$51 BRUSHLESS 4WD RC Car with 2 batteries & LEDs!!!

Check out this RC Car here:
Save with code (currently makes it $51) stacked with the amazon clickable coupon: 30TRSLM163
This is an RC car we pick up on amazon. Currently with the clickable coupon plus our discount code, this RC car comes in at $51. This is the DeeRC H16R. This is a brushless 4WD RC car. It comes with 2 batteries, a wheelie bar, spare parts, and has led lights! This thing is a steal for the price! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!
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Check out this RC Car here:
Save with code (currently makes it $51) stacked with the amazon clickable coupon: 30TRSLM163

The products in this video are rated for ages 14+.

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I think RC's is one of the best hobbies In the world for people to enjoy gives You an opportunity to get out and have Some nice fresh air but also it's a very Cool handson experience Hobby and RC Cars of this size and very hobby grade Style are kind of where most of us start In the hobby if you remember back in the Day the dram RC's were about $100 and They were brushed and they did not come With Big Bore shocks and anything Aluminum really or been very hobby gr I Mean they were for the time but remember This was eight or n something like that Years ago and they were $100 for a Similar vehicle and that's without Factoring in inflation now this RC comes In a little over $100 but because you're Watching an RC sailor video we were able To work out an exclusive coupon code to Knock off 30% of this RC just to Celebrate the new release of this car And from what I understand there is no Limited ation on those coupon codes and If you're watching early in the release Of this video there's an additional 10% Off you can click as an Amazon clickable Coupon so that makes this thing Basically 40% off just to celebrate the new Release of it and the fact that you're Watching an RC sailor video now in this Video we're going to start off by doing A speed test to see how fast is this

Four-wheel drive brushless RC car with Lights it also comes with an extra Battery and a cool set of accessories Then we also brought the ramp and we're Going to hit that and see how much air We can get with this very cool little RC It even has skid plates on the top this Is honestly a great looking little RC And we've got the GPS meter scrapped to The back it is it was Zer it out says 4 Mph and we've got a light button on here Turn that light it's a really bright LED I like that on and off we might as well Leave it off cuz someone's going to say That's going to suck some voltage from The speed so for now off oh that's quick And we only have this set on the Throttle limit of 70% so it's not even Full Throttle yet there we go Full Throttle at 70% Abby I don't know how Many speeduns we can do here just Because the gravel is loose and it does Mak me whp out just a little bit but That's that's pretty good we're holding It that's definitely a good indicator of What speed we're going to get let's see What speed what do you what's your guess 15 that's mine too right on the same Same guess here let's kick it around 18 Miles an hour that's really not too bad But check this out so there's throttle Limit on the controller we're going to Bump that up to full and then I will see What I can do and probably pass Abby

Then we're going to probably try to Break something on this got to be Careful here we go Full Throttle that's pretty good I'm saying That's over uh let's say I'm my guess on That's 25 25 mph a 16 scale fourwh Drive ready To run vehicle it should be about $100 But we got a oh nice it can pop a Wheelie let's get it back over here and See how fast but first check this Out yeah that's Punchy enough for Wheelies I like That I say 24 oh Abby you beat me only Because you cheated how did I cheat Doing doing that one number below my Guess I could have gone over yeah well 23 that's not Bad all right Abby I'm going to hit this A couple times then I'll pass the Controls to you all right see if you can Top my jump oh he's getting lined up He's getting Serious good thing that light's already Broken I knew it would hit that first Try it did Too oh my gosh I'm moving It broken or not let's not damage it Further a parag glider did that let's See how it does in [Music] Grass you landed [Music] It oh my

Gosh Oo that was a good One my fun it's fun all right let's see Bash Queen see what she can do this is It's actually really Fun see if she can hit it the first try Doubt it oh she did all right good deal Good Deal it's good it's Tall Grass too it's Really tall like it's so tall we don't Fly our airplanes here cuz they can't so For a 16 scale that's good nice job Abby That's two for two so it does come with A wheelie Bar and we would probably benefit from Using it Today ah see we can all miss it hey you Guys might recognize this guy from the Airplane videos going to break your Camera helicopter flew over so uh we Stopped and got out of the way yes and Uh yeah I like this a lot I like the way It looks let me see did that light turn Off yeah light on and off I love the way This looks it's a very cool little Monster truck only damage if you want to Call it that we lost some body Clips we Lost our body Clips two of them but it Comes with extras and it has a spare Battery there's two batteries that comes With this at that price too and some Extra parts thank goodness for those Skid plates because this thing is so Punchy that it wants to flip over

Sometimes and so those skid plates Really do save the body this is one of The least damaged bodies I've ever seen After driving it that rough and it hits Some really good speeds if I had this to Compare to back in the drama days this Would have been hands down the winter Remember the droma had to have a $100 Brushless upgrade kit if you wanted it To be brushless so you were looking at2 Bucks 7 years ago for a 16 scale Four-wheel drive RC and that is before All the crazy inflation so what would That be worth these days and people Bought those probably $270 oh okay yeah it would have been a Lot so uh I think I know what you're Saying but this is a Uh very cool RC for that price with our Coupon code the exclusive RC Sor coupon Code and the clickable coupon code I Mean this is a no-brainer for a Christmas present or if you just like Bashing small RC's why not take Advantage I'll have a link in the Description box below takes you right to Amazon where you can pick this up for an Extremely good price while it's on sale With our coupon code and uh I want to Say a massive thanks to God for blessing Us with this opportunity to get in front Of the camera today to share this Experience with you though we fought Some wind and that's why we did the

Little speedrun over there is because of The wind still a great day to be outside I'm just grateful we've got uh we've got A lot of ups and downs in life this year And this is a really nice up to be able To jump in front of the camera it's one Thing just to have the RC and show it to You but it's another extra blessing for A company to say Hey you know we we know You have a great RC audience and we want To provide this coupon code so here we Are to show you the RC no it's not Perfect yeah it's punchy but there is a Wheelie bar to compensate for that and And just let you see it firsthand here Through our video and then to be able to Bring so much savings to you guys in a Time when orange juice is $7 a gallon I'm really happy about that so say Massive thanks to God also a huge thanks To our patreon supporters because we Couldn't do what we do as often as we do Without your insanely amazing support And if you're into small RC cars and you Like bashing and a little bit of power Like this we'll have a handpicked video Popping up right about now just for you Thanks for watching see you there [Music] Bye

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