BRAND NEW!!! E-Flite UMX Conscendo RC Airplane!

Check out the UMX Conscendo RC plane here:
This is the brand new E-Flite UMX Conscendo RC Airplane! This is one of our favorite RC airplane and to see it made in a “mini’ form is so awesome! Let us know your thoughts about this RC plane in the comments.
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Check out the UMX Conscendo RC plane here:


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We've got a brand new release today and I'm very excited because it does fly on My favorite magic little 3s pack all of These little UMX planes that fly on the 3s battery lately have been very very Impressive and now we have the UMX Kendo Don't be fooled though this is ax it Does come in not one but two pieces they Have the main Wing off when you get Yours and it's just held in with a Little lock key twist tab be careful That you don't twist that the wrong way When you're in stalling yours this is a Folding prop as you guys can see so Gliding should be great on that when we Are at zero throttle and of course we Have a brushless OutRunner motor up There our airplane has a jst plug and Again we're flying on these magic little Batteries I say magic because the Performance on these things and flight Time it just blows my mind that you can Get such efficient flights on a little 300 milliamp battery we'll have the Airplane and the battery Linked In the Description box below this Kendo does Have a Rons you can set up fla Rons but Out of the box when you bind it they're Just ailerons elevator and thank Goodness we have Rudder now the fullsize Kendo or the bigger brother Kendo the Nice yellow one is one of my favorite Things to fly I think they call it not Necessarily A hotliner cuz I think to

Get hotline status you've got to hit Like 200 mph I think they call it like a Warm liner it's very very fast sporty Airplane but it can also Glide so it's Kind of a really great combination of Two worlds and it's not an expensive Airplane the regular Kendo this one is Cheaper than the big one and it's easier To assemble and you can fly it in Smaller spaces so let's put it in the Air and see how it does launch with Confidence launch with confidence all Right [Music] Ready you know what that's what I've Been missing this whole time launching With confidence why didn't I think of That all right here we go UMX Kendo that Was a very easy take off that's zero Throttle already Wow I'm just I like the black stripes on The bottom God has blessed us with a Zero wind day with blue skies in November and no like no clouds in sight Right that's amazing I just want to stay Out here and fly all day and I think I Think that's what you have planned I Think I could because even with this Just with this battery I think we could Pull that off at least until school's Over right now this is A very efficient little airplane and I Have it in safe right now I'm basically Throttling up for about 3 seconds watch

This throttle that's about 30% throttle And it's climbing and then I go zero Throttle around my Bank and look at this Glide rate look at This that's handsfree Bam okay good job on the Kendo this is All in safe I usually start flights Especially if I hand launch something in Safe I like people to see how beginner Friendly it is so let's do like a Full Throttle pass in safe the next pass down The runway then I'll kick safe off and We'll see what this airplane can do now You buy this plane for a couple reasons To be a glider or to be a we'll call it A warm liner here's Full Throttle and That's full down Too oh my goodness that was not well Let's go I'll go one more time Qui too You ready don't get so close Here can I'll safe off oh my gosh oh This is Nice okay this Thing okay this is great oh look at that Snap oh I love That well okay they did good on the You're going to have to narrate your Flight today Nate I'm going up I'm going Around I'm Going this is proving to be difficult Almost knif I got to stay zoomed out on This little booger that's fine I'll try To keep it fairly close on the snappy Stuff yeah so for me it's easy to see

But Abby's looking at a 1in screen with A glare from the Sun on it right now I'm Sorry about that this is very nice oh Oh so there's going to be guys that'll Buy this to fly it nice and calm like This cuz guys love gliders and this is Just a small glider and there's going to Be guys that are going to fly it just Like I'm flying it and definitely guys That'll fly it significantly better than Me I mean this can do anything thing and Everything I'll bet the inverted flight Is really nice on This oh yeah that's great outside easy Outside oh that was Nothing can we do uh watch this brave Brave brave brave brave oh yeah look at That outside Loop outside Loop doubled Doubled I don't know if I've ever done That before we'll do three three Inverted outside Loops in a row with Just tons of confidence I oh Abby look Out here look out here look follow my Plane follow my plane look at the geese Right there right at my airplane right At my airplane the big black oh man are Those geese that's got to be why they so High that's we're going to get pooped on That's massive do you see that right Behind the airplane I'm I'm just flying Right at the geese line why are they so High do you see That is that geese are those geese I'm Kind of scared I've never seen geese fly

