INSANE $700 Helicopter CRASH!!!

Check out the RC Helicopter here:
This is our most expensive RC helicopter crash ever. This insane $700 rc helicopter crashes on takeoff. This is the Fly Wing UH-1 V3 rc heli. Upon reviewing everything we still have no idea why this failure occurred. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.
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Check out the RC Helicopter here:


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I think I'm gonna take a step back this Is nice helicopters always scare me Oh I've been dreaming about owning and Flying something like this really Honestly since my childhood back in the Day when I had those little plastic 3D Army guys which I still have shoved away In a drawer somewhere and they came with These helicopters and you would fly them Around and imagine you know picking up The army guys and stuff I'm not kidding You guys since I've been like four or Five I've been dreaming of owning a Helicopter just like this and now They've made one that is ready to fly With GPS that can be turned on and off This has the ability though I don't Necessarily to do 3D flying and Abby Isn't that cool since you're on the back End there look how close the main blade Comes to the tail rotor and Abby kind of Pointed that out that maybe it looks a Little bit like a cheap plastic haul or Something that's actually not the case This is made out of fiberglass which is Really cool in today's video we're going To do a maiden flight of this helicopter Let's walk the steps through you guys Let you know does it actually fly well And if everything goes well then I hope That we have more reappearances of this On the Channel because as I said this is Basically a dream come true for the

Helicopter world for me because I don't Think I'm ever going to be a skilled 3D Helicopter pilot this is like the Direction I kind of want to bring things In now is more in the like scale Helicopter World and this though I Didn't build any of this is getting me a Step closer in that direction I am so Excited to made in this helicopter to Own it and to fly so let's go this is Kind of a unique startup process so I Thought it'd be cool to record it Hopefully we get it right so both of These power buttons on To hold them that's kind of unique to Have two power buttons but it's a good Safety feature all the switches are in The up position and we're going to give Power to the helicopter Check this out So flashing red [Music] That's very cool Put your finger there So we have a solid purple light and then We take our home switch and put it on GPS mode We get flashing yellow and it should go Solid green it only took about 10 Seconds or less the last time we did This Which we did once off camera to make Sure we had it right Solid green is like three seconds off

Camera and then what we have to do is Both sticks down and out this should Flash green so let's just look at that Hold it for five seconds it flashes Green then we put this in the Run Position and then we may have to go down And out one more time but let's get back Here behind the helicopter ready to go Blinking hit run there it goes I think I'm gonna take a step back this Is nice helicopter's always scare me Listen to that hold on scoot over Sorry guys wow Okay we're nice and idle now so I'm Gonna throttle up and see if we got lift Yes okay and not out of control it's out Of control it's out of control it's out Of control Down down oh my God that's fine that's That's what we got you guys that's it I Tried to film that it's smoking Probably kept on fire Filming Oh my gosh You got it locked I that is terrifying You need to get the battery unplugged But Oh my gosh God please keep him safe Get it unplugged and get back Oh my goodness I cannot believe that just happened Wow I'm glad I had these just with with High voltage batteries you never know uh

You know you could grab a hold of a Battery that's been damaged and it could Shock you or something so the rubber Grip it's not why I had those Yes and that's out of control it's out Of control it's out of control Down down oh my gosh that's fine Oh keep filming Well uh Glad I backed up That was terrifying let's check out the Damage It's unplugged right yeah it's unplugged We're safe what was smoking the motor or What ESC battery I don't know what could That be oh my gosh the B is like hello You're my new home because you're trash Now no well we'll see I cannot believe That just I'm really surprised so what I Am really surprised by is how well it Stayed in position even though it was Spinning out of control Uh I can tell you that everything was Done properly you guys ready Instructions yes yeah uh we took off and It's almost like I wonder what happened I'm 100 sure that these are on the right Way but I doubted myself just for a Second too guys because I thought maybe There's a chance that I had the blade on I thought surely the painted side has to Be the top and then so I doubted myself But it even says anything you got it you

