UNDER $50 RC Warbird!!! Miniature BF109 Military Plane

Check out this RC plane here:
This is the KFPLAN Z61 BF109 ready to fly RC airplane. This warbird comes ready to fly, which means everything you need to fly it comes in the box. In this video we test out this RC airplane. Let us know your thoughts about this RC warbird in the comments.
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Check out this RC plane here:

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People tend to complain about pretty Much everything but who can complain When something is awesome and cheap this Comes in at $45 and it's a ready to fly Airplane and believe it or not we have a Functional control surface with a real Servo there that's for the elevator the Downside probably to this is and this Will be a turnoff but who knows how It'll actually perform that's fake That's just there like a like a pin Wheel for a kid didn't even see that That doesn't work who didn't see that Cuz I didn't see that we have two Motors And that's going to be our actual Throttle now look I've seen Jets have Propellers on the tail of them and when They're in the air you just can't see That so I don't think we're going to be Able to see those spinning when it's Actually in the air and in today's video We're going to fly this and test it out And see if it's garbage or great you Just never know until you put it in the Air so if it is awesome under 50 bucks For a ready toly airplane is pretty Outstanding it even comes with two Batteries and a USB charger so it's a Great setup it's very very Durable foam This is that bendy stuff that just can't Break hardly and uh it's going to be Just a good beginner type of setup Mainly because of the price without Further Ado let's put it in the air and

See how it does we've even got an onoff Switch and a ball link here on the back Which is really nice if they can do a Onoff switch on a $45 airplane why can't Our $600 planes have an onoff switch Bend It it just kite it Up it is a lot windier than what we Thought it was going to be oh it was not And then my my front prop is not Spinning at all so that's definitely Helping my Aerodynamics uh it's it's like rubbing a Little bit so that's that's why it's not Spinning if it spun I think it would Actually help about the quietest Airplane we've ever had I can't even Hear it it looks stupid with the prop Not spinning it really does I didn't Think it was going to spin you know what It looks like it just looks like a Chuck Glider that should it does say glider on The wing just so you know it's like a Glider converted into a little RC which People do people do that all the time Got a buddy Chad that likes to do that Stuff that is just getting out of Control the wind is the wind is nasty I'm I'm definitely we're mph solid I Mean 12 to what was it supposed to be 3 Mph big stuff I mean I'm not even Full Throttle let's do I'm half throttle Let's do here's Full Throttle climbs Even full Full Throttle full down

Elevator it still likes to climb so this Is a situation where you got to drop the Throttle to make it drop here's Full Throttle and full Down which I can trim so you got like And there's High rates High rates we can Can fight it a little more it actually Lets me push it down but that's it we Can't turn I have a light button is There a stunt button there is not this Is it $45 and that's Full Throttle so Bail out come on baby we're trying here Guys we're trying it's a windy day and This is a very unfair uh day to test This on but Beggars can't be choosers And we just have to face the fact that Sometimes we have wind it looks good I Like the bright yellow it's very easy to See and I'm sure on a C day this would Perform significantly better um you know We'll we'll fly something on the next Calm day we get and it might be Something small might be something Really big I don't know but today we Thought it was going to be calm here it Is that Wing waggle is just because of The Wind it's doing pretty good though for a $45 airplane Abby we have spent close to That going through the drive-thru and All that just ends up in the trash or The toilet then I cry a little bit this Is something you can You can uh keep for a long time and

Enjoy and it can fly in Wind I'm not Trying to tell you guys it's something That it's not it's kind of in some ways Pathetic but I can't I can't if it was $150 oh my gosh we would we would really Be sending this back to where it came From But I'm going to try to get a coupon Code too okay so maybe you can knock it Down five six bucks or so I mean it's as I said you can't see the two props can They have disappeared but the one prop Isn't spinning the one prop isn't Spinning and it is just it's just ubb do You think any like I just don't foresee That ever spinning it well it's let me Show you hold on well take your knife to It make it Spin he missed It let's make that the new challenge Shave enough foam away to make it spin Oh my gosh he'll never be able to catch This oh my gosh and I won't be able to Film it Oh Choke get it hitting the ground might Have actually done it it's spinning Pretty Freely what was it running on the foam There's just plastic housing and the Foam back there your knife and just There's enough it's spinning it's Spinning freely it wasn't doing that Before the flight so with the wind and

The movement let's see if it'll actually Test it Run it's not going to Move I can tell you right now that's not Going to Spin going to Bet you want to bet Uh I got some things on a wish list so Do I it's it's as Loose as it's going to Get I'm going to say you're going to Come out ahead on this one here we go I Think I'm Right oh it's spinning a little bit no It's not you're just making stuff did no I Saw did you record it right probably not You do it pretty fast Yeah it's stuck again but it doesn't Count I'll bet someone out there has one Of these when the prop spins I could WD40 that and get it I'm not doing a Followup on this just so you guys know Let be all ain't daring it ain't going To happen Okay so you can spend 45 bucks And get this it does fly and it handles Wind okay A person can spend $90 and get An e Sheen warbird probably sometimes They're 120 sometimes they're 90 it Really depends where you're buying it And stuff same size same kind of foam They're both ready to fly this is half The price of one of those and oh my Goodness that was the win but we did it Did

Half Finally Redemption Redemption kind of Hey do you remember that drone Hoverboard I do that was cool I think I'd rather fly that than this I wonder If they still sell that there's nothing Wrong with this that's a great little BF 109 for the price okay it just we picked A slightly windy day unfortunately I Think it looks pretty good and it flew Okay we even have trim functionality on Here high and low rates and we can turn The light on and off there's just one Little red LED indicator on there and it Actually believe it or not comes with Optional landing gear so if you want to Practice taking off and landing on a Runway like this you could it's a good Parking lot flyer and not everybody has Hundreds of dollars or even $100 to Spend in the hobby plain and simple Sometimes for the birthday party coming Up in your life you only got 40 bucks For little Jimmy I mean that's just how It is of course all of us that are hobby Enthusiasts are going to recommend to Little Jimmy don't take the $40 from Your uncle and Aunt for an airplane say Take that and the money from Mom and Dad And the money from you know the other Family members put it all together get 250 50 bucks and really hit at home and Have a really nice airplane in a perfect World wouldn't we recommend that to

Everybody yes but the guys that are Flying real turbine Jets they laugh at The fact that I fly $600 foam to them That is this $40 bf19 so you have to Take that with a grain of salt and Remember and I say this I've said it for A decade now price is very relative okay It's a relative term it's a relative Concept price is relative to how much You you have and you are willing to Spend on the Hobby and I'm here to show You a very realworld example of this Airplane in action I love the hobby I Wouldn't recommend this for someone that Wants to take the hobby seriously if You're interested in this for any reason Yourself or a gift it'll be linked in The description box below know that Using that link does help to support our Channel and our family at no extra cost To you I want to say massive thanks to God for getting us out here today in Front of the camera to share this Experience with you guys goofy little Airplane but a lot of fun and a lot of Times that's just how it goes knows we Love having fun with our budget friendly RC's last but certainly not least I want To say a massive thanks to our patreon Supporters for supporting everything we Do on our Channel literally because of You guys taking your hard-earned money To support our Channel thousands tens of Thousands and even hundreds of thousands

Of people actually millions millions of People through the years have been able To enjoy free RC content we say a Massive thank you from the bottom of our Hearts guys if you like budget friendly Easy toly planes Abby and I will have a Hand pick video popping up right about Now just for you thanks for watching We'll see you there Bye

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