So high never seen that many well They're coming toward us so this will be Fun we're going to get pooped on they're Going to my hood on they're going to go To our right okay they are going right It's fine that's wild it just kind of Appeared go I don't know yeah there it Is you guys see that okay back to the Point yeah orientation of this is Amazing I love the visual aid at the Bottom of the wing look at that the Black and white right see that super Easy to see it's almost like they should Just put like a checkered pattern on the Top and then that kind of a thing on the Bottom for just pure ease of seeing Everything I don't know uh snap it good Job we're going to go around this way And snap it this is that tiny little 300 Milliamp 3s battery you guys understand What I'm saying is this Mind-blowing Yeah when I have to stay zoomed out to Chase a plane you all know it's this is Punchy awesome come on UMX this is Amazing make this send 10 colars and I'll buy all 10 of them oh I almost hate That this is so good I don't know why I Love my big Kendo but do I like this More I like this more I could fly this In very small spaces which is what I'm Doing this is not a small space well You're just pretending you're in a box I

Am in a box it's very aggressive little Flyer where did those things go oh They're above us now that is crazy I had To stop and get him look go get I want To I want to look with my own ey balls Yeah that is wild Wow safe on that is Neat that is so camera I don't know I Just wanted to See that's crazy I've never seen so many So high okay so I kicked safe on so I Could glance away too very cool safe is On zero throttle Abby this is such an Easy little flyer you would you would Really like flying this just because It's say and pass it to me yeah okay you Want to pass in in Flight sure let's do It now it's going to be very hard for me To record you if you're struggling so It's I'm passing the controls in Flight It's that easy to fly Abby's never Flying oh gosh so I have my sunglasses On I can't see anything girl I literally Just can't see it I'm going to stay Zoomed out and just basically prove that You're recording it or that you're that You're you're flying not recording it Here I I got it you're in safe though so You see me yeah I see you just really Really hard for me cuz I have my Sunglasses on so we're only going to Have a short flight for you cuz I want People to be able to enjoy this video If I had my other glasses stripes on the

Bottom it's like trying yeah yeah isn't That awesome oh I like that yeah so Aby's already flying this puppy I just Have the throttle set wherever Nate left It and I'm just using the right stick to Putet it around super easy yeah look at That step out there so people can see That that's you flying it no it's me in My maternity jacket there's Abby Flying the Kendo easy right don't you Like that I knew you'd like that and you Have never ever maidened anything like This ever if it's a new release you Always you know wait for me to break it Before you fly it okay let's pass back Off the roll rate is really good slide Up higher and kick it out of safe and no I'm good okay here let's go back kick it Back to me oh I know I know it's very Nice that's why I'm having so much fun With it ready yeah I got it And you got the camera and I'll wait for You to get the all right now you guys Can have better video yeah so I'm I'm Sure that was horrible but I want to We've never passed the controls on a Maiden like that ever and when I'm Wearing my sunglasses I basically cannot See the screen I know that there is a Screen there but I can't see what's on It these are prescription sunglasses Just so you know CU I'm blind as B okay So let's kick safe back off and just do A little bit like maybe