Read the instructions properly so you Got it I'm really sad I don't know what just everything was Fine it was spinning up fine when it Took off it's almost like this was in Reverse or something and just so you Don't have to install that no and it's On it came installed but just as Confirmation that is a toothed moat it's A tooth prop that goes in the motor if You can see that so it's definitely on The right way but it came installed like That yes it did the only thing I had to Actually install were these two blades And it says that I installed them Properly Uh and I know I did that's done so I Don't I'm no pro at helicopters but I Can tell you I've flown over a hundred For sure and sure I've crashed a couple I've crashed a couple helicopters But only because I was trying to do like A loop or something and it got out of Control and you know I have never been Scared like that well I got scared man That's crazy I just want to like keep Watching I was I was ready to run I mean We were backing up there's no way either Because the second the second it was in The air everything was stable on the Ground everything was spinning up it Didn't act like it wanted to rotate or Anything when it took off it just

Started to spin there's no getting out Of that and it was just purely purely in The Run normal GPS normal mode I did Everything by the book I was very impressed with this and I Have no idea why that happened it could Have been my fault but at this point in Time And I own up when it's my mistake I own Up to it but at this point in time I Really think that was the helicopter Yeah I mean visually it's not really That bad the uh the main blade is tore Up and it's really neat to see how it Was constructed I mean that's a carbon Fiber Blade with Yeah but the how to metal That's that's metal so I don't know it's Just really Well I don't know it's like not metal That's plastic it's like a floral wire It's neat though ah well I'm really Bummed out but I think it's important to Share this stuff because not I'm not I'm Not bashing the helicopter at this point In time I feel like there's a chance That could have been my fault but I Don't think I did anything to make it do that I've Flown a lot of helicopters the tail Rotor was spinning you know hiding sight Having the ability to re-watch that Crash over and over and over uh is

Always 2020 slow motion like all this Stuff that I can maybe throw out there It's always easy to sit back and you Know take a look at the instructions and Stuff and maybe I did make a mistake but Again I don't think I did and you did Make one mistake I did so I think you Should address our reaction so there's a Stop switch here and I could have thrown That switch up which would have slowed Everything down and turned that rotor Off Much faster Um but I just thought I need to land This I probably would have looked a lot Better probably would have just stopped My my reaction was get it down I okay do I have control that's the first thing What's hap it's like what's happening You know it's like when you're driving a Car if you've ever watched those car Safety videos you're the driver and Everything's going fine and then the The Accident's Happening in front of you and You need to slam on your brakes now if You watch that back in slow motion the Person slamming on their brakes is like It looks like there's a five second Delay like dude you could have hit the Brakes way sooner just kind of like how Our brains work or sometimes you jerk The wheel over yeah and so like when you Hit ice it's like you're Coast to Coast But you hit your brakes and it makes

Them worse that's exactly right and so My my reaction my initial is like whoa So this isn't right okay let's let's get Out of the way we backed up so that was Number two then it was like okay what's Happening can I save this I can't save That it's getting worse it's gone faster Because I've had GP PS drones do like a Little toilet bowl and you know I can Manage that we can save that I've never Had a helicopter just pick up speed Faster faster but it was like staying Perfect in that position so it's like Okay if I set it down I'm definitely Going to destroy the helicopter at this Point can I save it and we're getting Safer and safer and farther back right But uh so my reaction was throttle down And just get it down because even if it Destroys the helicopter it's going to be Safer for us just to get it down Um but the best thing would have been to Turn the motor off and if you were if You you know like with me with the Flying airplanes that have safe that's Uh still crashing okay still happens but Every now and then my muscle memory Knows I got safe right there on all my Planes it's in the same switch position So I know sometimes at least 50 percent Of the time I can throw safe and it'll Save me from a crash if my own skills And ability can't so I don't know new Helicopter just oohing and on and

Drooling and I guess I just forgot that Was there So that's that's definitely my fault Okay and that's out of control it's out Of control it's out of control Oh my gosh that's fine I could have Probably minimized that damage some by Hitting that stop switch But having said that in all of this I'm Glad that I fly with AMA it's the Academy of model Aeronautics it's an Insurance program for those of us that Fly and they're not going to save my Helicopter that I crashed or or the GPS Failed or something it's failed and it Crashed but what they will do is if Something went haywire and I'm flying The way I'm supposed to and it flies Over into you know car or building or Something that's where AMA is going to Step in and I'm grateful for it and you Know God forbid maybe we would get hurt Or something so I'm glad we fly with AMA We fly small toys sometimes we fly this Is one of the bigger helicopters I've Ever find I'm really disappointed in This whole situation but thank goodness I fly with AMA that's really the lesson The lesson to be learned here is we can All crash technology can fail our brains And thumbs can fail and for when that Happens it's nice to have a safety net The Academy of model aeronautics Linked In the description box below I'll

