EXTREME RC Helicopter Durability Testing

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This is the Yxznrc f06 EC135 RC helicopter. In this video we maiden this RC heli to see what we think about it. Nate may have pushed the durability factor a bit…lol Let us know your thoughts about this RC helicopter in the comments.
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Check out this RC helicopter here:
Save with code: BGF0601

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Only all RC's were this Simple I'm holding It oh there we're upside down look at That you upside down I'm inverted then Oh my gosh Nate Stop stop thinking go up okay well that Was down not Up but you never know wouldn't that be Crazy if it would fly Again oh my gosh we were recently here To do a failed drone video in fact it Failed so hard it couldn't even connect And fly so we can't leave you guys Hanging with nothing in the air on our Cool little trip that's why we brought a Helicopter with us too most of the time We just bring a drone on this but I Thought just in case we better bring Something else and I love the scale Looks of this helicopter the fact that It's got four blades and those painted Yellow tips is a really nice touch and I Also love the fact that this is a clear Prop on the back we have lights on this And the good news is this is an easy Helicopter to fly because it has visual Position hold that means it will act a Little bit like a GPS holding this Helicopter really stable even in winds And we're down here in Georgia where it Seems to be always windy so let's put This in the air at this awesome soccer Complex and see how it does fighting These winds

[Music] Okay leave this video a like if you guys Like the fact that we bring RC even on Our little Trips here we go I love the way this Helicopter looks there is an orange Version of this too that we featured on The channel not long ago and I just want To point out that this is Handsfree I love the color of this one It makes it really easy to see which is So Nice only all RC's were this simple I Would be flying them all there's two Different mindsets I think with this Hobby and helicopters people either want Something that's 3D and crazy to fly you Know you can do all kinds of stun swing And then you've got your scale RC Helicopter World personally I've Challenged myself to fly a little more 3D over the last year but I love scale Helicopter World a Lot this is a really nice place to fly This too I love this grass Abby Airplanes here would be amazing you know What we might have an airplane well Maybe I didn't in my back pocket Maybe Might in the pocket we'll see if we can Make it happen not um and I don't know If it can fight any wind but this Helicopter is fighting wind and I'm Pleasantly surprised hey I mean like 5 Mph wind not too bad I'd say right now

We're probably feeling a good 10 mph Wind right maybe that was a strong Little guest let's go I should have a Higher Rate there we go so now I'm in rate two Which means I can fly a little faster Ooh snappier too a little bit it just Fights the wind a little better that's Pretty much it when you go to rate Two this might be my favorite looking Helicopter there I really picked up some Speed on that probably cuz the winds Stopped right there something here we go Look at Watch that's not bad that's getting some That's getting some real speeds going so If you just hold it forward it really Picks it up in rate too there we go look At that we're fighting the wind really Well this is a great little helicopter Just kind of owning the whole soccer Field here we'll bring it in and get a Little slower and closer I want you guys To see the lights on this and the fact That it just is a scale helicopter is Awesome um I think the box shows that it Can do some 3D stuff you're good you're Good you're good sometimes your Helicopter skills scare Me actually helicopters in general scare Me me you see a bright white light on The front of the helicopter now if we Fly into the shade here I'll show you Guys the tail section you're fine close

Go this way right the tail has a little Red light on it which is cool and I want You guys to stick around because here in A few minutes we're going to take you to A really cool spot that I want to test This helicopter out at that I think will Be a really fun challenge to fly in and I say the lighting's going to look Terrible so let us know in the comments When we get there what you think AB I Made the better I made the better choice By filming here who's ab's always saying My ideas are like awful because I'm Right and I'm always right and I always Will be right I held that for two it be Twice the right one I'm telling you the Box shows this thing flying upside down But I think that's just a light button AB it's not flying upside down there's No way the box shows it but that ain't Going to happen that's a button not Doing anything same with that one yeah No these these don't fly up false Advertising well I think they it's all The way over there I'll show you guys I Think they use the same yeah they're all Just doing it's they use the same box Art for all their little helicopters so I think that's why a this beautiful I Really wish that drone would have worked Because I could show you guys a view of The beach right all you got to do right There you would be see it there's R to So I want to fight the wind but if that

Drone would have flown up to about right There now look at that Abby that's I Have a height l it won't let me fly any Higher get off B mode Noob no that's it That's I'm in higher rate that's Actually really good and I never Realized that about these helicopters so This helicopter won't just fly away on You I like that I do I don't think it Has a distance one though right just hi No yeah and I don't want to test that Today on a windy day at the beach so if You're wondering where all the soccer Players are Nate go back this way there Is a shaded field way Down there that's where they all are There go hey don't do that all right We're going to land it and take you guys To this other really cool spot and You're going to tell Nate how thankful You are that Abby stepped in and said no We need to film here yeah okay Whatever nice smooth scale landing let's Go and since I trust this thing I'm Going to land it this way rather than Facing away from us rate one calm it Down a little bit and a nice smooth Landing right there in the grass 10 out of 10 yeah Landing good job I Always have to film The spool down it's Too fun not to watch right you agree or Disagree our batter's at half and I love That about this helicopter the Information that you can discover when

