Check out the Fly wing uh-1 v3 here:
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Everyone has been awaiting an update on the Flywing UH-1 V3 RC Huey Helicopter after it crashed on our maiden flight. In this video we discuss the crash and talk about why it crashed. We also talk about the repercussions we receive after showing our HONEST experiences online. We will always show you guys the truth, even if it means jeopardizing relationships with companies.
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Check out the Fly wing uh-1 v3 here:
Save with code: BGfbf8e0

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I've never had more people call me an Idiot from one video than when we did This helicopter a few months ago so I'm Going to throttle up and see if we got Lift yes okay and that's out of control It's out of control it's out of control Out of Control following down down down down Down yep that's fine that's that's what We got you guys that it I tried to film That it's smoking yeah it's it's going Probably catch on Fire keep filming and there's so much Controversy at first it was a ton of Negativity and then as my videos stayed Out more and more people in support of Me came to the comments and said no I Can see totally what happened was this Was spinning in the wrong direction and That's why you lost control but it's not Because the prop is on backwards because First of all it comes installed on here But yes you should check and make sure It cannot be installed the other way Around because of the teeth that go in The motor what happened was two of the Three wires of any brushless motor three Wires if you reverse any two of them it Spins in the opposite direction so this Was factory installed backwards which Caused it to spin out of control because This couldn't keep up with the way it Needed to spin to hold it stable that's Why it spun like this and then crashed

And exploded so my question to you Before I try to Maiden this is a brand New helicopter and I'll tell you why we Have our hands on this new helicopter Opter I'd love to hear from you guys let Me know how thorough do you need to be When it comes to a ready toly helicopter Some guys just say airplanes you need to Do a few checks of little pre-flight but If you bought a $700 DJI how thorough Are you going to be you're going to Update the app you're going to do the GPS dance if you still need to do it and You're going to go fly your ready to fly GPS drone this is a $700 ready to fly GPS assisted helicopter guys tore me to Shred saying I needed to be very Thorough and check every nut and bolt Some guys said look it's ready to fly go Fly it where does it fall where is the Line I got to hear from you guys in the Comments because I'm a little nervous to Fly this again let's go we're ready on The emergency stop switch this time okay Here we go down and out and then we hit Start okay there I didn't hold it long Enough here we go here we go I'm ready To hit stop if we need to [Music] Uh oh my go it's okay go ping up I don't Like back a little bit I just don't like This I'm not throttling up just yet okay Okay we ready this one let's go we're Throttling up hold on I'm not ready good

We're good oh my gosh okay here we Go ready ready for emergency stop if we Need it but now the tail rotor is Spinning the way it's supposed to wow Look at that we're flying Okay I've got my H let's get a little Closer everything is fine let's get a Little closer still like 3 ft back from Where we normally stand seriously dream Helicopter come true finally that first Takeoff that we experienced simply Should not have happened just shouldn't Have happened look at that Abby isn't That beautiful that's a thing of beauty And it's got that GPS lock which is just Awesome so anybody can fly that Essentially now this helicopter's got Some really nice capabilities we're Definitely not going to push it to its Limits today we're just going to do Basic Maneuvers because of my first Experience I think it's really important For you guys to know the truth of the Matter and we had Opportunities Financial potential gains uh to take the Video down we were offered incentives to Take that first video down a couple Different times so just so you guys are Aware we said no absolutely not Um because we just don't do that that's What happened and I learned in time that Multiple people okay if you read through The comments you can see multiple people

Experienced the same thing that we did And then they watched our video sadly After the fact uh so yes we were not the Only ones to experience that so it's a Major quality control issue it was yes And unfortunately from a very expensive Um helicopter brand who is trying to Establish the themselves with making Very very nice helicopters now uh not Just this one but they have others on The market so unfortunate that it Happened but it did and you know we're We're truthful and we just wouldn't take It down and we're not going to take it Down I think our only mistake was not Hitting the throttle hold switch soon Enough it was ready fly and I didn't Know where that was quick enough and I Was panicking because I just it really Caught me off guard so this is flying Really well so far it's very cool now I'm trying to give a little bit More um I don't know keeping it a little More scale look at that is that Awesome up the tail oh yeah this is cool We're getting a little more aggressive Now so this has GPS we've got the lock We should have returned to home it's Really nice oh yeah this is this is Cool I've wanted a helicopter a Huey um you know not just a little Walmart toy Huey for years and years and Years and I finally have one I was so Heartbroken with my first

Crash yeah that's Full Throttle that's Full forward and what's nice about it is It's not really dropping altitude much Now that did right there at the end of My Pass there's so much radio chatter today Because it's the first calm day we've Had in about a week semic calm anyway Look at this aggressive stuff we'll push Back yeah that's Cool like I said I'm not going to do Anything crazy with this today but Hopefully we have maybe multiple flights On the channel of this because you can Take it out of GPS mode and it'll it Supposedly can fly 3D and everything Which I would think would be crazy to See this thing fly in 3D but just up Close and scale looking like this is so Cool to me so cool I'm so glad that we Got our hands on one that's Actually flying cuz it just sounds Awesome Too I feel like I'm in good control of [Music] It yeah now this not only did people buy This and drop the crazy money on it and Have have a similar issue but I know There were a Handful from firsthand conversations of YouTubers that got this helicopter too And had that experience and didn't post The video for fear of burning the bridge And I will tell you guys something we

