Check out the ZOHDF Drift RC plane here:
This could end it all…our entire relationship with banggood because we are honest and show when products fail. This is the ZOHD drift and upon take off it was flying beautifully, and then it fell out of the sky…
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Check out the ZOHDF Drift RC plane here:


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I love planes like this this is the Zod Drift and there is a new stealth Black Version this sucker is made out of that Super bendable durable Epp like rubber Plastic foam I did that at home on Accident when I was building it and I Was like I was like trying to hold it And push the wing together I just made It a dihedral I got dihedral yes good Job Abby good pusher prop this will fly On a 2s or a 3s battery it is a bank and Yank which will be appealing to some and Not others it's set up for fpv Readiness I chose to put this little cover over Where the camera would go but you can Also put your fpv gear up here that's Where your antenna would go actually I Just like to fly these things line of Sight they recommend if you're gonna fly On 2s you fly with a two-bladed prop and If you're flying on 3s which I am then You put a three-bladed prop on which it Does come with uh I don't know I don't Plan on like racing this so I thought The two bladed prop would be just fine Plus higher efficiency less screaming I I get to hear enough of the screaming at Home with the kids so I want less Screaming I went with my tactic radio It's just a dumb simple setup and it's Been a while since I've flown anything Like this I'm excited also going to Blame the kids can I do that am I Allowed to blame the kids that we have

Kids I'm blaming the kids I forgot to Put the stick I have RC sailor stickers That I wanted to plaster on this I was Gonna do this with my four-year-old and Let her decorate it with like unicorn Stickers and stuff I just forgot so Today we get the plane and it's Beauty And Glory just the way it comes with Nothing on it so let's see if this thing Can fight the wind today [Music] Cam launches are always the best Whoa you just never know how a hand Launch is gonna go You never know how any of it's going to Go I think it's a short trim I might have the problem backwards it Just sounds weird You think you have the prop on backwards You know you you know but you think you Do I think I do Oh man so this was very easy to assemble It actually had Plug and Play wings uh For it just plugs into the fuselage and Then one screw holds it all together the Tail assembly was also just kind of like Snap into place and finger tighten this Is Wild Abby it's wild it's rolling really Nice I like that So Zod puts out some decent stuff I'd Say they're like better than ishin For naming and branding themselves if You like fpv airplanes that's what

They're known for but I like to fly a Line of sight I just lost everything Oh I thought you And I'm like that's really really weird Oh look it's landed very nicely and Gracefully oh I still have control but I Don't have throttle super weird I wonder if your men are burned up It's not smoking That's crazy All Surface control and no throttle People always ask to see more uh repairs And like damage reports and stuff Because on our Channel we've always Showed you guys if I crash I I think It's really important to to be transfer We have a decade of transparency on our Channel one day other YouTubers are Going to start doing this too because They'll see you know it's important to Do that but for now we tend to still be One of the very few channels not the Only one that will actually show you Guys full transparency at the risk of Not getting free foam you all think some Not you 99 of you are good but there's One percent of you watching that thinks Uh will sell out for free foam I can't Go buy a cheeseburger with this if I Tried to sell this new second hand it's Not even worth like 50 retail value just So you guys know so the point is I'm not I don't care to show you I don't care if It's e-flight I don't care if it's

Motion RC I don't care if it's banggood And Zod if we have a problem we're going To show you so I don't know what's Happened yet but I do know that I don't Have throttle now listen oh I hear Clicking okay so this is what I'm gonna Do I still the reason it came down so Well Abby because soft control so it's Not completely dead So what I will do in this situation Likely it's not going to be great but We're going to disconnect our battery We'll let it just cool off for a second And just for full safety sake I know It's not the radio but I'm going to turn The radio off too now every single RC Ever trucks and all you should always Turn your radio on first can't stand When something comes out Vehicle on first some of the cheaper Things will do that because sometimes You'll plug this in and maybe it'll go Full Throttle on its own and if you're Connected to your radio you're way less Likely for that to happen So there's our Plugged in we're back together we're Always going to do a safety check first This stuff still working we know it Works We don't have throttle Did something come unplugged Well listen I can hear it listen to this I want everyone to hear it so

