BEST Beginner RC Stunt Plane ANYONE CAN FLY!!!

Check out the RadioLink Stunt plane here:
This is the BEST Beginner RC Stunt Plane ANYONE CAN FLY!!! We LOVE the RadioLink A560, which is why is continues to appear on our channel. This thing isn’t just easy to fly, but it is super durable in this video, as Nate continually demonstrates lol! Let us know your thoughts about this RC plane in the comments,
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Check out the RadioLink Stunt plane here:


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Is it dumb it's Dumb let me help You this is one of my favorite planes That I've ever flown and especially one Of the biggest surprises of any RC in my Collection you would think it have to Say eflight or Hobby King or motion or Something on this for it to be awesome But no radio link which does make Controllers and very nice awesome unique Hobby graded controllers took it upon Themselves just because they wanted to To make a really great flat 3D flyer but It's also extremely beginner friendly I've flown this Abby has flown this it Has its own flight stabilization in Horizontal which is regular airplane Mode and in vertical mode it's very easy To assemble it's ready to fly and very Hobby grade and I absolutely love flying This anytime it makes an appearance on The channel I'm very pleased to show it Off now there are newer upgraded Versions with slightly upgraded tails on This this is still one of my originals And I'm proud to show you one of my Originals it flies on a universal jst Plug battery these batteries are super Cheap it's got a nice brushless motor These are optional landing gear if you Like taking off and landing on asphal or You can do a hand launch with this it's A very capable airplane and I love the Controller that comes with it because

It's more like a video game style Controller now great news is this is 20% Off if you're watching this video Because you're a subscriber right when The video came out then you're catching This on sale at 20% off so linked below It's on sale by clicking that link you Help support our Channel and our family No extra cost to you and in today's Video I'm just going to fly this for you And I also want to talk a little bit About what's been going on in our family Life and our personal life but we'll do That maybe halfway through the flight or So just because I know a lot of you guys Really care about us and our family and We're very grateful for it but just in Case you don't and you're just here for The plane we'll put the plane in the air And have some fun with it and kind of Talk about that as we go so let's [Music] Go all right ready yep I can't remember What flight mode we're in apparently Full control flight mode that's not Stabilized mode it's got all these Switches and you know you just got to Remember the switches so look at that is That Awesome we'll just have fun with it it's A great airplane I really love flying This thing uh yeah you need like a Calmish day to fly it it can fly in wind But if you really want it to perform the

Way like it was meant to perform you Really shoot for that calm weather and I'm not the best pilot to show this off But I'm also I think a pretty good pilot To show it off because you can do stuff That I couldn't do with other Airplanes at least not very well I really like this plane I love that Someone else is in the game you know so What they're not putting out um 30 new Airplanes in a year they're putting out Well I wish they would they're putting Out a great airplane and they make Improvements on it this is one of those Planes that I think everybody should Just own it's a pretty good price I Think it's usually around 200 bucks for The completely ready toly version and as I said every every uh year or so they Just make improvements on it There little inverted flying too outside Loop is just as good and easy as an Inside loop because this is like a Profile plan oh my goodness I need to Some switch you other flly let's see Okay that One that one did nothing also nothing Okay so it's the right switch bear with Me it's been a while since I've learned It is that stabilized mode where is Stabilized Mode well come on little gu I know we Got It maybe I'll just fly it like

This don't have to land it to switch Modes I don't know I just can't Remember anyway it has a flight Stabilized mode and it has a vertical Mode too uh I'll just fly it the way I Want to how's That very fun airplane very forgiving It's a very very forgiving kind of foam So if you're not used to Flying you know Crazy stuff like this don't worry about It you don't have to fly like this you Can fly like a Trainer oh boy oh boy no let's see how Forgiving it Is they forgot up is up and down is Down there there's stabilized mode found It the back right switch so now we're Flying it like it's a you know a safe Trainer it's got stabilized mode and This is where Abby can fly it real well Here's hands free Job okay I don't know how well that show That Off Abby you're welcome to fly this I'll Fly it okay let's just land it and I'll Pass it to you so you got it in Stabilized mode stabilized mode okay Hopefully I don't regret saying this it Does not require rocket scientist to fly This if you've never flown this is a Good plane to start with give it some Throttle give it some elevator watch it Go up as long as you don't push on the Juice as long as you don't push down all

