NEW!!! MASSIVE & FAST F-86 Sabre 80mm FMS RC EDF Jet Warbird!!!

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This is the brand new FMS 80mm F-86 Sabre RC EDF jet. This is the biggest and best looking RC jet we have ever had on our channel. In this video, we maiden this RC plane for you and give our initial thoughts and impressions. Let us know what you think of this RC aircraft warbird in the comments.
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Check out the FMS 80mm Sabre here:
Save with code: TheRCSaylors
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Hands down I got to start by saying how Amazing this saber looks this is the Brand new release by FMS their 80 mm 6s Saber it is is beautiful and it's Actually my first 80 mm EDF ever so I'm Excited for that I think they did Absolute Justice on the paint scheme of This and I truly believe I can make an Entire video just talking about the way It looks but the Assembly of this has me Completely D found it over a couple Functional things on this plane as well And I cannot wait to show them to you it Comes in two different schemes we'll Have the other Linked In the description Box next to this one so let me know what Your favorite version is the landing Gear and retracts are really awesome on This so I want to show those to you they Are nice and robust but they are Articulated really well and even more Impressive are the air brakes so you've Got to check that out in ction I've Never had anything with functional air Brakes on it like this and I'm very Excited to try it out the only other Saber I've ever owned is the arrows Saber and it's a joy to fly I love Flying it it's a great budget option and This one just has so many bells and Whistles attention to detail down to the Weathered look in the cockpit I think FMS must have hired some painters Because we're seeing it on some of their

Scale ground vehicles and it's now Transitioning and transferring into Their nicer models of airplanes like This one I'm very impressed this has got To be one of the best looking and most Impressive airplanes that I've ever had My hands on on the ground now a lot will Be said about this when we put it in the Air and see how it flies so let's get Out of this cold weather it's like 29° Today Fahrenheit and put this in the air And see how it does I like this this is The first time or at least something Like this instead of having one of those Levers that don't look scale you push This and that pops up so I really like That we have ample space in here Although they recommend a 4,000 milliamp Battery which I did bring I've also got 3200s this is like a control board for Lights and all the other things that are In here it's not a flight stabilizer and Then this is just a receiver that we Chose to use you only need six channels Believe it or not to get all the Functionality out of this Airplane Expo elevator up elevator down Right R left trailer ons scre flaps air Brakes three tracks are back here and That's it Throtle all Right I'll be honest I am nervous for This Maiden it's a beautiful airplane Probably the most beautiful plane I've

Ever had my hands on at least foam I can Say that um you know there's no safety Net here or anything and I'm one of the First people to uh to to get this out There so I'm excited about it there's no SA safy switch As I said I do have Expo In here uh let's just go for It oh yeah that's nice Wow you can tell a lot within the first Few seconds of Flying throttling down some oh it sounds Good sounds absolutely amazing and I do Need some trim that light on the back of The jet makes it look like the actual After Burner is Working we got some climb so I want to Nose down Trim I'm just triming it up this is a Maiden flight you guys a realistic Example of what you can expect if you Were to buy This so Climbing okay we'll get her trimmed up And we'll definitely open it up going to Be a shorter flight today because it is 29° out battery performance is Low a little bit of a right roll easily Tried rable still climbing Some okay okay this is good this is good We'll definitely test those air brakes Today too and I'm just cruising at a About half throttle or So so we're going to do a full throttle Pass down the runway I still have some

Climb in here but that's okay I could Still trim that up my fingers are just Getting so cold Full Throttle rolling it into a climb we're Going to try to let it fall oh my gosh It's terrifying it's Awesome zero trouble pass working into I Love the lights on the back end of it it Is an overcast day and man that helps With the orientation and cool Factor We're going to snap it AB you well it's Snap snapping it oh yeah snaps great Just a wild little tumble there let's Recover from That two minutes oh this is just Awesome very very cool I like the Expo In here feels Fine I love the way it sounds man this Thing sounds like a real Jet it really does it really does There's no messing around and then you See that light on the end of it and you Think there's no way this is Electric We're going to climb it Abby to the Moon Just Let It Go just going to let it go Unlimited vertical climb Unlimited Unlimited a big loop here here we Go wasn't sure how my elevator would Handle that so I didn't want to drop Down too low 3 minutes yeah so we're Going to try to land it I'm going to Bring it around oh man I didn't do the

