Check out the Arrma Big Rock 6s here:
How FAST is the NEW Arrma BIG ROCK 6S BLX MONSTER TRUCK? In this video we unbox this RC monster truck and take it out for a STOCK speed run. Let us knows how fast you think this RC car can go during this speed test in the comments.
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Check out the Arrma Big Rock 6s here:
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The Arma big rock has been one of ARA's Most popular and probably best selling I'm guessing 10th scale RC Bashers and Now they have decided to upgrade and Massively increase the size to a 6S version this is a seventh scale big Rock and just cutting right to the chase In today's video we're going to do a Speed test here where we usually do Speed tests of all of our fast and Powerful RC with fully charged batteries A very quick unboxing so you can see What comes in the box and because we Only have about 15 minutes left of Daylight this actually showed up on the Doorstep today trying to make this Happen for you guys we're going to cut Right to it and just see how fast this Goes right out of the box no Modifications fully charged batteries so Let's Go Well this is a first and you know it's An unboxing so there's some stuff that I Want to be able to point out to you guys But first and foremost it does look Awesome it's got to be one of the best Molded bodies I've seen on an Arma Vehicle it looks really good I love the Mirrors folding on what is this like an F250 or something that's what it looks Like right F350 it's a big F big Ford Pickup it's got to be has to be what They've modeled it after uh anyway the

Bed looks amazing I personally love pick Trucks when it comes to RC Crawlers and Now we see a Basher pickup truck it's Got that Hardline body look which is Really cool you can actually put stuff In here like a GPS meter but look at This you take your two body Clips off The back we lift up and we no longer Have body Clips on the front so I dare I Even say I won't because they'll send Their lawyers after us who this Resembles what that makes you think of With that little lip hook there but hey Good for Arma for having their own System in place here and and look at This back up here Abby this is not just A clear plastic body with some paint on It this is like a whole skeletal frame In here to uh really give this thing Some rigidity very nicely done Arma did An awesome job that's not just I mean This is this is a big rock but it almost Feels like it should have had a Different name to it we have this very Awesome Tower to Tower well it's not Really a huge Tower but the chassis Support our electronics are all Spectrum FMA they look really really good really Good nice and big but even though They're beefy there's room for upgrades If you wanted to put a bigger motor in There you can see that there's room for It so I'll be interested to see how fast People end up making these things go uh

With that low center of gravity we can Definitely lower that more if we wanted To but the wide stance on this means That we should be able to hit some crazy Speeds and have nice stability so let's Put our two 3s batteries in here and see What kind of speed we can hit I'm Impressed with how this looks it looks Really nice I don't think there's going To be a lot of people to deny how Amazing this new Big Rock looks they They killed it on the body and I wasn't Expecting that I really thought okay They just got another big rock uh made It a little bigger put in a little Better Electronics you know the big rock Was amazing personally I like the kraton More than the big rock and actually I Like the vortex and I know the vortex is Just a little 3s thing but I like the Vortex more than the big rock just Personally but this new big rock is Killer looking they did a very good job On the way it looks now let's See oh let's see how it Runs okay now you guys know we do this On our Channel we're starting it off at 50% throttle limit and what I just felt Right there was really interesting I'm Going to be quiet on this past listen to This did you notice that it almost Looked like I hit the the brakes I'm Going to do it closer in front of us This time watch this I'm going to Full

Throttle and just watch what it Does right there almost in front of us It just instantly hits that throttle Limit of 50% you can feel it boom right There let's just see how fast it's going That's only because I have the throttle Limit set to 50% so it's just limiting It already we hit 27 M hour that's Pretty good but we're going to bump it Up to 75% throttle limit and see what Kind of speed we can hit Now Abby what's your guess now that You've seen 50% that's 75 75 37 37 I'm I'm at 35 I'm at 35 that's screaming pretty good already That's screaming really good what a Beautiful evening we have to do this This is Awesome 75% right out of the box this is Really crazy and I think it even said How fast it can hit with the pinion Adjustment but let's see how fast we Got where we At oh Wow 39 officially we tied we tied cuz You were Uh what no I said 37 and I said 35 so You win I win okay here we go 100% Kachow for some reason I was thinking I Said 35 yeah no no that's okay you math Is my math was really bad okay here we Go 100% I don't think people understand the Intimidating factor of these things when

You are hitting Full Throttle and Standing right by [Music] Them if that clipped your leg you would Be going to the hospital I mean it is Just beefy and it's [Music] Powerful yeah this ain't your Radio Shack toy from 1990 is It I'm guessing Abby do you want to hit The uh throttle and see how fast you can Get it to go that run really Good 5 oh we forgot to guess miles an Hour but it claims with the included Pinion that it'll go 65 so yeah it's my Turn Okay Okay AB that Sunset is crazy Of course she's going to start am I on 100% you're at 100 you're at it is Powerful it is very very powerful beefy Uh IE into the throttle but you know the Craton 6s is probably my favorite Basher Let's see if this one is going to be my New favorite cuz it looks so [Music] Good look at that sunset too this is Crazy what a cool day to be driving the New Big Rock got ni wheels on I did yeah they're Nice and tight that's fast included Tools I mean this is going highway full Scale vehicle speeds 53 Mph you can get a speeding ticket going This fast you know I mean that's that's Fast and it's big it's fast enough for

An airplane to take off it is it Absolutely is it absolutely Is let's see if you beat me at all so we Got 53 yeah sometimes you've been known No she did did just so you guys can see 54 this is honestly pretty Exciting to see a new giant Arma big Rock and it comes in three different Colors so I like the traditional classic Black because the original well it's It's got a lot of black gal actually gun Oh that's really cool So I like this I think it looks really Good but they come what's the color Called what's the color called gray red White here we go here we go I'm Right Gunmetal I was right my wife knows your Car colors it's good well you know the Original one was black so I was just Kind of going with that too but you are Right it is more of a gunmetal gray for Sure and I really like it I think they Did a good job the only thing that I Personally wish Uh was on this right out of the box with If these side mirror lights actually Glowed if these beautiful headlights the Grill looks amazing exactly so if There's ever like a light kit for this Or something please somebody let us know Because this is amazing guys it's been a Bit of a rushed event to get this out Here and make this happen for you guys

Because it just showed up at the door And we have the charge batteries and get Everything prepped and the kids prepped And you know just everything out of the Camera ready to get out here and do this Video right before Sunset what a Beautiful evening for the opportunity to Get this done and able to share with you Guys as quickly as we'll be able to I Want to say massive thanks to God for Just everything in our lives too also I Want to say huge thanks to our patreon Supporters because we couldn't do what We do as often as we do it as fast as we Do it sometimes without your awesome Motivation and support now if you like Fast powerful ready to run RC cars we'll Have a handpicked video popping up right About now just for you thanks for Watching we'll see you there bye [Music]

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