The way on your right stick you won't Fall out of the sky good job Abby okay He got it oh you're knife Edging it look like you were knife Edging a little bit there she's doing a Little bit of an alpha hover and that's In stabilized mode it still lets you Play around and do things that you Couldn't without other Airplanes another tip if you think you Are going to crash cut your throttle Throttle before you hit the ground I say Throttle up and hope you go up you could You're like knife edging crazy I just Blinded myself yeah you want to pass the Controls or you got it no I got It ab's like staring at the sun's good For your she grew up doing baton like 500 years on baton anyways it's fly good To break your prop cut the throttle Before you hit the ground good job Abby You're flying really well I want to fly More can I fly more I thought I had a Vertical mode too I really did and I'm Oh no oh it doesn't Glide well see that Okay it is fine it is fine it's fine it Fell out of the sky it's Fine okay let's see if I can do it Anybody can do it can I get out of the Stabilized mode hold on did you mess up With my don't touch the focus on my Camera leave it Alone okay after Abby yelled at me for Messing with her camera we're in the air

I wasn't yelling was being sarcastically Annoyed with You this what happens she messes up my Plane I mess up her camera nobody's Happy at the end of the day now are we In vertical mode yes okay so I'm in Vertical mode I Forgot well I flipped the switch up I Think it's assisted right I think you Have to like get there we go there we go And it definitely helps there okay it'll Hold it okay so in this mode it'll Switch easily between Hovering and then flying like an Airplane too I just forgot cuz it's been So so long and then the left Switch I think is the sensitivity yeah I Just like to fly it no no no no that's Partially assisted Okay I mean if you want a 3D capable plane That are scared of owning a 3D capable Plane just buy this thank us later I Love this Thing now well because this takes so Much Focus to fly for me probably how You're flying how I'm flying I'm Probably going to talk about like the Amilia stuff after I land cuz I planned On talking about it while I was flying But I can talk about it a little bit Yeah fine that's fine that's probably Good I made a community oh my gosh see What do do what'd he do he cut the

Throttle before he hit the ground save Your prop thank us later uh the other Day we made a community post about our Daughter Amilia um we got a scare at an eye Doctor appointment it a little bit more Than I doctor but anyways Um well the pediatrician said that she Needs glasses cuz cuz we have glasses so That made perfect s that's what started This whole thing her vision anyways um We got a scare we were told that her Optic nerve one of her optic nerves were Was appearing to be swollen and that we Needed to go to a children's hospital ASAP because it could be lifethreatening Could be a Tumor and uh they didn't even want to See her Anymore uh until we got this looked at And so we went a few Days thinking our Daughter Yeah so anyways she is fine as fine as She could be uh she does have some Issues with her vision and uh it's not Great news but she is healthwise she's Fine she still has to go get an MRI done So please continue to pray for her with That but there is no tumor or anything Like that theyve seen um tests so far But yeah she does have some Vision Issues But I think we're just going to let her

You know we don't want to disclose a lot Oh my gosh I lost a chunk of something You lost a chunk of Something foam foam put some hot glue on It we don't want to disclose something Like this with what's going on with her Uh we just feel like it's it should be Her decision to share it when she gets Older but just know like healthwise She's fine but she does have some vision Problems um but she's cool she's good She's happy we're happy now um but we'll Keep you guys updated with the MRI Whenever that Happens but yeah it's been a whirlwind Of a Week I agree yeah I'm just f for fun uh It's been a scare I've cried a lot Abby's cried a lot you know we it's your Kid a I lost more [Music] F Yeah so hopefully we weren't too vague For you guys cuz we do appreciate you Guys and all your support and all the Prayers you you all gave to us Especially those who saw that Post can you fly oh just I'm just having Fun I needed This but that's overall like we told our Friends and people we know what's going On uh but overall like with telling the YouTube World About exactly what she's going through