You uh read Nate okay you ready maybe it says this Thing can go inverted now I don't think It can but we looked at the instructions So let's Go okay we're up you hit all the buttons It says is it a secret combo say Inverted it says manual mode first There's manual mode now we go high rates And now we're supposed to hit this other Button oh boy and then pick a Direction now See maybe we got to we're going to go Higher hold [Music] It I'm holding it Oh there we're upside down look at that You upside down down I'm inverted I'm Upside down oh okay wow okay okay and The controls are opposite so like up is Down down as up I cannot believe that Just happened I fully agree I'm only Slightly terrified as you get closer me Too pleas stop all controls are opposite So this is very scary I thought you said They were oh they are opposite oh golly Down is Up and Up Is Down and left is Right and right is left yes everything Is completely oh my gosh why don't you Um undo that mode button real fast you'd Like to oh my gosh look oh yeah that's Crazy wait come back you're just flying Away meanwhile we got a really cool Military helicopter that just flew

Behind that Tree okay deep oh oh don't land it then Oh my gosh Nate Stop stop thinking go up okay well that Was down not up He broke It it's Whining don't touch it kill the Motor oh my gosh this is how Nate loses A finger he's turning it Off oh my Gosh where'd that helicopter go I don't Know you crashed because of the cool Helicopter good Job all right I do not think that's Going to fly again I think I stripped The gear but I want to just test it real Fast oh my gosh please don't chop your Fingers Off I think it's stripped the gear I Really Do Okay but you never know wouldn't that be Crazy if it would fly Again oh my gosh no way hold on I don't Back up yeah back up some this is going To be insane you step in front me this Will fly again you stay I got the oh Sounds a little rough to listen I think I think the prop shaft is a Little bent but I cannot believe it's Flying out it sounds like it's Tooting let me turn this mic around okay It doesn't want to come down so that's a

Shame okay there we go we're coming back Down no way after that crash it is still Air worthy I think the prop Shaft or one Of the blades might be slightly Bent but it can fly inverted and I don't Know if I'm going to be able to take it It can you can't that's right With this wind and stuff it would be a Bad idea for me to try it again but I Don't everything got opposite in my Opinion it'd be great if the controls The same like everything got opposite it Was very hard to fly I still want to Show you guys that other spot so since It's still in one piece let's land and Go to the other spot and uh it's I Cannot believe that thing is still Flying wow uh durability much spotted Shade oh great choice n f and after that Beautiful skill set you just showed us Trees perfect spot to fly in out of Control it's out of we're we're coming Down and it's crack okay well sorry Helicopter that was really fun until we Came over here I couldn't come Down it's still going turn it Off what a dumb Idea what a dumb idea Why he thought this is a perfect place To fly I will never ever ever understand See I told you guys there's a reason why I said no we're not flying here and now There's two reasons great great skill Set Nate great I have seen 3D pilots fly

Their helicopters under bridges and Around trees and I thought I forgot Where you earned your 3D pilot check Mark of approval to fly in places like This look they even show flying around Trees in the picture on the Box see that kicking up dust and Everything okay well now I'm really sad Cuz I really like that helicopter the Fact that I got it to fly upside down But it's not going to fly again anytime Soon is it or Ever uh this one though you know man That's such a pretty helicopter too okay Now say it Say it thanks for watching see you in The next video my wife was what well she Was she was right What that's a great helicopter it was I Love the batteries only you would hold Up a broken helicopter and say it's Great I broke it I broke it it can't you Cannot blame the helicopter for what Just happened I crashed it at the soccer Field and I thought it was flying okay Cuz it it kind of was I don't know why It decided to fly so high so quickly There probably because the motor was Messed up so I don't know it's really There's a lot of lessons to be had in This in this video I guess don't do what Nate does don't do what I do it did fly Inverted the way it said but a lot of Times helicopters that have flown

Inverted when they get upside down when You push forward it still goes forward This was so why didn't you flip it back Well I tried and it was kind of a hard Sequence to get it to flip in the first Place I actually tried to flip it back But because it wouldn't I was trying to Get it back closer to me so I could Focus on Flipping it back over so so Then you landed it uh I didn't let it Fly away and hit someone so enough the Thing that I thought was best to do at That point was to bring it down while it Was not close to anyone fa that's what Happened so I did try to flip it back Over which you can probably hear with The beeps and stuff we've seen some Really cool aircraft here that was Another cool thing before this crashed Too I hope you guys appreciate these Videos this stuff can happen to anybody We just are we have goofy fun with it That was not intentional I wanted to Bring this home in one piece cuz I do Like that helicopter a lot and I still Do those were those were my Reas the Issues of why it crashed were my fault When it was upside down I definitely got Confused on the controls because it felt Like everything was very opposite to me I mean everything even the rotation so I'm amazed that this thing could fly Upside down and I'll bet you my orange One can too but you know what's not

Going to happen I'm not going to test That one to go upside down cuz it Probably flies exactly like this one Abby will probably have a coupon code in The description box for you guys I hope You're enjoying these goofy fun videos That we do with RC I promise I know how To fly things but that was just uh out Of my comfort zone being upside down too On jao island well that's true oh the Other one that we have I don't want it To crash let's find out stay tuned well I'm thankful for God for blessing us With this day and this opportunity to Bring this RC experience to you guys I Know it's a little bit sad yeah I know But I'm still Grateful I hear you Abby let's see you Fly it well I guess you can't oh bird I Didn't get to try no I guess not it'll Be linked in the description box below If you want to check it out I want to Say a massive thanks to our patreon Supporters because we couldn't do what We do as often as we do it without your Amazing support if you guys want to see A helicopter that flies well and has a Good budget RC helicopter actually the One I'm thinking about is a nice scale Helicopter and it's under $100 we'll Have that video popping up right about Now thanks for watching we'll see you There bye [Music]

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