Link this helicopter too so you guys can Find it I mean it's a cool helicopter This could be a fluke it could be a Lemon it could be my skills or lack Thereof I don't know But these things happen and I think it's Good that we share them I I could easily Just not post this or something and guys Like to beat me up in the comments and Tell me how wrong I was and stuff it Just happened on a little airplane let Me do a quick follow-up too on this Little pusher prop plane we did I'll Show you real quick the the uh the Airplane cam launches are always the Best Hello I just lost everything Oh I Thought you And I'm I that's really really weird I installed the prop backwards on that So now this has me like second guessing And doubting my own skill and ability to And we actually told the company hey we Can do a retract video and though just Send us another one and we'll we'll eat Our words and they were like no you know What we think it's good that you show This too that's what they said like they Were good with it but I will say in my Defense I have and other people came to My defense as well I've put props on Backwards this is for that airplane not To do this helicopter I have put props On backwards on planes before like the

Old Bixler and I've flown it and it's Underpowered even at Full Throttle but It can fly and it doesn't burn up and I've also I know that I was flying on 3s And I should have used a three-bladed Prop but I wasn't ever over 60 throttle And so the reason for that three-bladed Prop is to be better on the motor and ESC setup but I wasn't ever high on the Throttle in that video so I do think That that motor nesc should have been Able to hold up to that better just just But it was still my fault so I still Take full ownership to that anyway there You go crashed my favorite helicopter I've ever had my hands on Um That was the scariest crash ever yeah Helicopters are kind of scary I didn't Have any control over that other than up And down should have just stopped if I Would have played with the right stick To try to move it around it would have Got worse so I'm glad it just came down I should have yeah I didn't think about It either no I mean we just get out of The way get to safety and and Hindsight hindsight it's always 20 20. Um I hope this video means something to You guys I really do it's not your Traditional RC Channel's content is it You know most people don't want to show Their mistakes and embarrassing things I Mean it's pretty embarrassing that both

Of us did not think to hit that Stopwatch when it was happening oh sure But I'm pretty embarrassed we're humans And you know we got life gets in the way Of the hobby sometimes not that that's What happened today but you know we got Little kids that are In the house with us and we're real People you guys we're just we're Enjoying the hobby too and there's uh There's guys out there that buy their Dream plane and they try to hand launch It and because in the ground we're we're Above Abby and I members of this Crashing airplane Society sad sad on Facebook Society of aircraft demolishers Or something like that and I watched the Video this morning of a guy he uh he Took off this big beautiful airplane and He had his ailerons reversed no and so When he he tried to bank it it rolled Inverted and then what he did was he Went the other way and he actually Leveled it off I thought he saved it and Then it just rolled into the ground you Know we all make mistakes so yeah please Tell me in the comments was this on me Or was it the helicopter because I Really don't know I just don't know and There's no way I can get this back in The air as is But it's a good company it's flywing They do have spare parts and stuff so Maybe it'll get back we've had good

Experiences with flying yes we have yes Yes I can't believe that that's why I'm Feeling like it was my fault but I just Don't know I I surely hope I didn't put That problem upside down I don't think I Did the picture shows the gray and the Flywing correct yes I know there's no Flywing picture on this side no I know I Think I'm I'll show you guys one more time You can see Correct install And you can see Where's the picture It's gray this is the incorrect it's Black so I don't know I'm so excited about that But I was excited when I saw it oh thank You God for today it's not my favorite RC experience but I'm live And I get to enjoy the day and and for That I'm grateful and I I don't Know if you guys appreciate this video I Really do I want to say massive thanks To our patreon supporters too because You guys keep us motivated you let us Know that there are people out there That are like us that don't have perfect Flights every single time that might Make knucklehead mistakes or maybe it Was the helicopter itself and you keep Us encouraged so for those of you that Financially support us with patreon it

Does motivate us especially through Moments like this I'll be beat up about This for a little while so I thank you Guys from the bottom of my heart for Watching and supporting what we do and Going through the process with us now if You want to see a cool helicopter that Doesn't do what that just did that we've All probably watched over and over and Over in slow motion many times now we'll Have a better flying helicopter video Popping up right about now thanks for Watching we'll see you there

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