Flying COAST GUARD RC Helicopter in Canadian Wild Fire Smoke!!! – F09-S

Check out the coast guard RC Helicopter here:
In this video we take the coast guard RC helicopter out again to fly it in the Canadian wild fire smoke that we are experiencing in our neck of the woods. Plus we fly it over water to make the scale experience even more real!
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Check out the coast guard RC Helicopter here:

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We're out at the lake today for a highly Requested follow-up with the Coast Guard Helicopter to fly over some water why Not it's a Coast Guard helicopter now We're in some very interesting weather With this Canadian wild fire smoke so I Don't think Abby and I are going to be Out for a very full long flight today But we still wanted to have a lot of fun And put this in the air so let's get Right to it here let's unlock the motor Yeah that would help now we should be Able to go down and out and start the Motor But hers and clear for takeoff Oh yeah awesome flying the Coast Guard Helicopter over water I just gave it a Little too much throttle up The nice thing about this helicopter is How easy to fly it is Very awesome Very scale and very expensive we just Featured a helicopter recently on our Channel that was under a hundred dollars It was very easy to fly but if you want Top technology and the best of the best This is it I mean it's extremely easy to Fly with return to home capabilities and That whole scale look is rocking and Rolling I am nervous flying over water Just because it's not a cheap helicopter I fly my planes over water with Confidence but we're relying on Technology today

This looks very realistic though looks Like Seen out of a movie especially like You're on a fire rescue mission from Water yes that's right we need like a Bucket on a winch yeah you do some water And go down some of these fires It's crazy so crazy let's get a little Faster I've just been barely giving it Input And it does some tricks it'll do like a Circle pattern and a heart pattern if You guys want to see those we have it on Our Maiden flight over on our Channel Not too long ago that video got quite a Few thousand views people said man this Would be so cool to see over water so Here we are Uh and it's a cool day to be outside I Mean it's there's no wind and that's Really nice it's 80 degrees and uh as You guys can see as forecasted clear Blue sunny No that's not what we're getting the Camera makes it look a little bit more Bluer Than what it actually is it Actually shows similarly it's crazy We've got a really cool boat being Docked behind us so that's really cool Too I mean there are some people outside Enjoying enjoying the day they were the Only ones it is mid-summer and so Abby And I you know want to go go to the pool And have fun outside and stuff but we're

Going to make this video short just Because The weather says today's Unhealthy to be outside very unhealthy To be outside supposedly extremely That's what it says We need to make a quick video and we'll Get back inside the Link to this helicopter will be in the Description box below As you guys know when you use that link It does help support our Channel and our Family at no extra cost to you it's Really just if you plan on buying the Helicopter and as I said it's expensive It's linked down there a great way to Support our Channel for free is just to Click like if you guys appreciate Us Coming out making these videos Hit the like button showing off RC fun I love doing it absolutely love doing it We were at RC Fest not too long ago Helicopters that were like 10 times the Size of this custom built from scratch There's some shorts on our channel that Shows a really cool one from Vietnam War This makes me think of those and uh I Wish I were a proud owner of something Like that maybe one day I will be well Guys this is a very awesome so easy to Fly helicopter look at this [Music] There's a little wind It's very stable holding that position

Really well very very stable yeah uh Super impressive helicopter but as I Said we're gonna make this a short video I could do a return to home and it would Land right where it took off but this Would be that's pretty risky you Literally took off if we missed it by About a foot we'd be done for her so I'm Not going to do that I think we'll just Do a manual We're not gonna put your Money with your mouth no not on this one I'll test it on on dry land yeah and Even this is a bit of a challenge just Because Um you know we don't have to turn around On both sides It's like we're landing on a ship or Something yes it is it's really cool you Should have brought your helipad yes Well this is a this is a helipad there We go good job I'll take that Yeah not bad flying the Coast Guard Helicopter over water There's just a lot of Technology packed Into this helicopter really truly and This was just a short demo of it flying Over water to get out and get some Content to you guys We got to keep the videos rolling even When they're telling us to stay inside And these are the times when we really Appreciate your all support So if this Was just a nice little taste and you'd Like to watch some more of this

Helicopter flying our Maiden flight Really is a great demonstration of this Because we put it in high and low rates We do return to home test we really put It through its Paces but we just wanted To do a quick little follow-up as a lot Of people requested to fly over water Another opportunity to watch a little More content on this if you want to see Everything that comes with it is on the RC Sailors extra there we do an unboxing And kind of first impressions of this Helicopter even though we had already Flown it and we're just trying to get a Little bit of extra content for those of You that really like watching the RC Sailors or just want to learn a little Bit more about the vehicle itself that Channel will be linked in the Description box or you can just search For the RC Sailors extra go subscribe We're getting pretty close to 10K Subs With just a few videos well I have to Take a minute to thank God just for Getting us outside today long enough to Bring this video to you Kind of an odd thing for us to be Dealing with so if those of you that do Keep us in your prayers and just kind of Keep our families safe and hopefully Anyone else that's dealing with this Hopefully you guys are all just being Safe and everything you know just it's You're not supposed to

You're telling us not to be outside so We're gonna put the helicopter away and Go inside and play some video games or Something watch more RC YouTube you guys Check out this shot this is what it Normally looks like here we've gotten Our hands on quite a few boats and I'm Proud to say that in this video we can Announce what our favorite boat of the Entire year is and I'm holding it in my Hands this is a Full Throttle pass here We go What a cool boat it just kicks up the Nice rooster tail it's a great size We might have just got something Super fun really fast nice performance 3s boat very capable now I know this is A short video shorter than normal so if You would like to see more RC sailor Content on a regular nice beautiful Weather day we'll have that video Popping up right about now thanks for Watching we'll see you there bye Thank you

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