Check out the UMX Voooo P51-D here:
More plane should do this and look as cool as this VooDoo scheme on P-51. In this video, Abby flies the RC airplane for you and gives her thoughts about it. Let us know what you think of this mini warbird in the comments.
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Check out the UMX VooDoo P51-D here:
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This is the e-flight UMX t51 Voodoo one Of my favorite P51 paint schemes and Nate wanted me to fly this for you guys Today but to be honest my hand launching History is not good [Music] But no worries because Nate put the Optional landing gear on for me so Hopefully that won't happen today and Another plus is this is pre-crash so That means I will fly it Nate has Already crunched this Oh That was totally my fault yeah that's so Bad That crash was your fault So it's been a while since I have flown Something like this so let's get it in The air see how I do with this place All right Abby you are clear for takeoff Wow that went up fast okay Yes wow that was a lot easier of a Takeoff than I was anticipating yeah wow Yeah all right let's ease off the Throttle It's a quick plane isn't it Very quick little plane but you're doing Good I definitely am flying in safe I love It that's it's not blue or white the Bright colors on airplanes in my in my Opinion helps a lot yeah So right now I'm just putzing around I'm

Not even touching the throttle I'm only using my right stick but bank And yank kind of thing where would you Say your throttle's at about A little bit if I wanted Abby you're flying a plane again a Pretty heavily crashed airplane to be Honest Nate said because if you guys Remember he was pretty bound and Determined I think we talked about it on The channel but he was gonna get another One I got him I got him he has another One so I was like well you don't need Two so that's when we fly this one and Then you can sell this one for really Really cheap or if you love it you can Just keep it yourself Yeah We can fly there and we can fly yeah Well you tend to say this a lot about Airplanes you don't like to fly the Shiny new ones you you prefer to fly Them with the dents and dings on them All right let's rudder Get some Rudder into the mix Doing great Abby you're doing some Figure eight kind of patterns and Everything Trying to fly close you're flying really Close yeah it's uh the beginning of the Video is a little bit of a challenge for Me to track but I've I've got the lock On it now these little things always Very difficult no you've lost them on

Camera before Yeah a little bit of throttle With the Wind picking up What a beautiful day to fly with Rudder Unfortunately my throttle is moving It's fine good though isn't it yeah yeah All UMX planes the they fly so good I love the checkered on the tail it just Really helps with orientation this might Be my favorite UMX oh man I've ever Flown I kind of think What other UMX planes there are I Imagine flying one that doesn't Yeah I just lost my flip-flop the A10 is a Bit of a screamer you know and it's kind Of fragile too It's probably one of the most fragile UMX planes out there I can see why you Crashed this one like We've got a we've got a call for eight Miles out that means yeah we got about 10 minutes though we're okay we're okay You're fine I always forget the runway numbers about 10 minutes out so we're okay heads on a Swivel they called eight miles out People always ask is this abandoned or Whatever no we just have permission to Fly here we keep a radio on us we're so We are you know we have had permission To fly here for years and years and Years yes we are sanctioned with AMA to Fly here and we're working on that free

Uh all that good stuff all that thing Actually our buddy Mark Radcliffe is Helping us with that And um there's a bit of a call to action Regarding the Freya that uh Matt right Isn't that his name Matt well you just Met him this is uh Alternative with the Academy of model Aeronautics we just met him That's right And what did he tell you well there for Anyone that wants their voice to be Heard regarding the Fria there's a call To action We'll have that Linked In the Description box below for ama if you're An AMA active member especially and You're not a fan of these changes in our Hobby then your voice can be heard and Matt's working on a lot of things right Now but that's one of them and as I Learn more details I'll try to maybe Pass some of that information along here On our Channel I think it's really Important things he's working on if it Passes is going to be an increase Yeah and it's going to change the hobby Quite significantly well because it's Because it's something that's been the Same for a long time But yeah I won't disclose any details Just yet because I want to make sure Progress is made on it before I get Anyone's hopes up so there's a lot of

Fear mongers out there that don't get Their facts straight they take one Little bit or one little headline and They spread it as truth instead of doing Their whole research and so It's really cool to have met this guy Because he's going to Washington Himself to support the Hobby and to Advocate for our Hobbies so I just think That's really awesome And so now we're even we're going to Have an even more Uh Insider scoop of what AMA is fighting For with our Hobby and what they're Doing so hopefully we can pass that info Along to you guys I'm going to get ready To land I don't see the pilot no no and I don't hear his plane he's he's not Even five miles out man yeah that's fine So I'm gonna cut the throttle That was down good luck it's not a Roughed up this plane is that's that was A good Landing honestly So if you're interested in learning more About AMA we'll have that link down in The description box below the main Benefit that we enjoy from it is the Insurance that keeps us safe when we're Flying so if God forbid we were to hit Something we are covered and insured so That just gives us peace of mind while We're flying so if you're interested in Joining that's linked down in the Description box so this is the battery I

Was flying on a 3s 300 milliamp 30C Spectrum lipo with the jst plug it works Really well and I was flying on Nate's Nx8 Spectrum transmitter today I'll have All of this the plane link down in the Description box for you guys to check Out clicking that link helps support us And our family and if you click that Link and then buy anything on the Website right after clicking that link It helps support us even more we make a Very small commission off every purchase If you click that link and it helps Support us our Channel our family and We're just so thankful if you do that All right I'm happy successful P51 Flight of this cool UMX Voodoo I've Never flown this paint Scheme Nate has Before you've never flown that plane That was your that was your main plane Or this paint scheme of the P51 so I Think that's just really cool another Little another little check mark off my Head you know list of first the notch on The Belt I don't wear belts but okay I like check marks I love the way this Looks I'm just so happy I got to fly it Maybe next time I take this out because I don't know if I'm gonna allow Nate to Sell this now I will probably feel a lot More comfortable to take this out of Safe and try some rolls and loops with It this is a lot of fun for a beautiful Day the wind died down actually while I

Was flying crazy but it just picked up Again so for holding the wind off for me I want to thank God because he's in Control of that and so he gave me that Good flight and I'm just so thankful to Him for that I also want to say a huge Thanks to our Patron family members you Guys are the backbone to our Channel and The main reason and the main Encouragement to me to continue flying So I want to thank you guys for that so Much I will have Nate's Flight of the UMX P51 Voodoo pop it up right about now For you guys to go check out we'll see You over there Foreign

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