THIS $500 Helicopter SHOULD Impress YOU!!! Eachine e200 Pro RC Heli

Check out this RC helicopter here:
In this video we maiden the new Eachine e200 pro. This helicopter comes in just over $500. Do you think the scale details justify the price? Let us know your thoughts about this RC helicopter in the comments.
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Check out this RC helicopter here:

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This has got to be one of the coolest Looking scale helicopters I've ever had The attention to detail is amazing and It's an upgraded version of the super Expensive Coast Guard helicopter that Has been all over the internet and it Did make it it way to our Channel a Couple times as well I love how this Thing looks and you got to hand it to Them they nailed it especially just the Attention to Det detail on the body of This but it's also a very functional Helicopter it's got a GPS it's packed With brushless motors and all the best Electronics you could ask for return to Home when the battery gets low Unfortunately it doesn't come with self Regenerating landing gear my little Screw that was holding my wheel on Snapped as soon as I pulled it out of That tightly packed foam so be careful When you're taking years out of the box Because of the attention to detail all Those cool little accessories and things Take your time and just pull the foam Away gently and pull it out of the box Otherwise I'm excited to fly this so Let's put it in the air and see how it [Music] Does okay unlock the motor down and out To start it it is sitting at a slant Sorry little helicopter and we throttle Up hey So handsfree right there we're in GPS

Mode and on a windy day this would be Very Impressive right now there's no wind uh So you know it's just going to hover There oh poor thing missing that wheel I'm I think I'm just going to glue that On so this looks better otherwise this Thing is in perfect shape so here we go Let's go cruising we can turn GPS mode On and off with the Press of a button And right now in GPS mode we're just Cruising around in low speed it's nice Because it has a return to home it's Just like flying a DJI drone now we have High and low rates I press that and we Should be flying much faster now yeah There we Go well not much faster but a little Faster so it cruises a little faster in High rates here's the speed Difference low oh yeah I saw the Tilt Come back and high you gain just a few Degrees of pitch you can't fly too much Faster or it wouldn't be a very friendly Helicopter okay you also have the Ability to turn off GPS mode and fly Completely manual uh we have a return to Home switch and we can fly in just here Let's turn GPS mode off so now it's just In visual position hold mode I think the Only time you'd want to do this is if You're were flying inside so that would Be really handy to have a nice stable Helicopter flying indoors where you

Couldn't get a GPS lock now I don't know That I'm going to fly complete manual Mode today but it does say if we're in GPS S Mode and we fly 10 m High we can Do something cool so give me just a Second I'm going to try to guess you Know at least at least we can fly a Little lower than that okay I didn't do This with the Coast Guard helicopter I'm Excited to try it now press a Button okay no maybe hold It maybe we're not high enough let's go A little Higher okay let's try it Here let's try a variation of button Presses says it's got to be in GPS mode Which we Are come on baby says to press it do It says it'll fly inverted that's what I'm trying to Do are you sure it's some GPS mod oh Yeah we're in GPS mode There's I'll just no it's labeled GPS Mode it's in GPS Mod yeah maybe we can guys I was going To try all right well let's try this it Says it can do a heart shape so Let's there I push the heart I have to Hold It it's like haha I tricked you maybe I'm not high enough for any of this Higher 10 m it's like over that's the Max altitude it's going to let me fly it Won't even let me go any higher than

That so Public School failed me with Meter Conversion it says press the node button And then pick a direction let's do It double click the mode Button maybe I got to be in low rates Piss the mode button oh I'm pushing Everything you know if I can't get this Thing to fly upside down it's just a Nice scale that return to home I've got Lock unlock danger Mode I'm going to put it in manual Mode it's probably turns everything off No I'm still auto level so now that I'm In manual mode Let's try the flip come On helicopter you say you go upside down And it won't let me fly any higher than That which I find very Interesting Goodness okay well I'm taking it out Sounds like you need to land it and read The instructions again sir you can do That that's actually I think I'm getting A low battery return to home that was Short very Shortlived and not doing everything it Said it would Do that was a return to home I want to Check the battery on the bottom of the Helicopter but I think that was our full Flight you guys wow yeah wow yeah also This is over $500 so just Perspective yeah that's a low battery Cuz the red light is

Flashing I've always said it in case You're new to the channel and some People will be cuz that's a pretty cool Helicopter we're not a commercial we're A very realistic experienced channel It's almost like like a vlog flight with Us you know yes if you click the link Where we have this helicopter and you Buy it cuz you think it's awesome and a Cool scale Helicopter a small Percentage of the cost of this Helicopter goes to us instead of in the Big pockets of the corporation okay that Does exist and go if you want to but I'm Here to show you my experience is it a Cool scale helicopter that's very easy To fly yes but I could not get it to do The one thing it said it could do which Was to fly inverted I tried every single Different mode I tried this this is an Autocenter switch it'll fly in shape of A heart it'll fly in the shape of a Circle I tried to do by the way you Press the mode button and pick a Direction for to flip upside down I Tried it in auto mode which is what it Says you should do I tried it in manual Mode I tried it in GPS mode I tried it In visual position hold mode okay and That says danger cuz that turns the Whole motor off when you flip that down I pressed the mode and I tried picking a Direction you did high low rate and I

Also did High rate and low rate trying To get the thing to go inverted and I Flew it as high as it would physically Let me fly that height it wouldn't let Me fly any higher so you couldn't turn That off no not even out of GPS mode no Maybe okay but you have to be in GPS Mode to do the upside down flying so Anyway I tried this is the Coast Guard Helicopter that everybody was ranting And raving and complaining about because Of the price think what you want I don't Know of any other helicopter that looks This good so I guess they can charge What they want to charge right if there Was more competition that would demand Lower prices or at least more Competitive pricing I think it looks Amazing it flies really good it's very Expensive for what it is but generally Speaking most helicopters are and this Is a ready toly helicopter with a light Or fpv camera two batteries super scale Looking packed full of tech honestly 550 Probably is a pretty fair price in Today's market for it so that's a lot of Money for a small helicopter and I think That's kind of the complaint people have But I know there are people out there That will still buy this no one needs it To go upside down I really wanted it to Cuz the instructions say it can so That's my experience with it that's my First flight with it and if you love it

Again it's linked in the description box Below it's so cold today I can't believe It we keep going from shorts and T-shirts and tank tops to bundled up in Coats and there might even be a snow Video coming around the corner we'll Find out Soon but regardless I grateful to God For the blessing that we've received to Come out today and jump in front of the Camera and share this experience with You cold wind bitter fingers or not we Got to fly a helicopter and although I Couldn't get it to fly upside down I'm Still happy I got to fly a helicopter And we've made a video to share with you Guys so I'm very grateful I also want to Say a massive thanks to our patreon Supporters because we couldn't do what We do as often as we do it without your Insanely awesome support we thank you Guys from the bottom of our heart and Please sign up that would be a great Time to keep the familyfriendly fun free RC content coming to the world seriously We're very thankful if you want to see An awesome RC helicopter that I do get a Little bit more excited about we'll have A handpicked video popping up right About now just for you thanks for Watching we'll see you there bye

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