Am I CRAZY for Wanting to FLY in a TIN CAN?

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Nate’s second hour learning to fly full scale airplanes.

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Why do you do that thing that you do Maybe it's waking up 9 to 5 and going to Work to earn the paycheck maybe it is Literally living your dream maybe you Are doing exactly what you were made to Do and on the flip side of that why Don't you do the thing that you wish you Were doing what's holding you back a lot Of people wanted to know why I was Interested in doing this flying in a tin Can by myself or hoping to by myself one Day and there's a lot of reasons not to Do something like this but I've always Had a strong desire and a strong Fascination with Aviation which is why From the time of being a kid I always Loved video games with airplanes into my Teenage years I was that Master Call of Duty or Battlefield helicopter pilot That could just lead the scoreboards Just by getting in a little Huey and Doing my thing and as an adult my wife And I share the hobby of RC aviation in Hopes to maybe one day jump in an Airplane but of course there are so many Factors in life that keep us from doing The things that we want to or dream of Doing so finally Abby my wife encouraged Me to jump in the co-pilot seat and Actually in the pilot in command seat And Learn to Fly because we heard that My instructor the only local instructor Would be retiring in the spring and to Be very very very clear and I hope that

Everybody hears me loud and clearly Because in the first video that we Posted about my first in my exploratory Flight or people have different names For that a lot of people really Questioned financially how could we Morally do this when in a fairly recent Video we said hey Abby just had a Gallbladder surgery and you know money Is tight so if you're going to buy an RC Buy it through our link right so we're Saying hey the money's not there please Help us this happened my first few Flights that you guys have watched and Actually basically all the flights up to Her gallbladder surgery were Before before that happened before her Gallbladder surgery I we had a little Money set aside that I could take the Time to learn how to fly not necessarily Buy an airplane but learn how to fly and Hopefully get my pilot's license so Again you'll notice Abby she you can't see her right now She's wearing big heavy winter coat I am Bundled up and in the video you're about To watch it's my second flight and Actually it's really cool because my Teacher let me start the engine on my Own you know after doing a full flight And discussion of how to do it and Everything he actually let me jump in And turn those keys and he was not even In the airplane so it was a very cool

Experience the audio is still hard to Hear because once once that engine Starts to Roar up we were just using the Equipment that we had on hand still Wanted to make sure this was something We really enjoyed that I really enjoyed And wanted to do before I invested more Money in like audio equipment or Anything like that so it's a little hard To hear but I know that there's a lot of People on our channel that have either Are into fullscale Aviation and RC a a Huge number of people way more than I Realized or there's people that fly RC Planes and and want to do exactly what I'm doing and so I think it's a learning Experience for everybody And that's why we're sharing it so this Video is my second flight I did my Initial like exploratory flight hey is This are you going to throw up every Time you fly well no did you enjoy it Yes so let's start learning to fly so it Gets a little bit more serious on the Second flight um and just it gets more Routine kind of kind of beating the Stuff into my head and that's what Happens for for numerous flights after This one but this was a really good Flight too I'll do my best to keep the Parts that you can hear and maybe find Interesting and I'll probably have to Cut out some that's just really hard to Hear too but hopefully you enjoy some of

This video I know it's not our usual Content but there's a lot of interest in In me posting more about it so uh Without further Ado let's get right in The airplane Harry tells me to start the Plane by Myself so here we Go Wait on the brakes mag switch on right Left both have our Master master is all On clear Prop woo starting an airplane by myself Come On just did That There do I know my engines I seen people Go out here and crank and crank and Crank I said you leave it idle push in Out a couple times leave it idle fire Right up pull through about two props And the next one it comes around that Fires on that one should I throwt it up A little just cuz yeah just a little bit Yeah he bring it up about 800 900 okay See it's a little smoother yeah right I I'm I'm a little worried about knowing How to do this Harry that's the only Thing that I it's just a mixture control Yeah but if you if you stay below a Couple thousand ft or something day it Can just stay pull in but because I know Where it leans out a little bit when That's safe a bit of fuel you know cuz

