High Detail RC CARS Body JEEP Gladiator from Killerbody: UnBoxing, Assembly and Test Drive

Hey guys, it’s Wilimovich and welcome back to my channel! Today we will unbox, assembly, and test drive the highly detailed 4×4 RC Cars Body – JEEP Gladiator from Killerbody. Let us dive into the world of precision modeling as we unbox this stunning green RC Jeep Gladiator and showcase its incredible attention to detail. I will show you assembly process, where every component is carefully put together to recreate the iconic design of the full-size Jeep Gladiator. Once assembled, we take this beauty for a thrilling test drive, pushing it through rugged terrains, conquering challenging rock climbs, and tackling rough off-road trails. Don’t forget to hit that like button, subscribe to the channel, and share your thoughts in the comments below. Let’s get ready to hit the muddy road!

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Scale: 1/10
Wheelbase: 313mm
Width: 197mm
Use MST CFX Chassis
A: Windshield frame, Hood, Steering wheel, Fender skirts(L/R)
B: Wiper base parts, Doors frame(R/L, R/R), B-pillar(L/R), Doors frame parts.
C: Grille cover, Grille cover inner part, Freedom Top( R), Built-in roll cage guard
D: Freedom Top (F/R), Rear windshield frame
F: Doors(F/R, F/L,R/L,R/R)
G: Door interior trim panels(F/L,F/R,R/R,R/L)
J: Side step bars(L/R), Rear bumper pedals (L/R), Signs installed on the tailgate, Cargo hold anchor fixing rail, Tailgate handle
K: Tailgate interior trim panel, Rear bucket interior trim panel
L: Tailgate, Fuel tank cap, Fuel tank cover, Fender skirts (R/L, R/R)
M: Wheel eyebrow(R/L,F/R,R/R,F/L)
S: Wiper cover plate, Wiper, Interior rearview mirror, Rear view mirror fixing base, Hood air inlet window, Cargo anchor point, Fender skirts air inlet window(L/R), Tail lamp housing
E: Built-in roll cage C-pillar (L/R), Built-in roll cage A-pillar(L/R), Built-in roll cage (Middle), Built-in roll cage (front)
H: Front bumper cover plate (L/R), Rear bumper? Front bumper
Electroplate parts:
P: Turn signal lamp holder(L/R), Interior rearview mirror lens, Rear view mirror lens, Fog lamp holder, Tail lamp holder, Headlight holder
Transparent parts:
Q: Fog lamp transparent sheet, Turn signal lamp transparent sheet(L/R), high-mount stop lamp transparent sheet, Turn signal lamp transparent sheet, Tail light transparent sheet, Headlight transparent sheet
Polypropylene parts:
R: Hood Latches Buckle Kit, A-pillar armrest, Tailgate latch tongue, Hood hinge fixing kit, Door hinge base, Door Hinge(A/B), Door handle inserts, Hood Hinge(A/B)
Polycarbonate (Lexan):
Center stack(L/R)
Front window glass, Rear window glass, Windshield, Smoky color semi-transparent glass
Alloyed parts:
Metal stiffening beam(L/R),Towing hook(F/R), Rider Cargo D Ring
Metal Photo etching parts:
Metal mesh under the wiper, Hood metal mesh, Hood Lock Catch Bracket, and Grille metal mesh

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