BRUSHLESS RC Airplane READY TO FLY for $118!!! XK A300

Check out this RC biplane here:
Save with code: BGaddbcc
This is an awesome rc airplane that is completely ready to fly. This is the XK A300 rc biplane. With our code it is currently coming in at $118. We are very impressed at the performance of this RC plane. Let us know your thoughts about the RC plane in the comments.
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Check out this RC biplane here:
Save with code: BGaddbcc


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I cannot begin to tell you how excited I Was to see that this is even a thing This is a beautiful but unique airplane A bip plane and there's no shortage of Attention to detail dare I say this is Pretty close tox quality when I'm Looking at it I don't know how they did This because usually if it's not a big Name brand airplane they're just ripping Off an old version of like a UMX or E-light airplane This however is super cool super unique And there may be a copy of this Somewhere but I've been flying planes For about 10 years now consistently and I've never seen this out there so Correct me if I'm wrong I probably could Be in the comments but this is super Cool very awesome I couldn't believe That it is in existence and what would You pay for something like this Generally the price point If This Were a Huge name brand airplane would be about 16010 maybe $200 I think it's bigger Than the PS you have so it's probably Over 200 brushless motor and it's a nice Brushless motor you see that yeah that's Not just some cheap little thing I would Think something like that would be like 250 okay and that's just bind and fly or Plug and Play right this is ready to fly We have a radio we have battery charger Everything now I'm excited about this Okay usually when this happens I love

Something I get so pumped about it and Then it's just garbage in the air so I Fully expect that could happen but I'm Pumped because this is $150 for this Setup and if you click our link and our Coupon code it's $18 for this beautiful airplane we have Aeron control surfaces we have sorry we Have Rudder elevator and we've got FL Tail whe I don't know I don't think it Is I don't think it is but we do have Flight stabilization okay on and off High and low Rates I'm pumped to fly this so I know It's amazing sitting on the ground you Can take off the landing gear if you Want to do hand launches and belly Landings but I love the landing gear They even look good this is very high Level of quality it took me about a half Hour to put it together but all of this Could mean nothing if it can't fly so Let's just see how it Does I forgot now it's super bright out But I promise that light and these nav Lights are very very bright looks Good I'm so hopeful that this is amazing Because seriously this could be like Best airplane of the Year by the way I've got the lights on a blinking mode You can turn them on and off from the Controller but you can also set them on Blinking mode this has flight Stabilization um ah no steerable tail

Wheel oh my gosh you Forgot there you go looks good sitting There it looks amazing I mean this is Like a good model you know if it flies I Will be dumbfounded so I think we're in Flight stabilized mode we really should Be let's just see if we can get it in The air O oh look at those I think they have a Yellow one too Abby nice have a yellow One too now if I could bind this to like A very nice radio that would be bee's Knees because this uh I'd like to see Some Expo in here too but look at that On that blue sky isn't that perfect what Is that what is that do I have your one Minute beep oh does it have that yeah I Think it does I'm guessing that's what It was well good for them so when you Turn this on you bind it up you have to Full Throttle up and then Full Throttle Back down for it to be bound it's just a Safety thing so you don't plug in your Battery and the prop goes wild keep Forgetting I've got Rudder so I can make Those turns look a little Better okay that was five Beeps that can't be like Telemetry no Cuz I have a full charge on this who Knows I don't know what that beeping is We'll find out here we go let's do Full Throttle and I really want to turn off The flight stabilization and see how it Does so that full throttle pass was nice

But let's I'm going to hit one of the Buttons and hope it just doesn't Crash okay I don't know if I like that Basically I think that just gave me more Okay I think I have like steeper rates And stuff there so that was like just More advanced like intermediate mode so I think it's the far right button it's It's labeled funny it says 6G senior so I don't know what that Does definitely a little tail heavy Why is my I don't I don't think we're Going to pull off any crazy stunts on This at least not with this radio it's Beautiful though very beautiful yeah I Don't feel very comfortable pulling it In crazy stunt mode we do have rats too So I'm want to push that when I pull This back around there's dual rates so There's higher rates let's see if that Feels any different oh I like that I Like higher rates for the bank that's Definitely nice sharper turning I see The lights blink Ining that was a that was a little Fast I wish I had Expo on that elevator Because it's a little sens should have Filmed that better oh that was was not Prepared for that well neither was I the elevator's a little Sensitive you know I wish it was flying A little smoother I wish we had Expo and I wish when I turned off flight Stabilization that it was just see all

That little purposing going on it's just A little too sensitive on the flight Stabilization it's like the airplane is Too nice for whatever stabilized thing They have in here I don't know what the Beep is I don't know but it's a Beautiful airplane there's handsfree it Flies fairly well well I say it's the Best thing ever no I think It's if we had a point system it'd be Like a few points under eing Warbirds is that cool though that's so Cool it's just a very but for the price I could see some guys modding this you Could easily mod putting your own Receiver and stuff in it making it way Better I don't know if it's plug andplay With like Servo wires right but it's um Yeah someone's going to do that I'd love To see this as a more hobby grade plug And the airplane itself is super hobby Grade unfortunately I think the limiting Factor here is the radio does that mean You should not buy it no I'm just Telling you clearly and bluntly that the Airplane is super hobby grade it's still Worth getting excited about but yeah the Controller that's included is sadly Holding it back a bit so you talk about The war birds being great beginner Planes cuz of the price all the time how Would you rate this as a beginner plane Uh less beginner friendly uh compared to The war Birds cuz see that see the