From experience but I mean you could run Around all day with it right there with Her thing but I doing the T I pulled out A little bit save a little bit of fuel Okay there's a weight and balance sheet Okay this has to be at the airplane at All Times every little station has what we Call um a weight and the arm how far it Comes from the um firewall up here and That's how you can put your weight and Melts okay uh this little document worth About 2 to 300 o Wow and the owner's manual must be in Here at all times right here okay and They thought this hot meter is how you Determine the engine time you sure we Are okay on fuel yep it's just a little Low yeah we're good all right you know You're playing I do yeah well better Than I do now turn the elevation of the Airport here is about 960 so Here's I see that's 1,100 1,50 1,25 1,000 ft there's 950 960 is Just a little bit past the N9 so 960 ft Above elevat is each Dash five yeah so This is 50 ft increments in here be 25 So if you get it within you know 253 the Wind is coming from where nothing out of The kind of the southeast so we're going Down just give you a difference here We're going down taxi takeoff Runway Nine so see nine is this way right here

We get down the runway it be pointing Over here we're taking off from the West Pointing there so okay just show you you Want go with me here but give me just a Little bit of throttle you want to do This you check around go and kind of use A big circle cuz the more youit in Brakes so use whole big circle make Check we're looking on nobody on Final Downwind base final okay we're looking Down here nobody's coming over here Making a base fin so we're going down to Runway what Back can you hear me okay yes back pack N just think of it this way anytime You're taxi anywhere look for traffic Around this entire okay get your hand on The TR we got a taxi about Maybe fa says a fast walk when I'm Taxiing I use my heel to push in like This you keep your heel on yes Well you always want to get down midd Here so toes toes down to push or am I Pushing like this bring your bring your Toes clear up and take your Fels off the Floor real quick see That now when you're flying you can just Leave your feet on the floor and let Your well maybe the B of your fo There we don't want to save a lot of Break so I pull back on this yes and let It kind of slow down up hill so now There's a little Madness to my uh Tactics there we're going to stay keep

The left wheel right against this grass Line right here on the back Top grass there to run off sorry got a Little bit of power keep it Moving okay We now what it says is uh you're Supposed to turn in the wind in well you Can see we've just started the engine Yes so it's it's got a long time to warm Up now very hot day you just start the Engine again turn it in out okay we're Going got thr CH okay so seat belts Adjusted and lock yep you can ask me if I have mine on yes yep okay uh Brakes Test like this just lightly here just a Confirmation Yeah this movement is R right this Movement Is and also right Rudder turns the nose Right left rder turns yes running up 7 1700 R and two lines past the 15 here on The and just lightly Over so this is where we rle up to about 1,700 RPMs and we going to hold that Because our goal is to check a few Things on the engine we'll drop the left And right mag on the Magneto switch to See if we have an RPM drop if we do and It doesn't kill the engine it's working Well because if you're flying and you Lose a cylinder or something you want to Know that you still have like Essentially half of your engine to help Keep going kind of kind of that's not

Exactly how it works but it's just a Safety check you also add carb heat and See if you have a little bit of an RPM Drop just to make sure everything is Working properly this is a pre-flight You know you're you're revving up the Engine just to kind of check things to Make sure it's going to run smoothly When you're in the air traic all the way Around get them And of course here we are on our takeoff We do a little bit of a check you can You can radio but then you also want to Kind of drive around in a circle and we Don't have a tower here Communicator so Some people don't even use their radios The safest thing to do is to look for Yourself and see if anybody's coming so That's why we do this full circle and um Think Harry reaches over and locks his Window he's teaching to keep my hand on The throttle very hard to get used to You want to just leave it there as soon As it's at the throttle that you think It needs to be at the reason you keep Your hand on the throttle like that is Because if something goes wrong or you Just bump it or sneeze or anything pulls That throttle back you could fall out of The sky so you want to ensure that Throttle stays at full see I got my hand Off that's not good I need to leave my Hand on that throttle as we're climbing Out because a knee or a hand or

Something could bump that throttle or Who knows it could just like vibrate and Drop you want to keep Full Throttle on Your climb out so um you don't fall out Of the Sky now we'll do a lot of coordinated Turns uh what that means is we Bank the Airplane maybe 20 30° pull back a little bit on the Elevator to start that turn and then use The rudder to make sure it's a nice Smooth turn not just a bank and yank Jarring movement but to keep everything Very silky smooth you implement Rudder Into those turns and you want to Maintain the altitude you're at you Don't want to do like a 360° turn for Practice and then come out 200 ft higher Or lower that would not be very safe uh The best thing to do is to maintain Altitude and have a coordinated Turn now this is really cool Harry Starts an intentional stall and you can Hear that stall horn and it's going to Get louder cuz he's pushing the Airplane to its extreme stall limit It'll get even louder and then we feel It Drop and it catches me off Guard right here You just feel it fall out from your Stomach you know it just you fall um but It's a great airplane for recovering From a stall it's a really cool

