WORLD’S BEST New RC Motorcycle gets HUGE AIR! – Losi Promoto-MX

Check out the Losi Promoto MX here:
This is the WORLD’S BEST New RC Motorcycle, the Losi Promoto-MX dirt bike. This is a brushless 1/4th scale RC motorcycle with a built in gyro and fly wheel to maintain stability. In this video we take this thing off our ramp to get some big air! Let us know what you think of this RC dirt bike in the comments.
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Check out the unboxing of this RC here:

Check out the Losi Promoto MX here:
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The products in this video are rated for ages 14+.

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[Music] Oh my goodness wow in case you missed Our other content or have been sleeping Under a rock this is the world's newest And best most ground breaking RC Motorcycle in dirt bike form There is so much technology packed into This thing making it just absolutely Mind-blowingly light years ahead of any Other RC motorcycle you've ever seen and In today's video we're going to bring You guys exactly what you want to see That is dirt gravel road driving bashing And ramping on our legitimate full-scale BMX ramp As everyone wants to see we're gonna Take it up bash Mountain this and the Ramp will be linked in the description Box below they are available for Pre-order and they're going to be Shipping in about a week if you're Watching this video when we released it And just know these are gonna sell out So if I were you I'd get yourself on the Pre-order list and get one of the first Shipped Abby has one of the best perks In the world of being an RC driver she's Got me to help prepare everything She gets to go have all the fun So she is in off-road mode already Getting the puddles and you should have I believe More control now For popping wheelies and hitting ramps

And stuff this thing is so much fun Crazy we did a speed test and this goes Over 40 miles an hour I believe a lot of People have access to dirt roads like This and I thought this would just be a Really cool spot to try it and see if it Could handle it nice Abby oh That was good How'd that feel good control Big big rock yeah Don't you guys worry we're gonna hit That Ram soon Nice Abby Nice nice yeah the bugs are bad right Now I don't know how long this video is Going to be Sweet [Music] Oh man In the grass too Crazy Oh did you pop a wheelie right there it Was amazing Right this is like full manual mode Off-road mode Wow that's fast oh my gosh Scale this would be going like 200 miles An hour Don't hit us Wow Blue Scrabble big giant rocks definitely Not scale boulders to this little guy She's getting better at the tighter Turns oh my gosh that's punchy

Oh That was amazing though Her first ramp was amazing Yes amazing The queen of bashing So awesome the air control is amazing She says it's not her it's the Motorcycle but my goodness it's perfect We go Abby's amazing oh just clipped it Just clipped it all right I told Nate He's gotta try this The air control this thing has on its Own is incredible Of course he hits it first try that's Awesome Yes oh my gosh a landing the bounce After the landing is incredible You know you want to do another you're Welcome back you know you want to do Another Oh my goodness Wow here we are at bash Mountain Hopefully with enough juice to get up The mountain itself but it looks like Someone full scale just had a blast up Here Oh right at the top don't get it started There it goes it's coming down oh It was there it's what we call the climb Of Shame although I never do it I always Make him do it Wow now you'll never see it again Good job Nate two tries now I guess it's My turn yes if I can get him back

In case there was any doubt flash Mountain It's huge huge huge huge okay If I can do it in two tries I think Abby can get it Also I wasn't too bad Hobbies out the controls you cannot see Her but here we are at bash Mountain Oh Abby's first try with a wheelie It was amazing good job By the way my camera battery died we had A big mission to switch out batteries Hope that's all poison ivy [Applause] Nice That's good we need a few taken out she Did so good we're gonna try a second Shot here Yes yes with there and she's still going That was perfect Abby No no Sometimes we jump This spot here Abby wants to hit it Very cool Oh Brave around the water Nice good little bunny hop Not bad Abby not bad at all Not bad we were having a blast out there Ramping and driving and we actually ran The battery completely dead so we came Up here with a fully charged battery Again just to throw some more ramps at You guys let's have some fun on the Asphalt the real reason we came up here

Is actually so I could try this because It wasn't doing it off-road Yeah Let's see if I can do that again can I Hold it longer Yeah good job mate oh that was like Perfect I think one of the most fun things you Can do with this is picking up with the Flywheel on and just trying to move it Around it probably looks stupid on Camera but it feels so cool to like try To fight the flywheel Crazy Every single time Abby nailed the ramp Or I nailed the ramp it was sheer Perfection coming off of it there's no Need for like crazy air control we are Not skilled RC motorcycle Drivers or Riders and it just had Absolute perfect air control also Abby And I were both very surprised how well This was driving considering The Boulders The Boulders this is not Smooth gravel to be driving on it hits Stuff like this and even bigger I'm Looking at stuff four times the size of This and it just keeps going nice and Smooth there's one right off the end of The ramp tons of air tons of fun and That's just here it runs really well in Tall Grass extremely well on asphalt you Can do wheelie mode if you missed our Speed test you've got to check that out

And this is just one Vehicle doing all of this there's so Much technology packed into here when we Did our first video a lot of people well Not a lot just most people loved it but The only naysayers were just like well It's another motorcycle and to that I Would totally agree if you were just Watching our video and watching it run Up and down a road it does just look Like another vehicle but when you get Your hands on this and you feel the Difference in those driving modes and How well it performs you'll totally flip The switch and be on the other side this Is very impressive it's expensive yes But it's extremely impressive and if you Appreciate the amount of work that we've Put into this one and there's so much Guys you have no idea we've been at work On this for a very long time if you've Enjoyed the content you learned anything From it you got hype from it and really Decided to buy one because of our video Please do us a massive favor and Pre-order or order yours using our link You get tons of points when you order Yours through our link that you can use For discounts for future purchases like Batteries or new RCS it'll be linked in The description box below it does not Cost you a single extra Penny now on our Channel we talk about The Good the Bad And the Ugly and yeah we had a lot of

Fun but there's two negative points to Take away from this too one when it's in Wheelie mode Abby struggled to pop up The front end on loose gravel or dirt it Really struggled to get that front end Up to do wheelie mode and ride a wheelie Just couldn't do it also the uneven Terrain I would say is like a 30 chance That you can actually tip the bike over And get back up without having to go Recover it and at least a 70 chance that You're walking to go pick it up I also Realized that in your limited space like This if you want to hit a jump without Going like this left right left right to Get it to go straight at lower speeds to Really hit the target you really got to Do the old granny just well you got to Set up your your starting block yeah you Really need to set it up on your Starting block to get it to go straight If this wasn't a public use road then we Would set it up and just use the Starting Vlog but yes yeah this is Actually a road you have to uh really For our for our jumps a lot of times the Way we were starting it is like this and Throttle there's nothing wrong with that It just helps you get straighter so you Can get going faster sooner and for Getting out here with my beautiful Amazing awesome wife to enjoy this hobby Together I thank God I also want to say A massive thanks to everyone that's just

Decided to tune in and have fun with us And finally last but certainly not least A massive thanks to our patreon Supporters because without you guys we Wouldn't get out here and fight these Flies yeah they're all over me they're Swarming poor Abby and me getting bit Just to make this awesome off-road video I'm sure you will uh pull a tick off me Later probably yeah it's been bad I've Been looking but a massive thanks to our Patreon supporters for supporting our Channel so directly you guys are amazing We have a lot of content on this if this Wasn't enough detail for you go watch Our speed test video but most of you Probably have already seen that what you Need to check out is our unboxing video Where we talk about a lot of the Technology and this bike and you get to Look at it up close and detailed with Zero dirt that video will be popping up Right about now thanks for watching We'll see you there [Music]

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