We just kind of felt that that's her Decision to disclose that to 500,000 Plus at least right now you know not 500,000 will watch this video when when She is ready to talk about it and old Enough then she Can regarding this plane I'm just having A really really fun time with it and and It's it's on sale I mean I thought this Was a good time to to fly this and show It off and a good chance because it's a Plane that's been on the channel before To uh to talk about this family stuff With you guys cuz our channel has always Been a mix of family and RC yeah there's Some guys that'll tune into this video And say I don't care about the family Stuff that's fine that's okay you can Watch or you can go away there's Channels out there that are just devoted To just RC we've always always mixed in Family with it because I think RC is a Family or just a sharable hobby anyway Doesn't have to be family but friends And Family and uh I'm just having a really Good time I'm having a really good time Flying this this is small enough and it Doesn't require any space to fly in too You could fly this in your any almost Anybody's front yard I mean you need no Space to actually fly this and enjoy it I'm a huge fan of it I'm uh I'm very Grateful for all of your all's

Support this video is a little bit all Over the place Um but the the goal here is to show you This airplane how much fun it is it's on Sale and update you on Amelia's stuff It's not as bad as we thought it could Be but it's also not the best news uh For her and the world either so Continued prayers are very much Appreciated and I don't know how much More we'll talk about this although After that MRI that's required uh we'll Probably give you guys another update With that at least And that's that's pretty much it I mean And this is the most I've ever crashed This airplane in one day this say I've Lost a good chunk of foam and it's still Flying great well I mean how much sleep Have you had the last probably why I Can't form great sentences and stuff oh My God that was a wild see sometimes Throttle instead of no throttle is What's required to save the airplane That's why I said That depends on how far away from the Ground you Are are you going to catch it like a Boss not like a boss Tire Di oh no you broke the plane happen did You hear That I think the battery died but boy That's wheed You heard

It sorry little guy it's like what did I Ever do to you yeah we like this plane So much Abby does have one of her own And uh I really like it I keep it I keep It assembled even though you can take it Apart and put it in the Box I keep this One assembled so I can just toss it out And go fly it look how much my prop is Chewed up it comes with at least one Extra prop it might it might actually Come with two very easy to put together Things just kind of click and turn Together uh it's a super super cool Airplane and I'm really happy I have Actually multiples of these in my Collection it could be a person's first Airplane it really could if you put it In Flight stabilized mode and you're Just putting around it's a nice slow Flyer and it could teach you a lot about The Hobby and clearly it's Durable clearly look at that poor thing It's all chewed up on the front yeah This one's definitely yours now yeah I Love it I love this thing yeah and I'm Going to continue you know what you Should like you should like make it Dragon and see how it flies up like Jagging well if you want to reinforce That you can take a thin bead of hot Glue and just kind of smear it in I want To see you do that with your bare hand On hot glue cuz that sounds like a great Thing to tell people to do I didn't mean

That I meant take a like cardboard or Credit card or something and you showed With your finger we cannot be held Liable for hot glue BR no I just Realized there's a hook here can you Like launch this or something is that Why that's there like is that why that Hook is there could you tellw It I don't know maybe that' be Weird so there might be some firsttime Flyers with this or just regular flyers I highly recommend you sign up for the AMA that's the Academy of model Aeronautics it's an insurance program For those of us that fly cuz if you fly Sloppy like I do you might have an Accident or make a mistake I mean we do Have a giant weather thing in myob out There but I don't think this would hurt That but maybe some of my planes could So I'm glad 100 m hour jet slamming into That it might dang it it sound cool but I don't want to do that and that's why I Have the AMA just in case something like That does happen it make a good Christmas gift because it comes with a Magazine subscription too so you pay for AMA you get the magazine subscription We'll have the airplane and AMA Linked In the description box below from the Bottom of my heart I thank everybody Watching and everybody that knew about The Amilia situation and all your Prayers positive thoughts and and

Biggest thanks in the world to God and We have some people that go above and Beyond and I say this at the end of Every video and I'm going to say it at The end of this video too but I want to Say thank you to our patreon supporters As well because you are just regular People like us that enjoys this hobby But also cares about us enough to Financially support our Channel and our Family and so a big giant thank you from The bottom of my heart and my entire Family to all of you you're very special To us and we thank you so much Abby and I will have a handpicked video just for You guys so we can keep having some RC Fun together popping up right about now Thanks for watching we'll see you there Bye

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