$42 Water Blasting Canon RC Fire Truck Squirts Real Water!!!

Check out the RC firetruck here:
Save with code (ends 11/30/23): BG4dc0e9
This is a water blasting canon RC Fire truck and it squirts out real water! We thought this looked so fun so we had to pick it up for our channel! Let us know your thoughts on this RC fire truck in the comments.
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Check out the RC firetruck here:
Save with code (ends 11/30/23): BG4dc0e9

The products in this video are rated for ages 14+.

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Well today we're going to put this brand New firet truck to the test and see how Fast it goes in a speed no that's not What we're doing in this video but this Is really cool I hope you guys remember Back with the huena construction Vehicles we featured all of those on our Channel back when they first came out With them they're great little RC Vehicles with tons of articulation and Control you can manipulate a lot of the Vehicle from the controller and usually These come in at least 5 years ago they Were like 50 or 60 bucks they got to be More than that now but with luck Abby Will work her magic with our B good People and see if we can get you a nice RC sailor custom coupon code now this is Going to be an articulated movable fire Truck with the ability to actually Squirt water Nate came prepared so I Thought I'd take you all on a nice Romantic date and see no we're going to Actually see if we can put out a fire With this uh RC firet truck that's Really cool and yes I've already filled This up this little cap right here comes Off of the fir Tru and it holds holds a Good bit of water it was like a third of A bottle but I brought a backup just in Case we need to put the fire out it's Completely ready to run it does have Lights nice little controller you might Remember that from back in the Hua

Construction vehicle uh RC controllers It looks pretty similar and really I'm Just excited to power this on and see What it does it's going to be a very Like mild honestly an indoor kind of Thing but the only reason we're driving This Outdoors today is because Supposedly it can squirt water so we're Going to see if this actually works have A little fun I've never put out a fire With an RC before so this is going to be Great let's power it on and see how it Does all right we got lights yeah now Inside does are going to look a lot Better but that's pretty cool I like That it doesn't just come on with like a Ton of noise and stuff I mean it would Be cool if it has a siren but we'll find Out so we're just going to drive it for A minute and see how it does so our Surface up here has been chip and sealed And that's new to us it was a smoother Like concrete surface so this will be a Little bit of a bouncy ride now this is Uh not the most ideal place for it to Drive just because it's been did but It's okay I mean we at least get to see It drive yeah it does actually help look When I turn it on when I'm driving Forward those headlights down in the Front turn on I wonder if we have any Back lights when we go in reverse no but At least we have the headlights when We're going forward so that's pretty

Cool all right let's see it does drive It drives pretty well it's very basic Controls we have forward back left and Right now it's kind of like all or Nothing with steering but it has a Servo Saver in there a lot of the huena Vehicles operate the same way so you can Still hold it through that so now let's Line this up and start putting pushing Some extra buttons Because yeah we've got a lot of fun Things we can do here this is a light Button obviously we can turn our lights On and off okay two different buttons One is off one is on okay now the only Other buttons we have are to rotate this Fire thing and then to shoot the water Now to raise the ladder this is really Cool the lad ladder does raise we have This handle on the back here you see That folds out there we go there we go Here we go yeah I know it would have Been nice if that was also remote Controled but you know we can raise it Like this and then drive and we can Drive around a little bit without raise Okay I won't do too much cuz I want to Also do this now see this is a coil cord Here we can actually extend the ladder Oh my gosh although the the tension is Kind of pulling on it so it doesn't hold Real well go will it drive pretty cool You cannot drive now can we angle that Down

Oh yeah okay let's see oh man we can but The tension of the cord see kind of pull It back up yeah so unfortunately the Tension kind of Lo launched but check This out now we can control This right so we can adjust the angle of It nice which that's really cool and the Fact that this can squirt water but this Still pivots and moves is impressive to Me here we go how much rotation do we Have Okay that's pretty good that's almost 360 now to me it looks like this is Blocked off I don't see a hole there so This is going to be interesting but We're going to press and hold wait hold On there has to be a Cap all right ready we're going to just Short press and see what happens nothing So we're going to hold It got to pump the water all the way up There it's it's squirting it out I saw It yeah absolutely saw it I couldn't see It where ready yeah there it's it's oh My gosh can you guys see that here I'll Put my hand Out it is dripping there is water watch You Ready that's a good bit that's a good Bit that's good okay now what if we Lower It that's pretty Cool all right let's see okay ready just Press and hold yeah that's good now for