Air brakes okay we're going to climb up We're going to hit those air Brakes over air brakes are On oh it's slowing it down that's for Sure okay I bre off oh that scared me Okay that's a new one for me that's a New one we're going to drop that landing Gear make sure they came down I think we Might have to Circle it takes a Minute I see one I see them I see them They're all down but I just want to we Got to get that nose into the wind and Then we're going to land it now I Haven't been pushing the throtle too Hard on this so I think we're Okay goodness I am a little nervous does It Show my thumbs are just frozen solid Yeah I'm hurting so cool so that Is push me pushing me careful careful go Around if you have to I know Wo oh man skipped it a little bit but I'm dealing with some wild horrible nice Came in right when he decided to land And yeah it you saw it you saw it kind Of throw it up there oh even the crack In the pavement there hey it's down and It's in one piece we'll we'll get a Closer look at it here I think honestly We could probably benefit from uh flaps On the landing even with those air Brakes but I was kind of afraid of what The air brakes would do to horizontal Flight so just with the weather fighting

Me today I didn't get the best Maiden Especially the best First Landing I Would have ever wanted on this but look At her she's down in one piece all my Control surfaces seem to be working well Let's hit those air Brakes oh that's awesome uh what a Beautiful plane it's look at this it's So windy I'm even struggling to turn it To the left because we're getting so Much wind that vertical stabilizer is Just like a big uh Sail on a sailboat or Something so anyway there you go what a Beautiful airplane I mean that's awesome Well big shout out to Jan for the neck Warmer because I think that's the only Thing that's actually keeping me going Abby and I just swapped that back and Forth she actually got two toasty warm So guys it's my fingers are red I don't Know if I can get another flight in on This I mean I've even got my hat bundled Up as tight as it's just cold but you Know we got this in the mail just a Couple days ago and I wanted to get this Out I mean yesterday it was raining and Super windy so we waited a day so that We could get this out to you guys um I Am massively impressed with it I think It is absolutely beautiful from what I Can tell on the maiden flight it flies Well but I'm fighting the wind sock's Completely horizontal that's a full Scale wind sock so you know this is

Easily in the 15 mph wind and higher Gust range and it handled it the fuel Tanks are on Rails you can slide those Off and I really truly believe this is One of the best looking foam planes I Own to date I think it sounds amazing Too and I don't know if it picked up on The mic well or not but Abby when it was Echoing off of The Hanger over there man It just sounded awesome it sounded like The real thing like a real turbine rcj It really did sounded like the real one A lot of times you get that with size The bigger the EDF the more realistic it Sounds like an actual turbine I wonder If someone made like 120 mm EDF what That would sound like they probably do Exist as kits or something I'm sure they Do electric but as a foam uh plug-and Playay model this took me about a half Hour to assemble I'd say 10 minutes for The front area 20 minutes for the rear Because there are some extra wires you Have to plug in and rear uh body rear Fuselage assembly because of the unique Air brakes but it was very easy honestly I sincerely hope you enjoyed this as Much as I have the only way it could Have been any better is if we had warmer Weather but honestly this neck War has Me feeling like it's it's helping Significantly Abby so thank you for Letting me wear it was burning my neck That whole flight I was struggling I

Turned it down one setting and it feels Very nice and just feels like I got just A nice warm scarf on or something it Feels really good uh this right here Honestly I think that tail light is like My favorite feature at least on a day Like today flying this thing because it Really helped me see the airplane now Guys we're going to have this Linked In The description box below it's such an Early release there's probably no Discount or anything thing but we'll try To put our discount code down there just Let us know if that works and if you do Order it through our link we're very Grateful because it helps support our Channel and our family at no extra cost To you if you appreciate this content This free content that's a really good Way to support us so thank you flying in This wind maing like this now I mean I Know where my skills fall but oo toward The end of that flight my fingers were Just getting numb and in a moment like That I'm glad I've got AMA because that Landing was starting to feel a little Sketchy it's an insurance program for Those of us that fly and just enjoy all RC's actually they ensure RC car drivers As well actually I've got my hands in The uh intake out of the Wind it's just warm in there this uh This I'm flying with AMA is what I'm Getting at makes me feel a lot safer

While I'm flying uh we'll have Linked In The description box below next to the Link to this I want to say a massive Thanks to God for giving me the time and Ability to put this together and get it Out here and demonstrate this for you Guys but more importantly for the Opportunity to share this experience With you I hope I hope you guys got Something from this it's a very capable Airplane and I can't wait to fly it on a Calm day but I still thank God for the Opportunity even with the challenges Finally I want to say a massive thanks To our patreon supporters because we Couldn't do what we do as often as we do It without your amazing support all the Good stuff guys will be linked in the Description box below the transmitter I'm using the shoes my fancy shoes I Wore my I wore my fun shoes today cuz I I thought they would match they're red White and blue that's a P51 shoe and you Know it's got my red white and blue Saber I thought that was really cool so And you got to say it right Sab I forgot I almost didn't say right video all that Good stuff be there'll be linked down There and I just want to say a massive Thanks everyone if you want to see Another really cool awesome big RC jet Video we have one hand pick just for you Up now thanks for watching see you there Bye

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