Feeling right around here we lose our Front-facing GoPro so it just falls to The Back and actually that beep kind of Threw me off a little bit I know the GoPro sound but I'm in an airplane and It was new to me so that battery dying Kind of scared Me now at this point we'd flown for About 40 minutes or so and we're getting Ready to lower the throttle and come in For an Approach to the Airport There's a lot to talk about and think About on a landing and he's showing me Reference Points air speed to consider And the reference points are good when You're at a small airport where you're Learning to fly maybe there's a house or A barn or a water tank power lines Something that you can focus on at a Certain point and when ready to make Your turn for final or base Or Yeah you still need to know at some Point distances And how to land the airplane without Those reference points but when you're Learning to fly I think those reference Points are Good and now here we go this is our Actual Touch and

Go which is my very first touch and go It's a weird feeling to Wheels hit down And you keep Rolling and power up and climb out Again really really Cool now here we go for our final land In and I'm really happy with the way Harry has been teaching me because he Lets me do so much handson uh and Pushing me really honestly past my Comfort level I I tend to do this when I'm teaching people how to fly RC planes I'll watch them and see where they're at And realize okay well they're flying in Safe with flight stabilization I think I Can help them push out of Safe even just For a minute maybe they can can try a Loop or a roll and as long as I'm Standing by them I will help them but I Think most people a lot of Times don't realize what they're truly Capable of and we all let our minds and Our mentality and life hold us Back um we get complacent we don't want To push ourselves into anything [Music] New and and even when like doing Something like this learning to fly an Airplane I think most people would be Surprised how capable they would be to Learn to fly it statistically airplanes Are safer than driving a car and as long As you keep that safe mindset while You're in an airplane I I think that

Holds pretty true so it's really cool That Harry kind of pushes me out of my Comfort zone and really kind of makes me Do these things because the sooner I get My hands on it the sooner I can learn How to do it myself I think this is a really cool Opportunity that I got to do this my Second flight it's it's the one first True training flight I spent a lot of Time in the air just pushing around the Airplane a little bit to see what it can Do and listening to Harry give Me uh you know guidance and point the Airplane to this degree and maintain That climb to this altit ude maintain That and that's what a lot of that 30 or 40 minutes was in the air that you guys Didn't get to see just cuz the audio is So bad I you really can't hear any of it So Um yeah really cool experience and I'm Very grateful to be able to share this Experience with everybody watching and For that I got to say a massive thanks To Abby for pushing me into doing this Especially at this time in my life and a Massive thanks to God just for the opportunity also to for Keeping us safe the timing of it all and I know I know that God's timing is Perfect so getting to experience this When I did was absolutely amazing and You'll find later as we release more

Videos about God's timing and how it Affected our life uh and and all of This airplane stuff but that's that's Later down the road and finally I want To say a massive thanks to our patreon Supporters because we couldn't do what We do as often as we do it without the Support of our amazing patreon family so Huge Thanks goes out to you guys at the End of this video we'll have a uh Another video popping up if you want to Check out my initial flight my uh I'll Experience I can't remember what the Title of that is but it's a it's my very First flight in an airplane and and so That's really cool and if you guys want To continue to see more of this I'll do My best to post more as Abby would say Thanks a lot for for watching we'll see You in the next video bye that kills the Engine so Harry if you now look the Timer stayed just a little bit it Dropped about 10 feet see when we took Off there we go here if we messed with That in the air you can kill the engine Yeah if you don't do it right yeah yeah But remember in always makes the engine Run yeah back makes the engine stop if You kill the engine in the air is there Or you just push that in if it still Turn around takes right off okay yeah Okay just instruments basically you want To pay attention when you're going on a Headings especially here watch your

Altitudes this is your attitude Indicator let you know if you're turning Right or left I'll get this fixed that's The turn qu it's more sensitive turning Bank then that up there so then the ball Keep the ball in Center at all time Balls to the right right Rudder Balls to The left left Rudder and of course once In a while take a look at your engine Temperatures oil Pressures and once in great while check See if we're getting a charge into the Battery and all that [Music] Job [Music]

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