Inverted stuff more in Ed I want to talk about confidence with An airplane UMX planes they just work Right out of the box they work you push A button and it's bound to one of your Favorite radios I think it's just Amazing I wish all of eflight planes Were exactly this easy I wish they were All just push the button and it works This well now e flight still is as Simple as it gets when you're you know Binding stuff up but the UMX stuff ah It's just really cool it's almost like UMX should just make bigger stuff watch The Climb rate Rock You Know EF owns UMX Right it's an ax I know that but just Something about UMX planes they just Work they just watch this so we're Flying right along we're going to nose Down and then do the outside Loop Wow there's two that's cool Three amazing and that prop that prop Fold And uh the Glide rate's amazing this is An efficient flyer but even if you're Cooking it the whole time here we'll Cook it there's Full Throttle that's so Cool oh man I like this this has got to Be one of the best UMX planes ever now Some guys like UMX for the Scale uh planes and you know you might Not like this if you're a scale guy if You like that World War II bip plane or

Whatever but this could literally fly All day on this little battery well then I tell you at the beginning of this Video These are magic batteries so what We're going to do just for the sake of Time is probably in this but we're going To do one more snap a crazy One yeah that was good and let's just Glide it right down and I think Abby Because there have no wind zero throttle I want to do a catch this is not Spinning prop I think I can catch it It's coming in Hot come I lost my canopy but I knew you Were coming in too Fast my only regret for today is that I Forgot my hat I feel like I'm naked Flying or something this radio that's The first time aby's flown on that and Abby you have not made in a new new Release like that um like ever I don't Think maybe once or twice idea uh this Is this is a good little combo here a Good little pair I I like this radio There's it's holding up well so far I've Been using it as my primary radio uh Over the last couple weeks or so and the UMX Kendo oh my goodness I want 10 if You're watching this video and for some Reason you don't want this you've got to Explain yourself in the comments tell me Why because I think there might be Something wrong with you and we need to Have serious

Discussion having said that this is Linked in the description box below and When not If this is really a good airplane when You buy yours uh if you consider buying It through our link we're eternally Grateful because we earn a small Kickback from that and it doesn't cost You a single extra Penny the nice bonus Is you get points that you can use for Battery purchases or new airplanes down The road so it's literally a win-win Especially if well win for Abby to Especially if you gain something from This video in any way shape or form it's As easy as it gets it flies amazingly Well super efficient super quiet uh what An awesome plane and I think a plane Like this could really bring new people Into the Hobby and whether you're new Into the hobby or you've been flying for 30 years I think you should fly with AMA It's the Academy of model Aeronautics It's insurance for those of us that fly It's really just a self-educational Program in in my opinion you you're Paying for the magazine subscription and Then there's tons of other added bonuses Like being able to attend and fly at Events Uh Nationwide and the insurance is there If God forbid anything bad should happen Please please stop doing stupid things And recording them and posting them

Online because those videos are what's Ruining our hobby so tell those people Don't do that and sign up for AMA and we'd be in a much better place So 's Linked In the description box Below as well it's vitally important That you guys pick up the right battery For this too so you know I'm showing you What it is I'm telling you what it is But do me a favor and buy your batteries Through our link we'll have them linked Down there too it's I I could have kept Flying but I just didn't want this to be Too long of a video so um yeah that's They're magic magic batteries uh one Thing that threw me off too a micro Allen wrench is included with this That's for your little tiny ball links If you have to back those screws out it Has a an allen wrench but it's so small You almost can't see the little Hexagonal shape there so just know That's an allen wrench I've said it Already in this video but I'm going to Say it again cuz it's the most important Thing uh is is gratitude I think Gratitude for life in general and for Life in general and today and blessing Us with this beautiful day this Beautiful opportunity to share this Experience with you guys I want to thank God I also want to say a massive thanks To our patreon supporters because Without you guys we couldn't get out

Here and do this as often as we do free Content for the world to enjoy and uh Don't don't get me wrong I really enjoy Doing this but the amount that we do it Really is uh because of our patreon Supporters and I thank you guys from the Bottom of my heart for my entire family Thank you I love UMX planes and they Just released a UMX Waco that one is a Really good airplane it flies extremely Well too but if for some reason you know You're more the guy that likes the scale Looking airplane and less about this odd Looking airplane in comparison you got To go check out that video so we'll Handpick that popping up right about Just for you thanks for watching we'll See you there Bye

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