WATER PLANE CRASH!!! Tower Hobbies DHC-2 Beaver 1.5m RC Airplane

Check out the DHC-2 Beaver 1.5m here:
This is a brand new RC airplane from tower hobbies. This is the DHC-2 Beaver 1.5m with floats RC plane. In this video we fly this RC plane over water…not our best moment! LoL! Let us know your thoughts about this RC airplane in the comments.
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Check out the DHC-2 Beaver 1.5m here:


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Today we have a brand new release by Tower Hobbies bet you didn't expect me to say That this is the brand new 1.5 M Beaver it comes with optional Floats which I have chose to fly with The floats today or traditional landing Gear and a tail wheel if you choose it Has steerable Rudders on the back of the Airplane and uh there's a lot to talk About with this PL now they're doing Some fairly Innovative things at least Innovative and first time that I've seen Some of these the nice thing about Tower Hobbies generally is the cost of their Planes uh and this airplane has done a Few Innovative things to I would imagine Help the cost of the airplane and I'll Point those out I will say that it took Me a little longer than usual and longer Than expected to assemble the plane I Say I've probably got about 4 hours in The assembly maybe right under it wasn't Challenging it was just time consuming So be aware of that first and foremost The Keen ey may have seen the unique Usage of fishing Line and rubber bands to uh steer the Rudders and this is a rather unique Method for flaps we have one Servo to Control both flaps and the flaps are Level your arm should be to the left a Bit and that arm will adjust to the Right to lower the flaps also on the

Cost cutting side of things it's a 3s Airplane so for a 1.5 M plane being 3s Is kind of unique I do like the fact That there's functioning lights and Flaps ailerons Rudder and elevator on This airplane so in today's video we're Going to Maiden this I'll probably talk A little bit about the assembly and some Of the things that I came across either During the flight or maybe at the end After we've landed it and um got it back On the ground but it's kind of cold Today so I'd like to get this thing in The air and see how it does so let's Fly That tab goes there that's supposed to Smash Down there that'll have to Work well it floats it floats that's Always a good first sign that water's Low and the wind is pushing us the nose Is in the wind right now of course we Want to always do a ground test of all Control surfaces especially before Flying over water and I have a recovery Boat just in case we're just going to Take off with no Flaps oh boy oh boy well that's not the Direction I wanted to take off but it is Flying and so that's a place we'll shut Off the water which usually takes about 10 seconds or so and then I'll try to Trim it up it definitely needs Trimmed that's okay we're just flying on

A good old tactic radio all dumb setup I Say dumb but it's it's a really nice Really nice setup I love my tactic just For the Simplicity of it well I will say This is a fairly lightweight airplane And so I was a bit worried about 3s Being you know how much power we had for This big of an airplane you I just kind of think 4S uh but it seems To be flying well on 3s especially with Those floats on the bottom yes that's Right I was a little worried but it's Not that heavy it's actually fairly Lightweight I have Expo in on my Controls Oo nice pass yeah we're getting there Still need a little trimming but it Looks pretty good well that's I'm I'm Compensating for the trim okay the lack Thereof Yeah this is flying really well it's Nice and Scale I'm a little on the nervous side Just because I can tell you're not Saying much I'm really focused I want to Try to loop we're going to Loop it out Here oh Man that bird I thought was something Flying off my Plane I'm having a good time it's been a Long time since I have flown a beaver Over the water I had a little one years Ago That was the first time ever wasn't it

Yeah yes off of Water really cool this reminds me of That you still have that don't you it Sat on your desk for years when we lived In our old house pretty fall day to fly This on too which I think that's really Cool now part of the fun of flying off Of water is is what touch and goes on The Water this track's kind of funny on the Water It's almost got a mind of its own Oh [Music] Got come on that's why I got the Boat wow [Music] Hurry well this is the first oh my gosh I'm just going to keep filming in case It like pulls a Titanic splits in half And sinks straight down I really didn't Think I would need This Oh my Gosh this is never Easy I don't I don't think it's going to I don't know if I've ever actually Flipped a plan you haven't out on the Water yeah you just sunk it more didn't Sink it More if you need to step out farther on The Dock oh this is going to be [Music]

