BRAND NEW!!! E-flite Cherokee 1.3m SCALE & CLASSIC RC Plane

Check out this rc airplane here:
This is the new and improved E-Flite Cherokee 1.3m v2. A classic RC airplane with all the smart tech that E-Flite has to offer. In this video we have a very wet maiden flight in this terrible winter weather. We cannot wait to get this out in better weather very soon! Let us know your thoughts on this scale and classic RC airplane in the comments.
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Check out this rc airplane here:

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I am holding in my hands two things Actually one is the brand new released Piper Cherokee the reintroduction in the I think very classic throwback looking Paint Scheme and I'm a fan the other is Today's incorrectly forecasted weather Very cold freezing rain so because of That we're going to put this in the air And avoid the sickness hopefully and fly This for you guys and we'll get back Inside out of this rain after a nice Flight so let's put it in the air and See it does look at that stabilator on The back of the airplane that's what I Love about the Piper Cherokee and uh Yeah it's very scale looks awesome the Lights are great we're flying on a 4S 2200 and it can take a 4,000 mamp Battery we've got a 50c in here um man Abby I definitely went into the wrong Career path didn't I could have been a Weatherman and just always been wrong And yeah there you go uh and everybody Before takeoff please wish Daniel a Happy birthday in the comments section That would be what we're celebrating Today also the release of the Piper Cherokee I need a little bit of up trim See that yep well the blue wing tips Look great and it definitely has that Awesome look to it doesn't it yes very Classic Piper look to it yes there we go Oh that made it some okay um I had this Slapped together about 25 minutes and I

Was watching a little bit of YouTube and Messaging Abby at the time so it was a Very quick and easy build I think I Could have had it together in 20 minutes Or Less very fast did I read no glue Required no glue required was a fan of That and then I saw that the lights and Everything just click together yeah so This one doesn't have the old school Style of uh Servo connections you just Plug the wing in and it's got the little Servo stubs sticking out that go right Into the fuselage nice I don't have a Lot of elevator Authority on this the Way it's set up uh for me I'd like to Actually get more but uh just you know I Like to fly a little more sporty I think I'll turn my rates up I do have Expo on This is the default rates though uh I've Got 25% Aeron 25% elevator 20% Rudder Expo And I have safe off I just bound it Without safe on could have easily done That cuz it is bind and fly can we play A game yeah sure well that's great snap Yes let's do it my favorite game okay so We're just gonna basically cook this Battery yeah pretty good little snap not Bad right into uh let's see a loop oh Was low low to the ground Loop so let's See if we can yeah okay not Bad good airplane okay so it's a very Scale airplane a lot of guys watching me

Right now you know snapping it and stuff Well what are you doing hey I've seen Some Pipers do some crazy things but I Know you can just flap kick those flaps On here we'll go full flaps we can keep It nice and scale and if you wanted to You can fly it in safe and just make it Look like a nice pretty normal scale Airplane if you wanted to do That I like to keep things a little bit On the Wild Side RC's here's some Full Throttle messing Around we go in and try to snap it as Much as we can here's Full Throttle Abby That 4S 225c is really Nice wonder if she'll do Uh know we can do a hammerhead but let's See if we can just do a Spin not not too great I just need more Elevator to do some stuff like that so You know it's a really scale flyer it Truly is passes like that that's what Makes this thing look awesome or of Course what I just did a minute ago I Thought was really nice a touch and go Here's no UPS oh a little too fast a Little too fast B the speed off down Here and touch the touch down here Throttle up and yeah that sow scared me Um you're not used to That and it had a little bit of a torque Pull to it and I'm still working on that Up elevator if I was hands free I'm Actually noising down and banking to the

Left Sun so you know it still needs trim I'm fighting a lot of trim right now That's because I just bound it without Safe on and it's it's just in in the Air that throttle is nice and that climb Is nice let's see the rudder Authority Can we Hammerhead Well it's a scale F that's the best way To put this airplane it's it can do some Stuff but it's Scale for me anyway so what we gain with This update uh really is just mainly I Think visuals right but we also have our Uh there's 70 a PSC in there and I can't Remember if that's what was in the old One I'm going to say it was a 60 amp if I had to guess uh and then we have our Updated Electronics which gives us Telemetry you I plugged in my battery And I got my alarm saying I had a low Battery um don't know why I cleared it And we should get an alarm when we get a Low battery so kind of just trying to Cook this battery for you guys since we Had a very fast Intro give you a decent indication on Flight time on this new version I think It even said there were like lighter Weight Electronics I believe it called The ESC a spectrum Avon light oh okay That's just because we have limited Telemetry I believe I think that's why It's light so I'm incorrect in saying That they reduce the weight of the

Electronics it's just very similar Airplane I think I like this one more Red is easier to see but as far as uh Visuals go and the way it looks in my Personal preference I think I like this Scale paint Scheme really well Okay I wasn't sure if I wanted the Touchdown Or my camera is getting so Wet cooking the battery Abby cook in the Battery Full Throttle climb P throttle Around we'll ease off on the throttle Coming down zero throttle people like to See stall Tendencies zero throttling it Here more up elevator and There's the stall point right there not Easy to see from our perspective but Here's it's your throttle Again more up more up more up more up And then we let it nose down and we Throttle up and that's one of the best Ways to save it from a stall like that Just like full scale thing just knows it Down and gains some throttle you know The lights look amazing on this it's a Very good looking airplane it's flying Well it's it's flying scale we're going To go half flaps Cruise it full flaps Right here over the runway see how slow We can get her to Go coming off of a pretty hot throttle Gaining a little bit of throttle here More throttle flaps up more throttle and

Then what I want to do is land it just Because we're getting soaked in this Cold wet rain no sense in getting sick We know it's flying good we have to Bring this back out for another video Another day that's full flaps it looks Scale doesn't it coming in here Really cool Yeah little skim sorry about that Fingers are getting numb now what I like About this airplane is not just the Blinking red and green nav lights but I Love the actual wing tip lights as well As that front taxi light you guys see That makes that's a big difference Having all those lights you've got the Tail light too but you can see that in The air really well with the additional Lights on the tip of the wing I like Those white lights a lot and that Painted stripe on the prop is very nice Too there's a lot to love about this Airplane but very limited time for us Today to really appreciate it so if you Want to check it out in more detail It'll be linked in the description box Below and if you're like me and you've Just fallen in love with the way this Thing looks and you have to have it in Your collection or even just as a scale Model sitting on the shelf or hanging up From your living room which I would do If AB you let me then this will be Linked in the description box below know

That if you order it using that link it Does help to support our Channel and our Family no extra cost to you it's a great Way to say thanks for making this free Content especially in this nasty weather And on Daniel's birthday but we're very Grateful for all of your support whether You're just watching this video leaving A like leaving a comment or actually Using our link to help support us and Buying your favorite RC toys we thank You from the bottom of our hearts also a Massive thanks to God for blessing us With a good enough day to fly it might Not be ideal but we still got to get out Here and fly we could have had wind it Could have been much much worse so so I'm grateful for today I'm also grateful For our patreon supporters because we Couldn't do what we do especially as Often as we do it if not for your Amazing support and we thank you guys so Much for thinking of us and helping us Out if you love scale RC planes we'll Have a handpicked video Just For You Popping up right about now thanks for Watching we'll see you there [Music] Bye

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