BRAND NEW Radiolink SU27 RC Jet Airplane!

Check out the FU27 here:
This is the brand new Radiolink SU27 RC jet airplane. This completely RTF RC plane comes with everything you need in the box. In this video we maiden this RC aircraft for you and give our initial thoughts and impressions.
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Check out the FU27 here:


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Well this might not look like much but I've got pretty high expectations this Is the newest ready toly RFC plane They're calling it a jet by radio link It's their Su27 now what I like about this is that They've done really well with their flat High performance aerobatic airplane We'll just have fun with it it's a great Airplane I really love flying this thing Uh yeah you need like a calmish day to Fly it it can fly in wind but if you Really want it to perform the way like It was meant to perform you really shoot For that calm weather I'm not the best Pilot to show this off but I'm also I Think a pretty good pilot to show it off Because you can do stuff that I couldn't Do with other airplanes they've had I Think five different iterations of it Making improvements time over time and Now it's one of my favorite little ready To fly things that can fly in a very Small space so I'm excited to see what They've done with this it's it's got a Three bladed center mounted brushless OutRunner motor and they did a good job With the way it looks we've got elevator Controls that could operate Independently and aileron controls the Only assembly required of this was just Clicking in place the vertical Stabilizers it does look good and as I Said it's ready to fly it's operating on

The same battery that the little flat Airplane flies on with a jst plug this Is included with a USB charge cable and On this one they opted with a different Radio now the instructions showed the Other radio so I'll be guessing on this Maiden flight as to what all the Switches do I'll try to do some ground Tests before we take off but this will Be a maiden flight of this brand new Plane I'm excited to fly this I'm very Hopeful that it's just going to be fun It has flight stabilization basically The equivalence equivalency of safe then We have a intermediate mode with as3x Equivalency and we can turn all that off Completely so uh without further Ado no More stalling no pun intended let's put This in the air and see how it [Laughter] Does first and foremost this beeping is Actually a low voltage alarm for the Transmitter that's nice that that exists But it's really annoying especially Knowing that these are brand new AA Batteries brand new so I think there's a Bit of a bug with this Radio I love that the aerons and the Elevator move together and then when I Give it up elevator look all four Operate together so that's really cool This knob up here is a rate knob on the Shoulder so look down here as I hold it And lower the knob my rates go down as I

Move the knob up the rates go up so That's cool that that's implemented onto A knob switches For um flight stabilization function Functionality there is Off and here it's on so it's going to Keep us nice and [Music] Level flies extremely well that's Handsfree already right out of the Box nice nice and steep now I have my uh Rates completely on high as far as They'll go so we can turn on a dime here Check that Out so it's on really High very easy to fly handsfree I've Done my best to mute this beeping behind Myself and Abby and behind the mic as Well so this is wild I can't believe They uh released it like that we're Going to try to turn flight Stabilization off this is what we do on Our Channel guys we try to show you guys Literally oh look at that Abby Wow that roll rate's insane This is just full manual there's no Stabilization no as3x similar or Whatever here we can turn as3x kind of On which should smooth that up this is Going to be a ridiculously short flight Yeah that's definitely Smoother Wow it's very capable I like this a lot But this radio beeping is just

Insane and horrible horrible Choice by Them but uh I think that's where we're Going to have to end this because There's no way anybody wants to listen To this very cool very capable we can Get this thing upside down kick Stabilization on and it saves it safe Equivalency we can turn our rates up and Down I love everything about this except For that beeping and that's just that's Just the reality of it so there you go There I saved everybody that's amazing They did a really fantastic job on this And you better believe we'll be Featuring it on the channel again soon But I I thoroughly scoured the internet Uh and every possible instruction bit That came with this just to try to Figure out what's going on I'm 99% sure That in just horrible beeping is from Low batteries in the transmitter but Again those are brand new batteries so I'm very disappointed in what's going on Here it could just be an isolated Incident Abby and I go back and forth All the time with this kind of thing in Fact we did off camera do we even put a Video out I mean my ears are bleeding my Brain hurts now that's why we landed it Cuz I'm sure you guys don't want to Either but this is just the factual Truth like we could easily go home not Put this video out and reach out to this Company and say hey this is beeping

What's going on I'm sure they'd send us Another controller shoot they'd probably Send us a whole another setup if I said Anything cuz you know they don't want That info out there but this is the Truth and don't get me wrong radio link We absolutely love your previous plane And this flies really well I'm very Disappointed uh in this happening right Now so I didn't want this to happen but It's just the truth of it you know there Are channels that exist out there in Fact I'd say most of them are polished I'm not saying they won't show failures Or or things bad happening but I almost Guarantee a majority of people and I'm Not there's a few guys that would do the Right thing good channels out there Especially in the RC world there's a few Of you for sure but a majority would Just not put this video out there and go Home and you know reach out to the Company and get the problem solved Before putting us out to the public so What do you think are you are you glad That we do this even though you had to Listen to that horrible Beeping it's not a it's not a commercial Channel it's just a this is what it is Channel and here's where I get so Disappointed YouTube will show the good Stuff to 100,000 people but when we do a Video like this that's truthful because Some people will click away when they

Start hearing that beeping YouTube Thinks well no one wants to watch that And so maybe only a few thousand people Will see this that's how I feel about it It flew great it felt great it was very Like you know 5 minutes to snap it Together and get it in the air charge Your battery and you're flying now Sometimes we might have a personal Failure with me my the pilot skills Sometimes a failure on the airplane Maybe the glue failed and every now and Then we can have a radio failure and I'm Glad that I fly with AMA because you Never know what could fail what is and Isn't out of your control and there's Just a lot of unpredictableness in this Hobby at times so I highly encourage you Fly with AMA because like I said you Just never know what can go wrong it's An insurance program for those of us That enjoy the RC hobby not just Airplanes but cars and trucks and boats The whole thing the whole nine yards We'll have Ama Linked In the description Box below and if you're curious about This airplane I will still link it down There as well despite what actually Happened here I still want to say a Massive thanks to God for giving us the Opportunity to get in front of the Camera and share this short but still Fun experience with you guys and a Truthful one at that also a massive

Thanks to our patreon supporters because Of you guys we get to jump in front of The camera and just speak the truth Always from day one and I'm very Grateful for that and it's because of Our patreon supporters as well if you're Into ready to fly airplanes we just Featured a couple really great options Right around the $200 price point and Two of those will be featured in one Video we'll have that one popping up Right about now thanks for watching We'll see you there bye

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