy Ship there it is skimming right on the Snow and we're Up what a good touch and go why do all The coolest names go to the smallest Wimpiest little RC things but I will Tell you when Abby first caught glimpse Of this she said oh that's really cute And it is I saw the box and thought well Some assembly required it's a very small Box but you'd be surprised to know that It comes fully assembled in the Box Basically like ax does but this one's Ready to fly with the controller the Battery the charger and everything Needed to get in the air instructions And All Yeah airplane ramp now what you'll have Noticed is this is a twin motor aircraft Or hovercraft so they claim and we do Have one push rod with a Servo here for Our elevator controller the only thing I Don't like about this at first glance is The fact that our battery is in here Under a screw ooh I do not like having To undo a screw and redo a screw to Install more batteries if you're having A blast and you want to fly it more than One time then you're going to have to Take that screw out and put that screw Back in so far that is the only thing That I don't like it does have a power

Button though so it's not like we have To unscrew that to plug the battery in It's already plugged in got a nice Little radio has a light button and a Rate button and thrilled to see how this Thing does it's very budget friendly We'll have it linked in the description Box below let's Fly okay I don't know what was up but it Wasn't turning on so I popped the whole Housing off and just kind of squeezed it Really Hard and and I got it to turn on so now The plastic housing is fairly it's Fairly snug in there but I'll have to Glue it when I get back home I don't Anticipate this this thing to do Anything wild so let's see if we can get This little battery cap back on and Actually make a video happen to those of You that say I don't Tinker with my Stuff I do I just don't put it on the Camera very often cuz it's very Rudimentary like this but check it out We've got Power let's fly Abby we may need a wider Runway of snow we'll try it though here We go Hey Oh it's flying I'm really Surprised now left and right is just one Motor faster than the other but but it Is proportional so we can take a wide Turn or a tight turn if we want to or

Variable maybe that's what I'm trying to Say the motors run at variable speeds But the elevator to climb it's not just Throttle we have a functional elevator Servo in the back so we can nose down And no Up and actually have some Decently better than just throttle up And down input I like that this is it Nice and cruising little wobbly in the Air not going to want to fly it on any Type of windy day but it looks funky It's cheap and it actually works don't Know what was going on with the power Button on mine but after I popped it off And squeezed it I said it was going to Work so Are you going to try to ramp this one I Don't know I don't think so there's not Enough power here but yeah of course we Got to do everything so let's let's do a Little touch and go action back here in The snow if we can oh my goodness it's Going to disappear isn't it it is yeah Let's see if I can get It down there it is skimming right on The snow and we're Up what a good touch and go I mean I Can't remember the price but I think This is like under 50 bucks I know it's Under I would hope I can't Remember now there was like a Bluer Version there's a couple different

Versions of this out there different Companies too so let's see I knew it I Knew it okay there we go let's see if we Can ramp it hurry get it get it get it No miss it Miss it try it the other way It's going to be challenging because I Don't have snow leading up to it and That's a big ramp so I'm going to say It's just going to hit it like a brick Wall we'll try it though oh my goodness Hit hit like a brick wall your whole Compartment just fell Out pop that back in There he's lining it up and that means I Need to uh not stand Here Okay it's already in the Air oh It's stuck give it a little Push Yeah airplane Ramp that's awesome it did It I like cool I like different this is Fine it's it's a good time I can have I Don't know why the world gets their Undies in a bunch I can have just about As much fun with this as I can with a $900 giant airplane on a different level Okay when I'm flying this do I imagine That I'm a pro at an event getting paid To fly this thing yes of course I do no I don't uh but it is it's fun I can do Goofy things with it and no it's not Going to break the bank and not have to

Worry about doing those goofy fun silly Things with it now let's go right Haha there's our tighter turn not much Tighter but it's There and I I thoroughly enjoy that part Of this hobby the just the cheap stuff Can be really fun too now if it's cheap And bad then don't waste your time or Money but cheap and good that's great That's really great and I love unique And different not everything has to look Like a Cessna or a cub or a P-51 I'm so Tired of coming is making the same plane Over and over and over and over and over Again I applaud this company whatever The brand is we we'll link it in the Description box for you guys for doing This because this is just different and It's fun and it's simple and easy to fly Cuz it has a stabilizer so up is up and Down is down and left is left and right Is right and you can just skim the snow And where did you go a i BL I thought That light was you sideways I'm I Completely lost get come in for a touch To do my gosh I'm so confused there we Go it disappears in the snow there we go Look at that go just like like a little Star Wars air speed just skimming right Along oh no barely I might have lost my Battery hatch might be a little loose Cuz it feels like the flight controller Has a mind of its own don't know where He just got to fly to the moon where did

You go we're okay white plane whitee White Sky white snow yeah yep why Doesn't a company come out a bright Orange foam instead of this instead of This white foam and every now and then We get a black airplane why don't we Just have everything printed or or Produced molded in bright orange same Foam different color easy to see maybe Not as popular in the fall but that's a We even have Telemetry Abby that how do We have Telemetry on something this Cheap okay we're going to try to land it Come on baby come on that was a touch And go intentional of course going to Land it wobbly old thing oh my goodness My gosh you know what they call that That's an eighto land out of Eight now I know it looks bad Okay cuz it is it's not bad that is just The housing I I ripped the glue off and That just sits on top of the foam so What I'm going to do is take it home get A little hot glue just very very minimal Just a couple dabes back here I actually Ripped the foam there and a couple tabs Up here one in the front couple little Dots there and just set it back in Place and it's going to be a great fun Airplane that I can just mess around With with kids or even myself if I just Feel like flying this because it's a Blast bring it to an event find a kid That's walking around without a plane

Give him a plane get him hooked you know It's a very fun hobby and stuff like This keeps it fun I just I'm glad it's Not just a world of giant balls of Plaines because you want it's fun but It's a whole different type of fun is I Think the best way to put but it it's a Little more serious fun and that's okay Too but this is just a blast it's not Anything that it's not I am not sugar Coating this in any way shape or form You see it for what it is if you're Anything like me and you're just a big Kid and you love having fun with cool Toys and especially things that are a Little different then it's linked in the Description box below using that link Helps support our Channel and our family But if you're big Balsa only that's okay Too and I appreciate you watching our Videos now come on look at this we're Middle of winter almost no wind what a Beautiful day to be outside and sharing This experience with you guys and for That I thank God everything in our lives I'm appreciative for and all credit goes To him also a massive thanks to our Patreon supporters because we couldn't Do what we do as often as we do it Without your amazing support we thank You from the bottom of our hearts if you Love budget friendly ready to fly RC Planes we'll have a handpicked video Just For You popping up right about now

Thanks for watching we'll see you there Bye

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