Elevator sensitivity you really you got To be on your toes if you're flying low And be ready to catch it can I begin to Fly this could you fly this 100% Absolutely if a beginner was flying it Would they be Barn storming the ground Like I am no and so you have way less to Worry about but eventually you got to Land it and know the elevator is going To be a little bit sensitive so I hope That answers your question should it be Your first airplane I don't think so it Could be it easily could be but there's 30 things better out there that would Make a great well maybe not 30 but five Things better out there for a beginner I I love this I personally look at that Chrome spinner with that bright red Airplane they make a yellow one do I I Really want the yellow one and this red One I think they're awesome shelf queens And what I still get out and fly it even With the setup this setup yes because I Don't own anything that is this small And this detailed and it's a joy to fly Uh and my curiosity will want me to get It you know I want to fly it higher up We'll just do that now might as well do It now get it higher up and push the Buttons more and see if I can get like a Roll out of it I feel like the roll rate Is good let's just do it while Everybody's Watching hopefully we don't that should

Be Telemetry I mean I I think come on Where'd you go I'm up there I'm up there I I don't I don't like it out of flight Stabilized mode I really don't just Being honest I don't want to lose it I Feel like it has a weird mind of its own Out of that mode hit this one again cuz I feel like this is it it just doesn't Feel Like see that no I like it in Flight Stabilized mode just like the ehen war Birds to be fair does anybody fly them Out of flight stabilizer mode I don't Think so if they do I got a lot of time On their hands to make those things fly Great you know I mean they're that's What they're good at is flying in that Flight stabilized mode and there's Nothing wrong with that let's see a Landing it's going to be hard because That's a sensitive Elevator uhoh that went bad hey hi Hey that is not okay violation well Let's try again that is a straight up Violation is beautiful let's try one More smooth how dare you land with your Nose pointed at at Me now even at zero throttle it flies Really well it does and ah see just just Sensitive elevator that's got to be Probably the biggest downside massive Applause to XK for doing this to me it Came out of left field it's almost like They're trying to really create a good

Brand for themselves a good name for Themselves because if this was a big Name brand airplane this would be like Headlines you know everybody would want To pick one of these up I think this is Just flying under the radar nobody knew This was Coming and here it is and uh I'm really Happy with it does it fly as good as a UMX out of the box absolutely not not Even close uh the elevator sensitivity Is going to hold some people back I I Love this it's got even the muffler down There on the bottom the attention to Detail on the landing gear I am a Massive fan they didn't hold back they Even put two pilots in there even big Name brands SL clap One Pilot in there When they could have uh more there's Four seats in there they put lights on They have a light blinking Mode it's amazing it's worth every penny Of a couple hundred bucks but the great Thing is it's not a couple hundred it's $150 and if you click our link it's Probably not going to hold out forever So there's a benefit to being a Subscriber to our Channel if you watch Videos when their early releases Generally speaking it's not every video But a lot of videos lately we've been Able to bring you guys coupon codes so By being an early viewer you benefit From that coupon code we have a coupon

Code for this which makes it $118 if you're watching this video and You're not being able to take advantage Of that coupon code like a year from now Let's all learn something hit subscribe And watch our more recent videos when They come out we'll do our best to bring You uh really cool codes and stuff like That I like it I hope that you guys can Can tell exactly where I'm coming from This is almost perfect it's biggest Limiting factor is that elevator Sensitivity and you know when you're Ming planes like this and you never Really know what to expect it's great to Have Ama it's the Academy of model Aeronautics it makes me feel very Comfortable when I'm throwing a new Airplane in the air because if something Does go wrong I'm doing what I'm Supposed to be doing so if a mistake Would happen I'm going to be covered and It just makes me feel very good about That whole process we'll have Ama Linked In the description box below now as I Said this is also linked in the Description box the great thing is when You click that link it activates the Coupon code well you have to copy that Coupon code that's down there but paired With our link you can get this thing for In my opinion a steal and I think that's Awesome I'm very grateful for today in The ability to fly this on such a

Beautiful day and share this experience With you guys for The Good the Bad and Everything in between want want to say Massive thanks to God also huge thanks To our patreon supporters because we Couldn't do what we do as as often as we Do it without your insanely amazing Support it's a big team effort which Gives us the ability to bring this Content to you so you can see a very Transparent clear observation and our Opinion of something but also uh because Of like the size of our Channel and Stuff now and the support that we have Companies do want to offer our viewers Bug Yeah companies do want to offer our Viewers uh RC sailor exclusive coupon Codes and so that's why we have that and I just want to say a big thanks to our Patreon support team our patreon family Thank you guys so much from the bottom Of our hearts if you want to check out One of those warbirds that I've been Talking about Abby and I both talked About it so much in this video we'll Have a handpicked version of one of Those warbirds popping up right about Now thanks for watching we'll see you There [Music] Bye

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