Impossible We're going the wrong way stop before You push it out for the boat was on the Wing it's stuck [Music] Oh No Just chewing up the [Music] Wing [Music] [Music] I'm definitely stuck on the wing strut Now Thank You I've never had one flip upside down On you before and you see I I brought a Remote control boat to try to save it But it didn't help at all thank you guys [Applause] You're it's Dripping yeah thank you Guys Okay that's never fun I tried to use This as a recovery boat which really Wasn't a great idea not I thought of Power and not the front of the boat when You have a pointed front it really can't Catch on to anything to push it so you Know something like the uh cinjun Commander or the aot trooper with a flat Front is much better and what happened Was this was upside down in the water And so my Rudder actually got caught on The wing strut and so then the boat was Not functional either and it actually

Chopped up my flap just a little bit oh It did Yeah so quite the adventure these kinds Of things can happen which is why we we Recommend just going out with a good Recovery boat this one is a good boat But it's not a good recovery boat or U Or even a kayak or something so we're Going to get the plane cleaned up Lucky Uh lucky for us we have baby wipes Always there are lights are still on oh I think it's still going to work good Let's do a quick little test here before We go all right quick little test we Have elevator we have Rudder we have Aeron Splats but I have to reassign them In the radio And after take off on the ground the Only visible issues is that came unstuck And then the boat the recovery boat Chewed up the plane a Lot I can't believe that that's Crazy lights are still working the Lights are On but you don't have a recovery boat Now not a good One it's still a little Wet uh you know the airplane flew well I Do think that on the water it tracks With a bit of a mind of its own and that Is probably somewhat accredited to the Fishing line rubber band you can just See how much play there is okay and if You have any amount of speed going that

Kind of does its own Thing that's why it drives like this on The water but why why it caught the way It did yeah I think I know why we were Going from right to left out there over The water yep wind was to wind was to my Back and so I started to pick up some Speed and the tail went over yep okay no Goes into the wind and that well I was Trying I know you were but that's Because when this is on the water these Don't give much rigidity at all that is Very Loosey Goosey and I did it it's got The perfect amount of tension because These are fairly straight they may not Be perfect but they're straight enough Uh and then they do steer with that tail Wheel but again there's just not a lot Of rigidity there so I think that what You need to do with this airplane is put The nose into the wind and take off and Don't PL on doing a lot of touch and Goes under a lot of throttle I was Throttling on the ground pretty fast and It just went and if it was a very calm Day with zero wind you you'd probably be Okay but we had a Tailwind of about 5 Mph wasn't much at all you saw how Glassy the lake was and that caused us To flip over this is a large airplane It's 1.5 M it's a budget friendly Airplane and to hit that budget that Price there were a few things they had To implement to save

Money in order to get that price point So that is the new Tower Hobbies Beaver Off of water experience I've flown a Handful of airplanes off water and uh You know always always be prepared for The unexpected that can happen and that Kind of happened today and I I think This is a real good chance to talk about AMA The Academy of model Aeronautics Because as prepared as I am and as Experienced not saying I'm a great pilot But I'm an experienced pilot as I am With flying float planes off of water I Had no reason to believe I'd have any Issues with this today but you never Know elements of surprise things are Uncontrollable hop up and kind of catch Off guard and that's why I fly with the Academy of model Aeronautics they're an Insurance program for those of us that Do fly now I was out there over the Water by myself but if a guy came Speeding around the corner on a boat and His family and you're not supposed to go That fast or anything but if they did And caught me off guard and something Happened with this and it bumped into Them hey I'm just going to say I'll be Glad I'm insured God forbid anything Like that ever happened by the way it's Just a piece of foam so no one's really Going to get hurt but it could scratch The paint on their nice boat and that's Where the Academy of model Aeronautics

Will step in and help you out well this Guy will be linked in the description Box below if you're interested in Checking it out for yourself and I think I want to say a massive thanks always Every day to God but especially for just His timing in this there's literally one Other boat out on the water they're kind Of doing their own thing and 5 minutes After this flipped over they just Happened to be cruising by they picked It up they brought it right to me I Don't know just what perfect timing Abby And I were getting ready to go get the Kayak and that would have cost us like 2 Three hours to make that happen so for That little experience but for Everything in life as well I thank God I Also want to say a massive thanks to our Patreon supporters because we couldn't Do what we do as often as we do it Without your amazing Support if you like water planes float Planes we'll have another handpicked Video Just For You popping up right About now thanks for watching we'll see You there [Music] Bye

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