Black Hornet Nano Drone – What can this military spy drone do?

Check out this RC spy drone here:
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This is a knock off Black Hornet drone. This is the RC ERSA C127AI rc helicopter. This knock off military spy drone looks so cool and in this video we test it to see what is can do. Let us know your thoughts about this Black hornet nano drone in the comments.
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Check out this RC spy drone here:
Save with code (exp. 11/30/2023): BGC127AID

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The military makes an extremely Expensive version of what I'm holding I Think what I have here is just one of The coolest things in RC that I have Ever seen personally now I wish I could Fly the one that costs tens of thousands Or hundreds of thousands of dollars but I can't afford that so we have best case Scenario here our best option because we Did test a version of this little spy Drone on the channel not very long ago And it was a brushed little helicopter Drone it had a camera on it but not it Wasn't a great camera now we have an Upgraded version of that little Helicopter drone and we have a brushless Main rotor and I think an upgraded Camera it definitely looks like it to me The batteries have been upgraded overall This is just basically 2.0 and I'm Excited some people tuned in because They thought it was going to be as good As the $100,000 version I don't know why You would think that it was like $75 This cost a little bit more right over $100 I think and with any luck we may Have a coupon code for you to save some Money in the description box now you Guys know it we show it on the Channel All the time but if you've never seen Our videos before we just showed a Helicopter that fell out of the sky when You push two directions together if this Is bad we're going to show you but I am

Excited because it's super super cool And I can't wait to hear what it sounds Like with that brushless motor when it Spools up so let's put this in the air And see how it does hand takeoff hand Takeoff all right oh yeah nice oh oh it Sounds good awes like it yes Yes it does sound Good you're hearing two props one is the Whiny little tail Rotor but the main rotor sounds good Listen to [Music] This right okay okay I like it personally I love that because I just Daydream all the time of owning One of these little military spy drones Okay so let's just get right to the pros And cons here first of all pro it should Have a it's got a camera on the bottom Of the Drone there it locked in so it Takes a couple seconds but it has visual Position hold which means I can do This I'm getting attacked by a Fly if I'm a little shaky that's what's Going on visual position hold is rank Downside is Abby's Phone no Hey ow I got thanks I didn't Know what was happening there's no phone Holder for your phone so what are you Going to do with that I can hold it a Little bit while it's not hidden in the Transmitter no ridiculous why why would They do that so that's disappointing cuz

I feel like they're on to something here But super easy to fly because it has Altitude hold and visual position hold So if you just want to look awesome own This and fly it it's very easy to fly Because of that you know it's not going To fly away as long as you're not flying In Crazy winds now I love the way it Looks I love the way it sounds some People are going to say well it should Uh it should have a 4k camera on it and It's $100 okay if they made a super Hobby grade version of this and charged 500 bucks it would probably be really Really cool but it'd be 500 bucks I just Love the fact that I'm flying this Little thing now the wind is picked up So I'm increasing rates I went all the Way up to rate three just so I could Fight this sudden wind that came from Nowhere pushing Full Throttle just to Fight it so we may actually have to land Because this is small and it really Can't fly in much wind at all 5 mph Breeze or so and that's it we're Cruising now that we're caught up here But look at that when we turned into the Wind my goodness look how fast fast It'll Fly With the Wind nose into the Wind much slower so what I hit was a Rate switch I've got rate one is what we Took off in it's on the top left and We're back in rate one so our y'all rate Is there we have two rates and three

Rates and that indicates that rotation Indicates how much Faster oh that stung me I got a sting Bite that hurt yeah mhm yeah I got stung Ow that hurt H it's nice to have the Different rates and we are in actually Rate one right now but the wind has died Back down and you guys can see how Capable it is with no wind rate three We Are booking I mean this is awesome I Just love this spy drone to me again I'm Just a big kid living like dreaming Reality here making it come true look at That see that is just cooking it's Really fast that's rate three and that Was with a little bit of wind but very Cool it sounds awesome it sounds so much Better than the last Version taking care of these sweat bees And flies that are just nailing us Abby Now there is an emergency stop button You press and hold that for 3 seconds if You if it starts flying away or a little Kid runs out there to grab it or Something that was cool I mean that is Just it's quick see it's it's very agile In rate three very agile we also have a Take off and a landing button we showed You the takeoff so let's practice The Landing button here and see how smooth It is I probably should have let visual Position hold take over first so it Would hover in place but that was a nice Quick Landing let's do a takeoff from

The ground cuz we did one from my Hand it's all the Drone we're in rate Three visual position hold takes Over and we have a photo and video Button on the controller so if you want To you can control that from the remote But you can't really see it I'd have to Make a mount for my phone or steal one From a drone or something it's not cool That they didn't include some kind of a Clip maybe they did and mine just didn't Come with it but this thing sounds Awesome and it's super fast and agile I Feel very confident in its ability and In my own ability to fly it and anyone Could fly this because it can fly itself Here's some wind picking up so I want to Test it in the wind let's let it take Over here I got to get it back to us I'm In rate three and I'm fighting the wind I want to see if it can fight this wind On its own so we get back over here in Front of the Camera it's a struggle this is this is a Good good little breeze Here okay there we go we're back I let Go it's going to drift for a couple Seconds but don't touch anything and it Should grab hold there it grabed Hold that's awesome that is very awesome In this [Music] [Music] When there we go very hard to see right

Now but there are lights on this drone I've got a little light bar up here it's Blue which is really cool and you could See that at night on the battery itself We have three out of four lights lit up Telling us we still have 75% of our Battery and we have a little dim red Tail light so the idea here is the light Is very minimal on this for a spy Dr but You could actually fly it at night we Hold that button to power it off and There's the radio I think it's a really Nice controller I just wish it would Have included a little phone mounting Bracket flies on four aa's very easy to See and and read all of what you know The speed is here the emergency stop It's all labeled well these are actually Metal sticks I was very surprised at That it feels high quality even for what It is especially at that price point now Mine came with three batteries and you Think you can buy it with one battery if You want to save some money the downside Is they're proprietary but when I say That word it sounds bad proprietary Batteries uh and generally it is okay It'd be better like a little Molex but It just makes the look Factor super cool And I'm okay with proprietary for like a Toy grade barely hobby grade type of RC Would I want my $500 airplane flying on A proprietary battery no because I want To fly all my airplanes on that kind of

Battery for this little guy I'm okay cuz It's like a 15-minute flight time and I Have three total batteries I don't Foresee myself ever needing any more Batteries than that so I'm cool with it But some people will have a problem with That I think it's an awesome little spy Drink for me I just love the way it Looks and the fact that I get to fly Something that looks this cool makes me Happy and if it made you happy too I'll Have it linked in the description box Below using that link does help to Support our Channel and our family at no Extra cost to you and with any luck We'll have a coupon code in the Description box below too I want to Thank God for blessing us with this Awesome day and this opportunity to get Out here in front of the camera and Share this experience with you guys and A massive thanks to our patreon Supporters because we couldn't do what We do as often as do it without your Amazing support guys we'll have the Brushed version if you want to save a Few bucks it was a very cool drone too That video will be popping up right About now thanks for watching we'll see You there Bye

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