Proof okay this is why we're all here For right so no sounds no sounds no Sounds no s I'm okay with that though All Right I don't think I be like the Scented candle no I had it in a pumpkin Okay so it must have been sitting Crooked in the Pumpkin okay we've got fire we have Actual fire can the fire truck actually Put it out we got think you're going to Have to aim it better we're going have To aim this a little bit this is great See I oh can I aim it can I aim it while It's squirting let's See yeah yes I can oh yeah look it's Actually putting it out it's it's Sizzling Drive little forward ready it's Sizzling okay I'll be quiet so you guys Can hear [Applause] It got Got you out of Water so cap there is water in There yeah we might run so Funny holds a lot of water but we'll See there and that has to have a good Seal or it won't have any suction to Pull that water out okay let's it back Over come on come on spit out One Flame We can do This it's just got little Drops you guys [Music]

Probably I think everybody really wants This to happen though it does it's got To happen I mean the concrete the water You can see there's a little water back There right watch watch watch camera Don't squirt my camera it's kind of Shooting off to the side a little bit Too there we go we going get one of These I think you're I think you're Mainly getting back here it's very wet Back here let's try try This and if you were inside this would Be a lot of water So come on Baby come ony I think you're still Overshooting no I'm Not a little Bit there we Go here SI one it's Trying we're popping [Applause] It yeah okay I don't know I have one More idea here you hold the Camera cheating a little bit but it Can't get it like this there Abby got it Yeah oh no it's coming back fight the Flame fire truck came back fight the Flame you see what Abby's having to do Here got it Yes leave it to Abby we've been working On this for 10 minutes just so you know Oh all three are out good Job the k just leave them hanging we and Honestly this this really this chip and

Seal gravel just hurts now uh but this I I like it and I really like the old Hua Uh cars because the construction Vehicles because they are very Affordable and so it's really hard to Complain when you're talking about the Price point here but honestly if if it Was up to me and in a perfect world this Raising and lowering would have been Done with a motor because that would Have been really cool then then Extending the ladder how cool would have That have been if you could do that too And even adjust the pivot of this we've Seen Hua toys with great articulation of Claws and then having the ability to Grab things with claws we we've seen a Lot of really cool I had a crane a crane By Hua that you could extend up and it Had a swinging ball to it I mean that Was really cool so I'm not really trying To give him a hard time here because I Love the fact that they exist but just It leaves a lot to be desired it does And I've seen I can actually see a leak Over here in the side of my truck it is It's leaking it's leaking it really is Leaking when I move that around I got Water coming out of it so you know it's Not a great they I just feel like they Missed the mark a little bit on the Firet truck but if you love fire trucks And you don't mind not doing the water And you just want to drive one around

Have a little bit of an ability to you Know swing this around and stuff it's a Pretty cool little RC I'm not hating on It too bad if this were hundreds of Dollars or like a $500 RC sure we could Complain about it but this is like a Middle between toy grade getting into Hobby grade how cool would it be if an $800 fir Tru existed that was like Aluminum or steel and it did all these Things it better put real candles out Yes that's right yeah and actually Squirt some Hefty water out of it you Know that has such a small hole I Couldn't even see it but it still worked It basically functioned Fair fairly well And for that I'm a fan we'll have a Coupon code which hopefully knocks it Down if you got a kid in your life I Mean how cool would it be for this to be Under the Christmas tree this year for Christmas so AB will work on a coupon Code it's linked down there below you Can see it for what it is on our Channel We're not trying to show anything ever For anything that it's not I think it's Pretty cool it is missing a couple Points and we show $41.64 that's that's a no-brainer I was Thinking this is like had one that's Insane so Abby got it under 50 bucks That's amazing so anyway it's linked Down there hopefully you guys enjoyed Watching this cool little video

Something a little bit different and I Want to say a massive thanks to God for Blessing us with this beautiful day and This opportunity to get in front of the Camera and share this experience with You guys had a lot of fun it's fun to Try different unique little RC things Like this hopefully you had a good time While you're here watching with us I Want to say a massive thanks to our Patreon supporters too because guys you Know we make videos and we are pretty Blunt about it we're not here to show You this perfect working RC and people Complain about that sometimes why don't You um fix the thing and then show us no I want you to see what you will likely Experience when you buy something Whether it's a little kind of toy thing Like this or if it's a big thousand RC Jet I don't want to show you best case Scenario all the time and we've burned Bridges with companies uh because of That and so really I want to say a Massive thanks to our patreon supporters Huge thanks because you got allow us and Always have allowed us to be transparent And because of your support we can jump In front of the camera and really say Whatever we want whatever should be said Finally if you enjoy different kinds of RC's like this we'll have a handpick RC Video popping up right about now this we Thanks for watching we'll see you there


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