Ready Okay so now Yeah now is when we want to take a Closer look and see if something did Come unplugged but when you have that Kind of clicking that means there's Still responsiveness coming through so Now that the battery is unplugged I know I'm safe to do this let's see if there's Any resistance here that feels normal That feels the way it's supposed to Someone correct me if I'm wrong this is Where Community comes into play anytime You put a prop on The numbers to the prop always if it Were a front mounted prop the numbers Face you right they come this way you Always see those numbers the pitch and Stuff but rear facing props always Confuse me but I I do believe I have That mounted on properly Yeah if it didn't if it wasn't on they Can still fly just way less efficient so And so if it was on WE burned up the Motor because it was working It's very possible yeah if that's Backwards that could be me but I'm I Don't care I don't if I did that and That's my fault I'm happy to share this Because you saw it was flying good and So maybe I just saved everyone that does Buy this to put the prop on the right Way and that's why I share these moments With you guys here's the ESC

Doesn't feel hot at all there's three Wires coming off to the motor good so Now I don't believe anything came Unplugged I believe Abby it just died I Believe we killed our motor somehow yes So There's unfortunately a very short video But I think these are sometimes the most Important videos for people to see I'm Not saying this is a bad product I want People to comment on this you know let's Talk about the prop situation Has anyone else bought a Zod Airplane and had that problem happen Because I actually have a handful of These Zod planes not just the drift or Whatever this is called But other airplanes and I love them I Tend to hold on to them because they're Unique and they're fun and they take a Beating the the plane itself is just There's a there's a suspension it's a Shame you didn't crash just to see the Dirt well yeah yeah right I feel like The only weak spot is maybe if he knows It it could hurt yeah sure that's Probably about it it's it's pretty Durable stuff though it's very forgiving Foam uh yeah okay there you go the RC Sailors this is what we do full Transparency I think it's important too Guys if you're if you're out flying and This is a maiden flight you never know What could happen this is a great

Example of never knowing what could Happen and that's why we fly with the Academy of model Aeronautics it could Have just been a motor that fizzled out On me and I still had control of the Airplane to bring it down or the whole Thing could have lost signal which is What I thought happened at first then I Realized I still had control over it I'm glad I had AMA because this can Happen on big airplanes small airplanes Helicopters drones cars trucks boats Anything you can randomly lose signal It's very rare but it can happen and you Can go crash into someone's expensive Boat if you're driving an RC boat or Whatever may be okay and with AMA we're Insured and I'm glad we have it so we'll Have a link in the description box below I Have video goes down in the record books Like I hoped the Beaver that exploded on our channel Would go down in the record books too But a month from now people will still Say we never say anything bad about Video you know things on the channel That everything is good and some of you Listening to this you're probably still Thinking I'm saying go buy this just Because I'm saying it with a smile on my Face and that's because I love doing What we do I would not do this on our Channel for a decade with my wife if I

Didn't love it she wouldn't do this with Me if we didn't love it so of course Even when something like this comes Crashing and burning down I'm still Going to try to find the silver lining And just be grateful that we got to get Out today and share this experience with You guys well in line about RC's to make A quick Buck uh isn't worth it in the Long run where I want to be after I Leave this earth that's right we will Never steer you guys in the wrong Direction and yeah I do get pretty Excited about stuff even this yes I Still love the Ben wings and look at That you know that's really cool there's Still a reason to be excited here but I'm not going to sugarcoat that or hide What just happened and so I think you Guys are getting the message here at Least our regular viewers are so for Having a decade on YouTube doing this And sharing it with you guys the good The bad the ugly there's only one to Thank and I thank God for today this Beautiful day we're gonna go get some Ice cream I hope after this there's no Reason to be Upset over this little motor we'll swap Out another motor or maybe I'll pass This along to someone else at a nice Cheap price so today is a great day and I also want to say massive things to our Patreon supporters because we couldn't

Do what we do as often as we do without Your amazing support there's some bug That loves me loves it saying in the Video Nate So we'll have another video of a great Airplane that doesn't fry inside the air Popping up right about now thanks for Watching we'll see you there bye but I Did do good on the CG I got a new paper airplane for me and Amelia [Music]

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