How FAST is the LOSI PROMOTO-MX RC Motorcyle?

Check out the Losi Promoto MX here:
In this video, Nate and Abby take the brand new Losi Promoto MX out for a speed test. How FAST is the LOSI PROMOTO-MX RC Motorcyle right out of the box? Leave your guesses in the comments!
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Check out the unboxing of this RC here:

Check out the Losi Promoto MX here:

The products in this video are rated for ages 14+.

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I would have never guessed in a million Years Lucy would make an RC motorcycle But look at what they just announced the Pro Moto MX and in today's video we're Gonna do a speed test go go go go go go Go go go go But first hit grenade's gonna tell you a Little bit about this this is one of the Most insane releases by Lucy ever this Thing is redesigned from the ground up a Thousand percent so anything you've ever Known by RC motorcycles completely Forget it and throw it out the window Because they have done Justice to this This does have a gyro it's a brushless OutRunner motor with a flywheel on it it Is going to be balanced so perfectly That it has three driving modes on Street off-road and wheelie mode it is Chain driven just like the real deal and Check out the spokes on those tires no RC motorcycle has ever been able to do That also we've got a real functioning Disc brake on the front of the bike the Lean bars can come off they can also be Adjusted to go up or out more if you Need more Assistance or less and I've Been told this is almost impossible to Actually sit down to where you can't get It back up and drive it without having To go recover it now you guys know me I Love flying RC planes and this is where We fly a ton of them this motorcycle has Airplane technology in it something

Called as3x and safe which helps to Stabilize your bike rider you can turn These assisted modes up or down on or Off in those different driving modes and We are going to have a blast with this Motorcycle today's video is all about The speed we want to see how fast this Motorcycle goes with way more content Planned in the future for our channel so If you're not already subscribed be sure To subscribe duh I just noticed the Wheel How did I just notice that that's Awesome the spokes look amazing they're Not like that on the other ones no and This is a different radio in a sense That there are a couple different things Like the flywheel this is such a unique Startup process I want to show you guys Everything now this operates on a 2s 5000 milliamp with an ic5 plug these are Pretty affordable batteries let's do the Startup sequence because this is amazing And I've not done this yet so I'm going To experience it's amazing I've been Told it's amazing I'm really hyped about This the battery tray drops out here Amazingly this whole brick fits right Under the seat Really clean and flush the wire sticks Out through this little Gap here plugs In under the driver that's amazing it's All hidden they did such a good job Radio on

We do have Telemetry on this radio and The power button is hidden behind the Driver's shin We have to give it five seconds To calibrate just like our airplanes We should have yep steering and now the Flywheel kicks on and we give it 30 Seconds to spool up [Music] Sounds amazing 30 seconds guys it's awesome Sounds like it's The same frequency to me now so we're Good to go Abby I want you to pick this Up and try to move it around Now try to like twist it and stuff [Music] It probably doesn't look like I'm doing Anything But it's it's fine like okay I'm gonna Push it left And it's like really pushing back isn't That so cool Yeah this also has a starting block Racing or whatever you can set it up on That starting block and it comes with Nails we show a lot of this in an Unboxing video that we did but Abby you Can literally start the bike without it Standing up and I think we should do That ease onto the throttle There you go he's up So we're just going to give it a quick Little drive here just to make sure

Abby's got a feel for it Right And then any other mode Which is only one we are zeroed out You can do whatever you want Low early 50 and then I'll just go right To 100 okay Starting off in 50 speed mode because we Always do this on our ground vehicles And also it's in on Street mode which is Like most assisted [Music] Is that Full Throttle 150 okay that's 50 So that's fine If I had to guess before I knew what I Actually know I would say top speed I Guess like 25 miles an hour but I I kind Of already know what to expect Although for this speed that's got to be At least 20 miles an hour we'll bring Them in and see how fast he's going this Is after all Speed Test video Happy you're doing good driving a Motorcycle for your very first time ever We're looking at 25 miles an hour now Again that's in 50 speed mode so we're Just going to ride up to 100 now [Applause] Right out of the grass grass is going to Be no problem on this let us know your Guess is in the comments try to be Truthful about it and tell us before you Actually Watch it yeah don't watch pause the

Video and guess Here we go Oh nice so what will happen in this Driving mode if you pop up it'll Actually control the bike and force that Wheel down That's all right Abby it takes practice To get used to the turns that's okay Look at you It's not bad And what you don't want to do is slow Down that's okay you don't want to Actually hit the brake on the turn Because that disc brake will actually You got it that was actually a sharper Turn Okay Nice Abby that's awesome So just slow it down for the curve is All you're saying yeah look how sharp You're getting the hang of it that's so Much sharper of a turn Go for it yeah Yeah I haven't even Haven't even driven it yet what do you Think of this though that's pretty cool Super tiny learning curve but not not Bad at all Not like our previous motorcycle Experiences this is amazing all right I'm just gonna try it because I feel Like everybody wants to see it Really it's like half no problem quarter Throttle no problem I'm gonna try to

