$65 FAST & COOL RC Car – JJRC Q142 RC Drift Muscle Car

Check out the muscle car here:
Save 20% with code: BGfb82c9 Expires: 7/31/23
This is an awesome RC muscle drift car and with the coupon code above is coming in around $65. For a RTR vehicle that is an amazing price! Let us know your thoughts about this RC car in the comments.
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Check out the muscle car here:
Save 20% with code: BGfb82c9 Expires: 7/31/23

The products in this video are rated for ages 14+.

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Check it out this is my new street car I've never had this brand before but we Picked it up on banggood so it'll be Linked down in the description box below If you guys want to check it out it's Called the hurricane and the brand is Like sushi Lou Sushi you I forget already But it's really neat it has some really Cool scale looking details plus they're Like purple metal throughout so I really Like that it has lights that look really Good and my favorite thing it comes with Four extra drift tires so you know Nate Will be putting these on for me not me This is ready to run four wheel drive And it has the light functions where you Can change the lights there's actually Quite a few Different modes there look at that the Circle I like it I like that wow That's cool I think I like that one let's drive like That let's go I want my license plate to Stay fast It's pretty cool nice Lights on the back all right Oh Whoa it's got a funny sound oh it has Turn signals look at that yeah I had it In the back that your house is in the Front too It's a really good looking vehicle super Scale it's hard to see the tail lights

You see that There you go A little bit but the front looks really Good I feel like I don't need the drift tires Not over here Nice Abby Abby's Donuts my poor driver he Just puked his brains out of course she I don't know So we're sitting down to drive this And it doesn't have great range she lost It over there when it was out by the RV Rubber tires just kind of sliding along The asphalt that's the noise I think Nice it's pretty terrible oh you're good Been a while since we've done this there Reverse it's hard when reverse you gotta Double tap it yeah there you got it all Right I'll be practicing her 180s Nice oh you about had it he's up on the Curve Maybe Steering Oh my God you just gotta hold it Straight yeah Hey There yeah nice Can you do it again probably not Oh wow that's awesome perfect That was sweet oh look at you go Abby Laughs Nice I think it's a cool Street card you want To try those drift tires all right let's

Go look at that thing man it looks good Well pit crew Knight is letting the Screwdriver that's included is not big Enough yeah and it is just gonna strip You're gonna have to deal with just the Street tires today Abby but check this Out they do come with these hard plastic Drift tires too so when I was a kid you Just put tape on these and there you go But now they thought of everything and They give you these hard tires to drift So Abby just play around with it like This again today but before we do let's Show everyone up under the hood that's The least that's why we keep pick Grenade around on these car videos yes I Can do take the body off Oh that's metal so that's pretty cool It's got the chassis support it doesn't Need it but it's metal and purple and Looks really cool Yeah so it's really weird that those are Screws and not nuts for the tires that Is weird this is a cheaper brand Although the car just looks amazing it's Not a plastic wrap you guys that comes Off I like to keep my cars clean Until at least run it one time I love the lights on this though for Like an off-brand car it's really nice It just looks amazing There's a few things that would be nice Like if it had uh wheel nuts instead of

Those Phillips head screws holding those Tires on purple Itself looks amazing it's driving really Well Abby you're already learning some Stunt driving just from sitting here for A minute so I'm pretty happy It's got no other really basic trim Functions on the radio Yeah and then show them the light oh There you have high medium and low right I'm assuming yeah okay that's a nice Little radio it's cheaper but it has all The functions you need on this car three Speed switch and the Halo light option Which Abby showed you at the beginning Of the video okay maybe Okay such as low and high I guess it's about range there you go Just like 20 hello so it has range Issues okay Still a very cool looking car Abby I Like I like how it looks and Nice You know the range is fine here okay Okay all right The new Double A's too so Can't blame the Double A's it's probably Just where we're sitting down we like to Sit when we do these Drift videos whoa That's pretty fast on high There you go Come on little buddy Nice oh awesome I love how that looks Well that was really cool and I think

This is on sale right now we've had a Lot of neat drift cars so you guys Should go check out some of our other Videos I'll make sure I have one popping Up here at the end for you to check out But I like the way this one looks and if You like that too and you want like a Budget drift kind of car then this might Be a good one for you only main issue I Had was the range and uh that's kind of To be expected sometimes with these Budget RCS they always seem to have one Issue and that was this one for me the Phillips screws does it too Yeah that one 's a little different but I Bet I supposed to check out using that Link whether you buy this or anything on That website helps support our Channel And our family and we just thank you Guys so much if you choose to do that Well I want to thank God for a beautiful Day it's in the high 80s so that makes Mama happy I call myself mama You're a mom I'm the RC Mom you're a mom of two three Months after birth mom of all you guys That subscribe let's be honest I tell You guys what to do and take care of you Thought of this or not and really it's Up to you if you like the way it looks Then I would buy it if not then I think There probably is better on the market

And for the transparency that we're able To have on our Channel everybody give a Huge thanks in the comments to our Patrons our Patron family is the reason Why we are able to just speak the truth And just be transparent with you guys And we're just so thankful for them well As I said we've had a lot of good Budget-friendly drift cars on our Channel before so one of those will be Popping up right about now go check it Out and we'll see you over there bye Foreign

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