This FAST RC Car is SO AWESOME!!! – Losi Method Ford Baja Rey 2.0

Check out the Losi Baja Rey 2.0 here:
This is the Losi Baja Rey 2.0. Boasting a way more durable frame, this Losi should be unstoppable. In this video we take this RC out to bash mountain and put it to the test! Let us know your thoughts about this brand new RC in the comments.
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Check out the Losi Baja Rey 2.0 here:

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It was awesome getting to see how fast This vehicle is the brand new Losi Ford Raptor Baja Ray 2.0 and our speed test Video but this thing is made to off-road And that's why we're here at bash Mountain today and on these old gravel Roads to see how this thing handles and Performs off-roading if you missed our Speed test video or the unboxing over on The RC Sailors extra Channel yes these Two rear tires are usable spares and They are made out of a higher density a Little bit harder compound to increase The overall durability and I think that Was their main focus not only getting This thing to look good right out of the Box but to increase that performance and Durability when running on a 3s battery I think that what was happening with the First version is these were holding up Great on 2s but when a person put a 3s Battery in and really let it rip by the Way this goes over 50 miles an hour you Might snap a thing or two and so again Their very main focus here was increase Of durability but we're going to put That to the test today and run it Off-road do some ramping and with any Luck we'll see if we can get this thing Up bash Mountain so let's go we are Running a 3s 5000 milliamp battery in Here with an ic5 connector and I really Just want to see how this handle is Off-roading because when we were on the

Asphalt if we would hit curves it wanted To roll and I think that's the way it's Designed because this is really made To be driven Off-road and we are hitting some huge Gravel now Not even going Full Throttle guys Hey that's my job It's going to be good though I should be Back oh that was rough Yeah that hit at a funny angle wow oh It's still alive You're about to lose the controls mate Yeah rightfully so I'm excited to see if You can get air on this this will be my Last go at the ramp okay success or not You get the controls next these big Pieces of gravel in the middle of the Road as you can see are really messing With me That was all right All right I was holding off on the Throttle but Abby it is your turn bash Queen let's see what you got the Pressure's on I think Ivy had a good Idea we're gonna adjust the ramp so that It's coming off of more like sand rather Than Big rocks Because we both back up See if Abby can do any better All right Oh yeah that was much more air I mean

This thing goes 50 miles an hour Here we go Whoa whoa All right happy famous Donuts There we go Nice oh no Abby Oh I never fail find the puddles Wow like a magnet mouth to a flame All right I'm taking my controller back All right Nate fired me All right he did better than I did we Don't have the motorcycle Air Technology In this one we've got to actually know What we're doing we've tried to know What we're doing Are you like in Grandpa mode Laughs This thing's an absolute beast and let's Just face it when you're running on wet Loose giant rocks like this it's kind of Hard to hit it going 50 miles an hour And come off clean so with what battery We have left I think we should try to Hit but I smell them and see if this can Actually make it up The hill actually Foreign To get it back down This is called being lazy yes Part about basketball there it is Ow L give it some speed Let's see some air

Easy it didn't even act like it was Difficult at all that's what 50 miles an Hour will do for you though I could tell and yeah But no joke Oh This is a tough truck Abby you got Bashing then you got bash Mountain Bashing Oh yeah Abby's not holding back get it Out of the poison ivy go forward a Little bit Okay stop This thing's crazy I don't know I should have given her a Heads up This is like the toughest poor little Desert truck in the world oh she's Meandering she's Meandering I know where She's going Well we call this level two And we haven't taken anything on this For a very long time you know what you Might be able to do it If anyone can it'd be Abby Oh I see There's a new little challenge spot Right there she's got this big giant rut That she'll have to hit before she tries To make it up because I don't think she Can go up this side with that tree in The way oh time out time out I got a Tick on me hold on Tick gone clear to go

Oh And this truck with Abby is now Responsible for deforestation Well that bump is gonna just there's no Way what about level three Here we go Oh she's tried a little more finesse Yeah this is just I don't know if even like the outcasts Could make it Abby It's just a rough spot it's just a rough Spot [Music] No way there's just no way Hey it's pretty good This is not gonna happen though Tough tough as Nails she's not stopping Though Oh no way You did it I cannot believe it well at Least there's some blackberries up here They're just not ripe yet Black notice poison ivy black daddies In Tech Central I've had a couple ticks On me already you think there'll be any In here Oh Abby thinks she's so funny I'll be honest I didn't think you were Actually going to do it so the filming Wasn't like the best You ready No Oh my gosh hold on I really do like you Don't believe me about the ticks but

Hold on now [Music] Oh Perfect Abby two for two sort of Okay I'm getting out of here so many Ticks Man awesome Abby you are the queen of Ashville and you are crazy Let's hit this ramp a couple times Before we go I might end on that good nose oh I Should but I'm gonna hit it one more Time Oh [Music] What a beast this thing is I mean it Handled stuff that should not be thrown Out of you guys this thing is crazy Tough oh my gosh we started off on way Too big a gravel on that road for this RC but we just had to take it to bash Mountain and really see what it was made Of and it held up to all of it I cannot Believe it made it up the most severe Part of bash Mountain too yeah it did Level three but not level two level two Starting to get eroded so it could be Like level four now I mean I don't know If anything could make it up level two It just happens to fall in that order Now I'm not saying this RC is made for Absolutely everyone because I think There is some skill required to drive This there's not as much air control as

Some Bashers there's not as forgiving as Some short course trucks but if you want To take scale mixed with short course Style trucks really a desert truck and End up with a very cool licensed Losi Vehicle that has the best of the ready To run technology available then this Could be the truck for you and if you You want to buy it it's linked in our Description box below and in our pinned Comment it's important to know that Because that'll take you right to where You need to go for the best price online But also when you click that link and You go buy this truck or a battery for This truck or a whole different truck or Plane or anything on that website you Help support our Channel and our family Which helps us buy things that we Apparently can't afford like off to keep The fire ants off of my life yeah these Are my mowing shoes and my batch Mountain shoes so I'm going to continue Wearing those even if you support us or Not but it does help to support our Channel and our family and we are so Grateful for those of you that think to Do that because you enjoy our videos Whether you're going back and forth from Your local hobby shop to supporting us Or you just support us full-time because Your hobby shop is 100 miles away or you Spread it between YouTubers you yes you Can you absolutely can do that too if

You watch two people it's nice to share But if you think to support us for Whatever reason we thank you so much From the bottom of our heart I want to Say a massive thanks to God too for Getting us out here and just having a Successful opportunity to bring this Video to you is supposed to be raining Right now and so just for today in General we've had a lot of fun I thank God for my wife my family and just Everything that you guys do for us I'm Super grateful also massive thanks to Our patreon supporters specifically Because you guys support us the most Direct way and we are very grateful I Think I got into poison ivy too much oh I'm itching like crazy so we're gonna Get out of here and I got to go get Cleaned up guys we'll have our speed Test video of this truck popping up Right about now thanks for watching We'll see you there Foreign

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