Have burned Bridges with companies Before I could name drop the companies And have no problem with that uh just For posting truthful experiences big big Companies and they don't like it some Companies just don't like it and uh I There's a boat company that he harassed Us so much we finally took the video Down it was the most expensive har we Had ever had on our channel uh and That's the only time we've ever ever Taken a video down because it was pure Harassment uh but yes I know very good Siiz YouTubers and some small ones that Had that experience that I had and Decided not to post the content I will Not say who it was but uh because it Would probably very much hurt their Family and that's not what I'm out to do But I am out to tell you guys just be Cautious who you listen to I say that All the time and I know that because of Firsthand experiences and conversations I'm not going to allow a $700 Helicopter um it's one thing if a YouTuber chooses not to post a video If it's like a crash and it's their Fault and they're just embarrassed and They don't want to deal with the Negative comments that come with Crashing because it's your own fault It's a whole another issue if an RC Crashes or has an issue and you don't Post it because you're scared of hurting

A relationship that's a that's just not Co relationship with the company um in My opinion you know this this could have Hurt someone based on the we had and for Me And to hide that that's just not cool I Don't I don't agree with it um and you Guys would be really surprised if I told You one of the people you'd be really Surprised probably most of you but yeah I'm not going to do it but this the Helicopter when it's doing what it's Supposed to do is perfect it's great but It had a fatal flaw and a lot of them Got out of the factory that way and I Just think I hope they made it right I Think for most people they probably did But you probably had to have like Evidence like we did and posted a video We had it recorded right if you just got It and said that happened who knows Right cuz we got lucky we had thousands We had tens of thousands of people Looking at our footage helping us decide What was wrong with it I thought maybe I Did something wrong people and and I got Scolded for it too now we might be Getting low battery possibly not quite Sure so I don't know how long the flight Time is on this land it actually I think We have Telemetry based on based on what I'm seeing on my radio I think I have Telemetry and I think that battery is Still saying it's full but how long has

That flight been uh I've been recording For 8 minutes almost I just feel like That's a good long flight so let's see If we can get a nice smooth Landing now Because this is in GPS mode we don't Have to land that way we can land like Toward us you Know I know this was probably just a Very docile video but guys compared to Our first flight of this I needed this This was just so cool we Throttle Down But I think we just got to hit stop Now yeah Huey successful flight after a Very controversial horrible crash of my Maiden months Ago that is what this helicopter is Supposed to do it's supposed to be a Very big cool easy toly helicopter that You bolt these On and put it in the air and follow the Instructions people asked a lot of times Well did I calibrate it yes I did I Actually showed the calibration in the First video we didn't on this one we Calibrated it I actually filmed it so Yeah yeah and did you film this one yes But I don't know if we'll use it cuz we Did on the first one is exactly the same Literally I filmed It just for proof okay good good that is One benefit of of what we do I guess is A lot of times we have it on camera Sometimes we don't happy the bang on Tail of mine the body has a crack in it

I'm not real thrilled about that but I Guess it's okay you know what we might Have gotten like a returned one because Of you know the uh the whole experience That maybe will happen cuz that we Didn't do that oh they weren't happy to Send us another one I can tell you that Sure yeah no it's it's fine I'm okay With the whole the whole process that Has happened because I think it it took Me like two months to finally convince Them to send another cuz they were they Weren't going to send one unless we took The video down then you know other Things were offered and obviously turn That down everything you know we're We're not going to delete it and we've Had listen we've had other companies Almost threaten us to take our videos Down I'm going to put my hood up cuz I've got a bit of an ear in almost you Mean definely well we've been threatened By big companies litigation to take to Take things down that just don't make Them look good and I don't know if I Don't know why these companies have that I'll tell you why cuz they do it to Other people and other people will say Oh you won't send me another $80 Helicopter if I don't take this video Down I'd like to put this on the channel More but I don't know if my skill is There yet to put it in 3D mode or Inverted mode seems wild to me to fly a

Huey like that but I am enjoying my Helicopter time right now and this was a Really good experience I had a good time Flying this and hopefully you guys Appreciated this video I want to say a Massive thanks to God especially on this One a lot of times in videos I Say Thanks to God for the beautiful weather And hey we had a great day to fly on so Thanks for that but also for keeping my Head on straight my morals true to who I Am for fighting through this thanks Abby For being there and having our back and Fighting through this and telling the Companies no we're not taking that video Down and allowing us to have this full Circle opportunity to bring this kind of Content to you guys from day one we Started our Channel no matter what Company sent us things or if we bought It or whatever if we if we break it on Our own fault or at fault of the company We're posting the video and so this is Just a really good opportunity to say Thanks to God and I just want to put That out there that I'm very grateful For it I want to say big thanks to our Patreon supporters and our just all the People that watch our videos too because Of your support you helped me realize it Wasn't my fault that was quality control Issue so big thanks to all of our Supporters too and know that yes if you Do use this link to buy the link L that

We have in the description box to buy This helicopter or anything on most of Our videos whether we buy it or if it Was sent to us we're going to put a link Down there using that link help support Our Channel our family at no extra cost To you so massive thanks last but not Least guys if you missed this crash Video you really should go check it out Because you can see how like scared I Was did I do something wrong I just Couldn't believe it my jaw was on the Floor and it's definitely worth just Watching that crash repeatedly over and Over in slow motion and everything so We'll have that video popping up right About now just for you thanks for Watching we'll see see you there [Music] Bye

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