T-28 Torjan 800mm FMS Warbird Under $150 – RC Airplane Maiden Flight

Check out the FMS T28 Trojan 800mm here:
This is the FMS T-28 Trojan. An 800mm PNP RC warbird airplane currently under $150 with the current Black Friday sale. In this video, we maiden this RC airplane. Let us know your thoughts about this RC warbird plane in the comments.
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Check out the FMS T28 Trojan 800mm here:
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Today's a really fun day in the world of Aviation for me I woke up this morning And I assembled this brand new T28 Trojan I went flying in a full scale Airplane I flew with my instructor which Was really fun because we've had A timeline of those releases are not Going to make sense because there's a Huge like two month break and now as Soon as I touch down we're up here at The airport again to fly this very good Looking 800 mm 2s though it is brushless With a steerable nose wheel and we even Have Rudder on this pretty little Airplane it has got to be one of the Best looking airplanes especially in its Size and class that I've ever seen it Was very easy to assemble and it's Compact and budget friendly it's nice And bright I think it's going to look Great on this bluish sky today and uh The only thing that I will say about it Is I don't think the battery compartment Now the inside the fuselage there There's ample space for my receiver Which I mounted there battery which I Mounted there uh but there was this foam Block between the two bridges of foam I Got some pictures I'll show you and with That on there this this wouldn't fit at All so I cut that out I'm sure I lost Some rigidity but that's okay because Now it fits now they do recommend a 2s 1300 milliamp battery I think is what it

Said but this is a jst plug I've got Like 300 milliamp 800 milliamp and it Just so happened to have an 1,800 Milliamp so that was the closest number To the recommended battery it's a little Oversized but I think I've got it far Enough in the nose that we should be Okay so fingers crossed this is a made In Flight no flight stabilization we're Just Back to Basics but we're going to Have a good time so let's put it in the Air and see how it [Music] Does you know usually small planes like This cut corners on details and Especially functions like a steer nose Wheel or Rudder would not be in this Airplane but on this um they didn't cut Any Corners I want to check my A one looks Down the little Gap had me confused okay Let's see if we can get in the air got It trimmed up as much as I can on the Ground Hey nice little Plane reminds me back of the tower hobbi P-51 days but this is way more detailed And And I think this looks really good looks You can tell scale attention to detail On this and these Tower offish planes so This is an FMS Airplane and I had the zero as well we Did just some shorts content with that

Uh but this Trojan I'm having to fight Some roll good bit of Roll a little bit of Runner the joys of A maiden flight yeah you know I mean That's that's the realness of it we try To include that on our Channel Abby um Well let's see this airplane is 2s right So there's Full Throttle nice roll rate Really can we even climb at all sure we Can and can we over a little bit dealing With some Wind little too L to do it little too Low not bad so far this is really nice Actually and I don't even have any um oh Not as3x what am I flight stabilization Expo well there's no flight Stabilization and I don't have any Expo In here either so it's a little on the Twitchy side because of that but you Know what it's Okay I want to talk about someone Someone left a comment every now and Then some comments will get to me Someone commented the other day about Our channel uh feeling like like an RC Infomercial Channel okay Okay I suppose there's some truth to That but it rubbed me a little bit wrong Because I I get excited about airplanes And I'm sure that excitement comes Through to some people the wrong way Like I'm just trying to sell the Airplane to you or something but I Promise you I promise you if there's

Something bad about this airplane like It has a jst plug I'm going to tell you That but do I have to cuss and scream And carry on about it to tell you about It no I just told you about it I don't Like the jst plug but how blunt do I Have to be about that does the one thing The one jst plug uh does that have to be A reason not to buy this I mean for some People it will be but for me I'm not Going to say ah don't buy this cuz it Has a jst plug there's a lot to love About this airplane and I think that's The general tone that we take with most Of our videos I can find an RC plane That isn't even airworthy and find some Good in it you know why I think people Are saying stuff like that Nathan why is That because if you get on the other app Okay you know the TT one uh-huh Uhhuh um all you see now is shop the app Oh yeah yeah yeah you're right you're Right that's all I see and it does feel Like that now like for the last month I Feel like that that's all that app is I I agree with you I and I understand Where you're coming from and it's not Like showing the product or anything It's just like buy it buy it buy it and You know what you know what video this Person was commenting that on so much What it was our little RC car we just Did Where I you C click that is because Abby

And I are just a husband and we've got Some kids and we we just turn a camera On and fly a plane and share that Experience with everybody that's it That's all we do there's no magic to it There's no secret I'm not paying to Sponsor our um to push our videos we' Never done that uh no one pays us to do These videos it's that is what we do and A company came to us and they were like Hey let's do a coupon code with one of Your video vide that's exciting to me we Get excited when we can get you guys Good deals 5% off is 30% off yeah at one Point at one point that car was $51 so If you watch early you would have saved A lot of money last I checked it it was $67 exactly yes um brushless motor too Crazy and small small update on that too At midnight of last night actually that Coupon code stopped working because of The glitch I reached out to them this Morning and they've already corrected it Okay so there's the update but most of Our car people might not even watch this Video cuz they're car people but that's Okay if you are watching it's been fixed And it should be good for the first 300 Units oh my goodness or the end of the Year so you know that that should be Good for a while um so if you want to Save 30% on that car it's there but that That's you know and if we flew the same Thing every day for every video every

