Check out the FMS 1/12 Hummer here US:
Check out the FMS 1/12 Hummer here outside of US:
This is the FMS 1:12 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha RS. This thing has so many features that we forgot to even demonstrate the RWS! It has 2WD, 4WD, Diff locking which I did talk about in the video, insane lights, and of course 4WS.
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Check out the FMS 1/12 Hummer here US:
Check out the FMS 1/12 Hummer here outside of US:

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This is by far ridiculously the most Scale RC vehicle that I've ever had my Hands on there are so many little Accessories and attention to detail that Knock it out of the park by FMS on this Little Hummer it is a very new release By them and I'm happy to have it on the Channel we did an unboxing on the RC Sailors extra Channel if you guys want To see a little more detail but in Today's video we're going to take the Time to get out and actually run this Thing now I love so much about this Thing from the ground up it is just I don't know how they do it they take What used to be model cars for me and Have turned them into actual running Durable little scale vehicles with a Nice included ready to run transmitter We've seen this small radio before with Other FMS vehicles but nothing on this Large of a vehicle I know it's kind of Small but that's 12th scale now the one Thing I will say this is my negative Complaint about the vehicle is this Battery this is not included what I Don't like about this Hummer is that This size vehicle isn't purely ready to Run and the fact that it doesn't come With a battery and a charger it does However have an xt30 plug and I think Honestly that was a poor decision by Someone at FMS if you're going to have Such a unique ground vehicle battery

Then I think you should probably include It for what would cost them maybe 10 More dollars to have this and a USB Charge cable I think it should have been Included with the truck because this is An old race drone battery Xt3 30 truck batteries 2s just don't Really exist having said that I'm Excited to power it on and have some fun So let's go the bumper folds which helps Hold this in place but then we also have These Hood latches which are true to Scale they're really amazing look at That Abby that's so cool and then the Tailgate drops down the all four doors Open realistically this has just got so Much attention to detail it is crazy and I think Hit Channel 4 here We've got different light modes look at The light bar up top all these amazingly Cool lights with turn signals So awesome got rear lights yes we do of Course the caution lights are on Hit it again running lights with turn Signals every possible light combination You could think of with metal hinges and It has a high low speed actual physical Gear switch no I was wondering what's Wrong with the windshields I see you did Your Nate classic I gotta leave those on Though I'll leave it on there Oh nice it's quiet Okay there we go it's actually got some

Speed to it it's not just a crawler it's Pretty much scale Hummer speed gotta fix That side mirror I was expecting total crawler speeds This is definitely more scale on the Speed than I was expecting it's going to Recycling out I just doesn't look quite Right I like it it's actually boogieing pretty Good it's not gonna roll over that's Full Throttle now I am curious Let's hit that speed switch and see if We're going to go faster or slower That felt like a two position switch so Let's see there's crawling mode okay so If we want to really dig into something Like this hill over here bearing in mind This is really loose gravel and nothing Really grabs well on it We just hit a clump of dirt there too Big rock actually There we go Maybe lock those diffs and we can get up A little better but that's not too bad Look at that Abby Conquered the little Hill of loose Gravel I gotta turn my headlights Actually on So you can see I like it I like it with Headlights yes okay so middle position Of that switch for the transmission Might actually be might be locking the Depth because listen to this We're still there okay

There's our slow We can shift gears while we're driving Though it is recommended to stop when You're doing that we'll do it once Speed That's actually really quick it's good Isn't it crawl area it's really good I Mean unless the controls to you and I'll Chase it around a little bit perfect See what you got Abby Getting big boulders right out of the Gate I like this speed a lot A lot a lot she's gonna go park down by The water You're hung up You got you uh You went right over like this really Huge Clump of rocks I guess I mean when you hit stuff Going at top speed it actually looks Pretty scaled Now they have this in This awesome black but there's also a Yellow I believe they both look amazing And that's what FMS and their crawling World is perfect at They're nailing the scale crawling world Now is it Perfection or is it to scale And lacking performance like what we see With axial crawlers we get a bit more Performance out of the box but a little Less scale

Let us know in the comments do you Prefer a scale vehicle like this or Something with a little bit more uh Rock Racer ready Something more like uh axial Capra That's kind of what I'm thinking of when I think of axial I personally love these Shelf Queens it just doesn't look any Better than that and if these things Didn't exist I'd be sad so I'm I'm glad FMS is pushing Vehicles like this super Cool what do you think Abby it's fun for Those of you that like to collect and Just occasionally drive this hits all The nails on the head I know a lot of Guys out there that even in the airplane World like foam airplanes they like to Have a really nice collection and then Just one good everyday flyer I mean this Would be a decent everyday driver oh I Just noticed Abby I just noticed the Steering wheel even moves when we move The wheel can you see that in there That's amazing I mean that kind of Attention to detail on a fully enclosed Cab is not required but they've done it And I think that's really awesome so I Gotta applaud FMS for doing that I'm Driving no crazy it looks so bad I'll Pull my windshield wiper off Okay No that's okay we had our first screen Driving me crazy that's all right

It looks so bad other guys do that I Know they do Now if you guys want to support us Whether you're in the US or globally We'll have two links in the description Box below if you're in the US please Click the US link because we will Actually make a little bit more of a Kickback on that if you so choose to buy This vehicle using that link and if You're over across the pond or anywhere Else in the world then click our world Link and we still actually make a little Bit of credit for that I want to thank God for getting us out here and jumping In front of the camera blessing us with This beautiful day uh just to share this Experience with you guys and show you This really cool vehicle we thank him From the small to the big the good the Bad the ugly and everything in between And finally a massive thanks to our Patreon supporters because we couldn't Do what we do as often as we do it Without your insanely awesome support You guys are the best we thank you from The bottom of our hearts if you love Scale Vehicles we'll have another Hand-picked video Just For You popping Up right about now thanks for watching We'll see you there bye Foreign

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