Check out this RC car here:
This is the HNR H9802 Panther a 1/10th scale RC drift car. In this video we tried to speed test this RC car, but instead we destroyed it in 5 seconds flat.
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Check out this RC car here:

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This is a great looking ready to run Right out of the box it says it'll go 56 Miles an hour what yeah are you sure Didn't say kilometers said miles an hour On the box crazy I know I'm I'm Surprised I'm very excited to see in This speedrun how where does it say that Oh my gosh it actually does say that Yeah what the H&R Panther as I said it's Ready to run it has street tires on it It is a very sharp looking car I think It comes in black and then we got this Really good looking maroon and I like That a lot we're going to do a speedrun And see if you can actually hit those Speeds it does not come with a battery Or a charger and a lot of times offbrand Vehicles do so there's no battery no Charger but we did put in a 3s battery This will run on a 2s or 3s so we Definitely want to try to hit those Speeds and it does come with some Optional drift tires no tools but I Brought my tools so if the speedrun goes Well and I grab the right tools I will Do my best to put on those drift tires And we'll have a little bit of fun with It that way too Abby I know you're Excited to hit 50 mph with a car I mean I'm probably going to let you take the Controls first on this and I am noticing That we don't have perfect clearance on This side we're getting a little bit of Body rub there so we might actually have

To do some trimming when we get back Home we might have to trim that up some I can see it's it's wanting to clip on This side too so other than that it Looks awesome I mean the the grill and The back end look amazing oh and it Actually has I'm noticing this right now It has lights well it has lights but It's got turn signals as we turn There we go look at that oh I like that I held the button and that turned those On and then tail lights I'm sure too oh Yeah they're like bars really good Looking car really good looking car I'm I'm loving I'm loving the way this thing Looks will it hit 55 mph let's go 56 56 if this goes 56 M hour it'll be our Fastest smallest RC car ever so I'm Pretty excited High Hopes at this point Let's go it is 10th Scale Got a little bit of punch oh it should To say it's going to hit those speeds And these little guys are always a Little bit deceiving with their speed I Probably did not go down far enough it's Okay headlights look good for way down There ready Mhm oh oh man go easy steing I think We're going to need to turn down the Steering rate a little bit I feel like I Barely touched It I just got fired I think well no I'm Just turning down steering right for you

That was crazy it's on 75% let's turn it Down should have left the protector on Apparently oh ouch oh my gosh that Beautiful car it's not so beautiful Anymore um what did I hit that wasn't Even Full Throttle by the way I just 4 Mph it says so wow Okay okay I guess Nate can do it before I break it and then I'll try again I Turned the steering rate down quite a Bit you know it's not the first time I've struggled to drive these little Street cars on a speed test I do Struggle often with These okay She's not crazy am I no the the tires Are a little maybe a little hard I guess I mean they don't feel it but we'll get There we'll get There coming right at Us there I finally hit Full Throttle but Man once you're at Full Throttle on this It goes crazy really it's impossible to Control It oh I heard some rubbing going on Let's just see what because I did Actually manage To this is a wild car oh my gosh I Cannot believe it's hitting this though 49 looking at this I would have never Expected it to hit that speed at all I'm I'm very impressed with the power of This and I'm not even sure what the cost Is but I do know this is crazy I do know

We have a coupon code for you guys at Least we should we'll have it linked in The description box below let's see if We can at least get 50 Mph you made it you made it sound grindy Now what did you do to it body it's the Body uhhuh sure you just broke It all right since you flipped it too Let me try again you really have to ease Into the throttle like really slowly EAS Into it now because it's it's Grindy you're doing it it's fine oh my Gosh you weren't kidding about the Steering it is overly sensitive I mean This was designed to either hit high Speeds because that's turn it was either Designed to hit high speeds or drift and We'll put the drift tires on here in a Second that's just the tires hitting the Body oh my gosh it's not even right cuz It's let me see this broke I told you You broke it This is just caught Okay okay so here's what happened here's What happened all the tire blew out that Is your fault it was doing that before I Touched it B out the tire on that speed So the tires are the Fatal flaw of this That should have held up to that it is Look look at this one's starting to peel Yeah now it could have got a little torn From that wipe out but it definitely got Shredded on the one and only speedrun we Did on it so comment below who's at

Fault me or Nate cuz I'm pretty sure Nate did that that's quite the blowout That sound started when Nate was at the Controls sure I mean I was just trying To hit those speeds and I just made it Look ugly say what you or cool it does Look cool say what you want right There's some RC guys that are going to Be like oh my gosh you know the sailors Don't know what they're doing I mean We've done hundreds of speeduns and We've hit things going faster than this Uh both with vehicle control active Vehicle control kind of stuff and Without we know how to drive a car fast We were easing into it we were both Doing our best based on experience I Think that almost anybody at the Controls of this would probably struggle The way we did now having said that I Believe this car would be good if you Only drove it on 2s and you didn't try To hit 50 mph on the stock setup out of The box if you know the is isues going Into this and you make massive Improvements on the tires then this Might be a good 3s speedrun kind of Vehicle but if you're in love with the Way this thing looks because let's face It in my opinion that's where it shines And it was performing okay initially uh I would probably only run this on 2s if For whatever reason you're in love with It and you still have to have it but you

Can see even back here the body has Suffered some damage just from the tires Ballooning out some on a microscopic Sing Tire though is very shredded and Destroyed single one that one show The Other Side there's the one that did it And then here's the other one they were All rubbing really bad all destroyed You'd have to do some major body Trimming if you really want to actually Drive this thing the way it looks and Sits is great but if it's going to drive And perform it's not so great and that's A shame because I was pretty excited About this the lights look amazing I Mean it's got to be one of the best Street cars that we've had our hands on But you know you got take what you see On our Channel with a grain of salt I Recently saw a couple comments on an Airplane video that just said that we Only say good things about things I I Truly believe that just not the same Audience like I I think YouTube must not Show you all of our videos because we Show they must have not seen your Tower Hobbies Beaver Lake Video um what else Recently Beaver that one exploded you Know and then the FMS jet I wck that Trainer FMS I don't understand why Anyone would ever think that about our Channel I know I've seen a lot of Channels out there that do make that uh

We don't I you know we're going to show It to you and that that doesn't mean This is a bad vehicle and it doesn't Mean I'm selling this vehicle to you I'm Just showing you where The Faults Are And where the flaws are and um there you Go I don't think that's a great speedrun Vehicle again a great probably a good 2s Vehicle and then if you make some Modifications it might be a solid RC car So do you need us to give you like a Score system like I feel like people Can't can't decide that for themselves What would this be like a doing oh out Of 10 yeah let's do it definitely like I Don't know I feel like look factor and Light Factor you should at least give it A three yeah I well I agree with that I Was going to say looks is like a 9 out Of 10 but performance is like a one out Of 10 so what is that a five out of 10 I I don't think it should score that high We've never done scores but it doesn't Feel like that should score very high Because of its lack of performance so Anyway it's linked in the description Box below check it out for yourself Maybe other people have had different Experiences with theirs but I'd be Willing to bet it'd be very very similar For the opportunity to get in front of The camera and share our honest Experiences with you guys yes sometimes We fall in love with RC's but other

Times they're just Duds I'm grateful to Have the ability the freedom of speech To bring this content to you guys and For all of you to be able to watch it For free and for that I thank God I also Want to say a massive thanks to our Patreon supporters because we couldn't Do what we do as often as we do it Without your insanely awesome support if You have the Need for Speed and you want Something that we do give our approval On we'll have an awesome video popping Up right about now thanks for watching We'll see you there [Music] Bye

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