Catch it [Music] No okay there you go That's perfect though you are 42 miles An hour that's amazing that's amazing That's good Yeah I'll buy my own there you go for those That are curious because my wife was Curious you can unzip and undress the Little rubber Rider and they will sell Aftermarket different clothes for him And collar modifications for your bike So you can race with other guys then yes If you want to the driver can come off Of there this guy is made out of a very Flexible rubber it's a learning curve There you go that's nothing Okay I'm just starting right at 100 Turns I'm at zero throttle for that turn And it is pretty sharp so Abby you just Got to ease off the juice completely on The turn that's about it oh you gotta Slow it down too Oh he is cruising right along so yeah Slow it down hit the brakes then turn That's it right there he takes a minute To slow down though yeah yeah Go go Go go go go go Okay so I want to see how fast I went But before we end this video Abby I want You to try thank you I've been dying Right yeah I saw it kick up there on me

And I was Ready to do it oh my gosh this is so So Nate got well he's the same as me so 42. let's say Nate went 41 I win There's so many cool things to talk About on this motorcycle one of which is The hidden skid bar so if you're popping Wheelies and riding them a lot and You're falling back farther than you Should this will pull up and you've got The skid plate back there to protect Your bike and the body here's how easy It is to change the votes you're just Using this little rocker we can go dirt Mode or Wheeling mode Three I think is wheelie mode so it's Back again thanks you got to drive it For five seconds ready yes there you go Oh that was cool that was a good wheelie So you can drive it regularly not even In wheelie mode and then when you're Ready to pop up you just throttle punch Front wheel comes up There it is nice nice And that's why that skid Plate's on the Back good recovery Just takes a little practice and Probably guys I would say this 15 mile An hour winds that you're hearing Gusting up to 20 is probably affecting The wheels going this way better With the Wind look at that that's cool Abby oh that's so cool look at you go And in case you're curious this is not a

Fragile motorcycle we fully prepared We're prepared to get air just want to Start off with our speed test oh that's Awesome Who do you want to try I do we're gonna Have to do Willie Mania on a day that's Not so windy I think You're getting better at It okay I gotta give it a shot here pass It while it's running okay here Well that's impressive previous Motorcycle we've had we would never have Been able to do this It was chain driven but that's the only Thing it had okay all right it's usually The winner when we do wheelies wheelie Manias but we'll do some He's usually [Music] Okay so there's definitely like some Skill there it has the Wheeling mode I Think the wind is really really it Definitely is it's very Gusty man this Is cool though I don't want to put the controls down And that tells you you got a winner I just I could I could I want to get air This is amazing but Maybe you can do it do it get in there Okay let's do it See if it'll do it pop it oh nice I Think it doesn't Look nice This is an entire different experience

When it comes to driving RC cars or Ground vehicles in general I've never Experienced experience anything like This when we've been on YouTube for 10 Years so in 10 years of driving I've Never seen anything like this hey mate You say I need to do the flywheel so Just turn it off yeah and just saying That we probably drove I know YouTube Editing is different but probably about 10 minutes at least or so and I'm at Half battery so turn the flywheel off Now when you do this It takes 30 seconds because there's a Break And you guys we You're hearing that break that's cool You want me to wait Sure it does sound cool It takes 30 seconds or so for that break To apply for the flywheel Which you guys are hearing sounds like a Jet engine turning off And if you were to just power off the Bike or it lose power from the battery Let's say you unplugged it it would take About five minutes for that flywheel to Stop spinning because It but that's to be expected on this and That might be a part that you're gonna Have to continually invest in if you Want it to look good and nice and clean All the time but this is insane if you Want to see a more detailed video of

This we have on our other channel the Orc Sailors extra our unboxing and Initial reaction impression so be sure To check out that video it'll be linked Down in the description box below and at The end of this video on the end screen Now this was just our first time running This with the speed test and a little Bit of wheelie Mania happening just a Little bit but we'll have more make sure You subscribe make sure your Notification Bell is turned on because We're going to off-road this and ramp it This is supposed to be insane on ramps I Checked out the promotional video and It's crazy so you guys are going to want To make sure you you stay tuned for that So I will have this Linked In the Description box below for you to check Out clicking that link doesn't cost you Any more but it does help support our Channel and our family and it helps us Continue to provide free content like This here on YouTube for you guys so you Can make informed by And through our links there are two Different versions you have the one we Have and you can buy your own batteries And there's a completely ready to run Version where you don't have to think About anything it comes with the battery The charger the radio everything makes It very easy and it's only 50 more bucks We'll have both linked down there but

There's actually three different color S from and like night S and different front plates so you and Your friends can race this because you Better believe this would be awesome to Race I can see a whole new world of RC Happening because of what Losi has done Right here and as I said this our Battery everything you've seen in this Video will be linked down in the Description box below well for an Awesome first run I want to thank God This is just so cool to be a part of Such a groundbreaking RC and for that I Am so thankful to him I also want to say A huge thanks to our RC Patron family Members you guys are the background to Our Channel and if you want some Stickers for yourself because that would Look pretty good right here we gotta add One ourselves you can get those by Signing up at patreon as I said I'll Have our unboxing over on the RC Sailors Extra Channel popping up right about now For you guys to check out we'll see you Guys over there Foreign [Music]

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