Mega Fun Alert: Worlds Biggest RC Car | RCMK x SMITHMASTER 1/5 Short course truck Unboxing & Testing

Hey guys, it’s Wilimovich, and welcome back to my channel! Get ready to join the excitement as we unbox and assemble the colossal RCMK x SMITHMASTER 1/5 Short Course Truck – the world’s biggest, coolest, and most epic RC car in its class! In this mega-sized review, we’ll explore every inch of this giant Short Course Truck, breaking down its chassis, motor, battery, wheels, and more. It’s like a treasure hunt of cool tech and awesome features that make this RC truck stand out! But wait, the thrill doesn’t end there! After our detailed review, we’re hitting the snowy terrain for an extreme remote controlled winter test drive! Watch as we conquer sand, snow, and ice, putting this SCR to the ultimate challenge in the chilly winter weather. Don’t forget to slam that like button, hit subscribe for more RC adventures, and ring the bell to stay tuned for our upcoming extreme tests, reviews, and winter wonderland drives! Enjoy!

RCMK x SMITHMASTER 1/5 Short course truck

[Music] [Music] Hey guys this is one of the biggest cars That has been sent to me here on the Channel this is from Smith master I Can't wait to show you because I think It's Awesome [Music] There's a case for storing and carrying The car um nice form padding Inside if you want want to have it Follow the link in the description on The Smith Master website you can choose The color that you like best find spare Parts and detailed photos and um the Shiing is Free We're going to take the body off now It's got a bunch of Clips six on the top And four Underneath the truck weighs 15 kilos Without batteries the body is made of Thick Lexon in Phoenix red Color this body has a full roll cage Built into It you can remove this body and just run It with the roll Cage Let's take a look how long this model Is it's 93 cm long and uh the white is Um 50 [Music]

Cm 200 amp ESC hob Max 5 supports Batteries from 3S to 8s look at this motor it's Huge this is the hobby wi 56 113 5 scale senseless brushless motor The high-tech server is protected from Water maximum torque 32 50 Kilos a receiver box is made of [Music] Aluminum have a look at these chassis That is made of 4 mm of Metal plastic side guards reliably Protect the [Music] Moodle [Music] Metal drive [Music] Shafts sensitive Mount set is plastic And Metal aluminum mot Plate battery tray is adjustable and has A maximum size of 155 by 96 mm forward and rear chassis Brace is Plastic there's sway bar set they Adjustable turn buckles some metal Plastic front and three suspension Arms aluminium shocks they are very big Uh look at this Feast against the Shock noted shock shaft is protected With a rubber Hot metal front and rear shock Towers plenty of suspension on the

Chassis it feels Good there's some resistance so when you Push it Down a reliable plastic Rear And front Bumpers plastic front spindle [Music] Carer the ties feel very firm but very Soft Rubber so it should get a lot of Traction the tire diameter is 195 mm their wi is 17 mm plastic wheel And bedlock Sets the remote control isn't included In the set so let's take ours get it Connected and check our joint Out Now it's ready for a test drive let's do It today we are going to run six ass Batteries the outside temperature is Approximately -5° [Music] [Music] [Music] C [Music] He [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] [Music]


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