BRAND NEW!!! P-51D Mustang Detroit Miss UMX RC Warbird Plane!

Check out this P-51 here:
This is the brand new UMX P-51d Mustand Detroit Miss Miniature RC warbird plane. In this video, Nate unboxes, sets up, and maidens this RC airplane. Let us know your thoughts on this RC warbird plane in the comments.
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Check out this P-51 here:

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It's almost like the people at eflight Andx listened when we made our UMX P-51 Voodoo Video what a perfect touch and go Because I remember telling all of you That if they made all the different P-51s and all the different paint Schemes I almost guarantee everybody Would buy all of them and if they didn't It would at least give us more options On which one to that we get to buy Abby Loves the purple and green Voodoo and I Actually I like the Miss America that's My favorite Miss America is great and That'll be the next UMX right and that's Just a wild guess we don't actually know So if you're already working on at UMX I Promise I have no idea but I'll bet That's it so they need to have all these Different liveries or paint schemes on These things and in today's video I want To show you guys how easy UMX planes are To get in the air we're actually going To do an unboxing and a bind and a Maiden flight video all wrapped in one Let's go let's go Hold the scroll then the power button Model select new model create model name I don't know what's worse that or trying To type something in on like your remote On the TV yeah this this isn't too bad They've done pretty good I feel like This one's better Back

Back and back main screen power Off these batteries are the most magic Little 3s batteries I have ever seen I Am I don't usually say that about all of My Spectrum batteries but in this case I Do we just plug it in and that puts the Receiver into bind mode set it down nice And level hold the bind button hold the Power button a couple seconds into Power Let go of power binding binding binding Binding let go Bind we're Bound And we even have safe on a switch so We're ready to fly of course now I have A horrible crosswind it was nice and Calm but here we go that right there Guys is the beauty ofx the whole point That's the direction wind is coming That's the whole point ofx is I Literally bound it here on camera with You now I could still go in and add some Things like Expo or something which Actually I've never done onx planes you Could modify it if you wanted to but the Point of UMX is Extreme conf I knew I Could take this off I'm flying it Knowing that it's going to be an awesome Airplane it's just a great system I wish They larger planes eflight were as easy To get in the air as thex planes not That they're hard but I just feel like Why can't there just be the press the Button and go system on the big planes

Too it's simple it works safe is already On a switch in safe it's perfect Handsfree I lost you oh there you right out of the Box anybody can pick it up and fly it as Long as you've ever flown a safe or Stabilized airplane before and the Beauty of this too is I can just throw That safe switch off and I know it's Going to fly great and then we can do Our Maneuvers like That the UMX Voodoo is an awesome Airplane and they just took what is Already an awesome airplane and gave us Another paint Scheme if for some reason There's someone out there that doesn't Love an awesome bright purple and green P-51 then now you've got the classic Miss Detroit and it looks really good I Have just been expecting UMX to come out With these different paint schemes and Here we have it so if they were smart They could just release one or two a Year and keep us all happy as little Clams you know I mean why col them all They've already got a great airplane and A lot of guys Abby they'll buy one of Their favorite and keep that on the Shelf cuz these are beautiful little Shelf Queen type of models and then buy A second one oh I know I'm married one Mhm now let's talk about the shorts that You like to buy though the ones that you Are good and you know shorts you love

And what how does that work um that's You we inverted I do have multiple pairs Of shorts that I like you you're getting Confused with yourself that completely Inverted I don't know if you realize That all that was inverted and we're Still inverted this nice low pass those Wheels are sticking straight up in the Air if you don't like those the look to This with the landing gear you can Actually take those off very easily and Just do a hand launch and belly landing And then the landing gear aren't on There people are kind of theorizing that Uh because we have another UMX that's Out but we're not actually allowed to Say its name or talk about it yet not Exactly true but it kind of is so you Guys know which one I'm talking about But also I'm not talking about it if you Hear what I'm saying um people are Saying because of like the price point Of that one they think UMX is going to Step up their game and start doing ret Trcks increase the price by 40 bucks or So then we're going to be in like the Mid2 200 price range on UMX and have ret TRS that'd be kind of cool but that's Just some theories that I've read online Recently because of these uh increase of Prices and stuff although I think this One's still the same price as thex Voodoo the price is just increasing Because everything inflation I know a

Lot of people don't realize that they Just think it's just RC for some reason They must not buy the milk in their Family really here's Full Throttle go to The grocery store it's been cruising and We're just going to go Full Throttle Down The Runway Abby here it Is Full Throttle up Full Throttle Snap into zero Throttle and Full Throttle climb out of That we're going to bank it around and Full Throttle rip down the runway So I like to fly my planes a lot of Times around 50% It's Kind quick small Or 3/4 throttle or so very rarely do I Punch Full Throttle now especially on These very high performance this is 3s Right on a small airplane so it's Extremely high performance you don't Really need to fly Full Throttle a lot Of times when you watch our videos They're Just cruising cruising it's uh it's Almost much speed but it's nice to have The extra power when you need it to Punch out of something so let's show you What safe will do let's say we're upside Down and we get disoriented I can throw Safe on and then bam I'm handsfree the Airplane is just it'll fly away forever On its own but it's Auto leveled and It's not going to crash and that's why That safe switch is Nice what a perfect touch and go the

Back tail wheel stayed up that whole Time that was Awesome I kind of think I like this one More than the voodoo you did crash the Voodoo I did crash the voodo cuz I was Going nuts you know what I was doing I Don't remember now I'll show you oh Might as well let's make this one match It no here here's what we were doing I Think we were doing infinite Loops Because these can do infinite Loops I Can't remember what I was doing I think I was I did an infinite Loop and then I Came out of it and I snapped it like That and just slammed it into the ground But there you go Miss Detroit UMX P-51 Flies like a dream right out of the box That's the that's the thing I like the Ultimate level of confidence while You're in the air you don't need to Question is this going to fly good or Not andx I'm sorry to say this but That's the bar you've set for yourself So anytime UMX releases anything we all Expect really pretty much Perfection and In in my opinion we got that on this Little Miss Detroit UMX P-51 it's Beautiful it's small you can fly it just About anywhere it looks the part and it Definitely falls under that expectation Of basically Perfection also I've got to Give massive credit to these magic Little batteries I could fly for 15 Minutes on this if I wanted to and I do

And this will fly with that jst plug Which is universal you can fly other Things and use it in other things too I Can fly this on my pits uh the other the Voodoo there's a couple others that use This battery and I wish that all future UMX planes would just fly on this one Magic battery because they're not very Expensive they're extremely high Performance and you get long flight Times out of them it blows my mind that I get such high performance and long Flight times out of such a small power Source it really does and everyone Agrees because we see people talking About these all the time they're just Magic little batteries we'll have this Linked In the description box below next To the airplane and know that using our Link does help support our Channel and Our family at no extra cost to you we're Super grateful if you consider it it Goes a long way every little bit helps And we are extremely thankful while on The subject of thanks I want to say a Big thanks to God for blessing us with a Calm enough and beautiful enough day to Get out here and fly and share this Experience with you guys because we have Storms blowing in and this really was Our smallest little window of Opportunity to get out here and get this Video before we have like a whole Weekend of storms hitting us so thank

You God also a massive thanks to our Patreon supporters because we couldn't Do what we do as often as we do it Without your insanely awesome support if You love small affordable airplane Videos have and I'll have a handpicked Video popping up right about now just For you thanks for watching we'll see You there Bye

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