Video people wouldn't watch either well Sure got to have a little bit variety You have To and uh I don't know just kind of Rubbed me wrong cuz I I do get excited About RC's and if there is a good sale Like geez if the McRib was a dollar I'd Tell everyone about it you know I want People to he would and then he'd like Shove his sandwich in your face take a Bite I want people to have good Experiences and if they can have a good Experience at half the cost I'm going to Get pumped about that so I'm not really Going to apologize for my excitement of Uh needs a lot of elevator to stay Upside down I'm not going to apologize For me getting excited but it did just Make me feel bad because I see where They're coming from it's a lot of Products and it's like if you just Looked at the thumbnails and the amount Of products you would think oh this Guy's just buy this buy this buy this no Horizon has sent us like the beaver and It exploded and we show it and it did Not make Horizon happy to show that they Sent us that Pro booat uh that was like Scale military kind of boat the detail The scale stuff was broken it came like Broken came broken we showed it and I'm Sitting here telling you I I don't like Jst plugs they're very uncommon in the Airplane world if I if I was good at

Soldering I'd cut that off and put like A probably an EC3 or an xt60 plug on There for sure even though it's 2s you Know that so there's good and bad Nothing's perfect nothing's perfect and We do tend to talk about the bad stuff In our videos we really do we just might Say it with a smile on our face excuse Me okay so I want to take this a bit Higher and see if aby's favorite Maneuver will it snap will it snap got Just it's not super Punchy so I don't Want it to slow no that was a Roll nice little Loop just a beautiful Day to fly this though isn't it yes and And we are pulling off an 18800 milliamp Battery no problem but I think I'm you Got like 6 and a half minutes I think I'm out of power so we're going to Lander engine out yeah Basically you know no flaps Landing but It doesn't really need them for an Unplanned Landing that really good and a Cross crosswind is horrible too it's Straight ACR I can't even turn I can't Turn left cuz the wind is so bad there You go there you go there it's going but It's to my back now so oh my goodness Don't look how pretty that plane is it I The only thing it needs is like if this Little if a small airplane like this Could have flaps and retracts we'd be Talking some you know crazy technology And they even got the stripes right on

The Prop usually when an airplane is good Especially on a maiden and I don't have To focus too heavily on the airplane Itself it gives me the freedom to talk About other talking points or things That I've been thinking about or talking About and hopefully you don't care about My talking about that and just kind of Venting to you a little bit because it Means a lot to me um that our videos Don't come across the wrong way we just I just want to show you the stuff that I Have and if it's good I want to tell you It's good and if it's bad I want to tell You it's bad even at the risk of burning A bridge with a company I yeah we get RC's for free and discounted a lot of Times a lot Ms is just starting to Forgive us for your uh beginner plane Video listen I showed a Servo failure on An FMS plane and they didn't send us Anything for months Y and so here you Know just so it's just how it goes I Mean and there's a if you just be Careful who you listen to that's there's A lot of people that are pushing I'm Very grateful if you see something on Our Channel and you like it and you Click that link we do make a small Commission yes very small but it's not Worth the 10 years we have on YouTube And my relationship with God and my Relationship with you guys and my

Moral you know standing of who I am as a Man to uh to tell you to buy this Airplane so I'll make $2 and lose your trust forever that's That's not worth it so you know it's More important for me that I can say This is a good airplane or this isn't a Good airplane and I just want you to Have a good experience and there's an Added bonus if I helped you and it came In handy then you can click the link and A way to say thanks is just to buy it Through my link it doesn't cost you Anything extra little less money goes to The big Corporation and a tiny tiny bit Of money goes to me and my family so we Can stay motivated to make these videos And you know we jump out and we M things All the time and sometimes they do not Go very well today this went really well And I'm just really glad I've got the Academy of model Aeronautics to help back my confidence And boost my confidence especially on Maidens like this you know there's no Safe Tech in here or anything I do yes I Know how to fly planes without Safe do you are you sure that's how I Started and and when I brag about safe Tech or other flight stabilizations Other people get com W I didn't learn to Fly on that so you're not really flying If you're not flying without safe now Just go sit in the corner old man and no

One you know that's not that's not a Good attitude to have we want people to Fly and we want them to fly safely and Respectfully of other people and uh stop YouTubers stop flying over people's Houses and posting the videos of that Don't post it if you're doing something Stupid that's the big thing cuz then it Just gets all these red flags going but Anyway economy of model Aeronautics I Encourage you to fly safely because when You're flying with AMA I think more than Anything you're just a self-educated Person and you're you're Flying you're self-aware of what you're Doing when you're out flying and that's Really important so I'll have Ama Linked In the description box below near this Airplane this is a great airplane I Really like it it is absolutely a shelf Queen agreed that is a beautiful Airplane I assembled this in about a Half hour um and that was keeping an eye On the kids while I was assembling it And then I went and I flew a full scale Airplane and I landed and flew this I am On Cloud9 I'm very happy and this comes In at a budget price I think we have a Coupon code down there for you guys but I'm not totally sure it works on some Planes it doesn't work on others that's All I can say so I'll have it linked Down there and try for the coupon code It's already budget friendly but the

Coupon code comes in handy when it does Work and look my radio matches today Nice it does have an orange light it Does it's a perfect match yeah it's Really Cool that should be I'm thrilled I'm Thrilled about today I really am I I you Know this this was the game planned for Yesterday and it didn't happen but so That it happened today I got to fly two Different kinds of Aviation I am Genuinely very happy I do feel like I'm On Cloud9 and it's just a great day and I thank my wife and I thank God for Blessing me with today it's it's really Nice and I'm uh I'm just thankful I also Want to say a massive thanks to our Patreon supporters because we couldn't Do what we do as often as we do it Without your amazing support if you had A good time watching this video then We'll have another handpicked airplane Video popping up right about now thanks For watching we'll see you there Bye

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