Check out this drone here:
Save with code: 40RCSAYLORS
This is the world’s best beginner 4k camera drone under $120 right now with our coupon code. This is the Holy Stone HS360S. This is an easy to fly drone and great from a first time flyer to get some experience on the sticks without breaking the bank. Let us know your thoughts about this drone in the comments!

Check out this drone here:
Save with code: 40RCSAYLORS

The products in this video are rated for ages 14+.

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This is probably one of the most Interesting drone releases we've ever Had on the channel and yes we have flown Over 1100 drones maybe getting close to 1200 at this point over the years guys This is a 4K drone with brushless motors And it's under 250 grams now if I told You this retail at 200 bucks you'd say That's a fair price but because of us And working with holy Stone and getting Some crazy good coupon codes this thing Can get down to a hundred and seven Dollars that's because when they Released this they did a promotion where You could click a coupon and get 40 off Then they gave us for you guys 30 off on Top of that the custom RC sailor coupon Code this is an extremely cool setup it Is by far the greatest Bang your bucket that that I've ever Seen and that is just because they Wanted to work with us and I think That's great we made a tick tock video And it went kind of crazy they sold a Lot more drones than I think they really Expected to overnight and when they got In the office the next day they were Like shut it down I hope you guys Understand the most important thing on Our Channel with you all is our morals People ask us all the time you know why Don't you do this company why don't you Do that company why do you only focus Heavily on this company it's because we

Choose who we want to work with a free Hundred dollar drone probably costs them You know 30 bucks to make it or Something I don't know doesn't pay our Bills and it's more important for me to Know at the end of the day that we did Justice to you guys we are one of the Biggest RC channels in the country now And I love that and it's only because of You we put our relationship with that Company and us getting you know free Drones at risk for you guys and the good News is they just messaged back saying Sorry worry about the Amazon coupon code That's still only worth ten dollars but We're gonna take your 30 off and Increase it to 45 off for your viewers Till the end of the month right they did Say till the end of the month and They're limiting it to 100 drones They're enough and is that the end of July it's the end of July 400 drones Whichever comes first so I gotta say I'm Very impressed with them coming back Saying that we got about for you guys And I apologize for that kind of an Intro but I think it's very important For you to know free RCS don't pay the Bills and it's more important to Maintain a good relationship with you Guys our subscribers than it is the People that send me you know three or Four drones in the year worth 100 bucks So uh I don't pay the bill

That's how to work And out here in this you know Wildfire Smoke too Wildfire so can't even see What color the trees are today because Of that this is going to be a shorter Flight but everybody wants to see the Camera quality because we are one of the First people in the world to get our Hands on this drone so let's put this in The air and see how this 4k camera Actually looks it does need your own Micro SD card I just put a little 16 gig Micro SD card class 10 in there those Things are very cheap now so you'll need One of those if you want to save your Video Let's Play we did a compass Calibration over by the edge of the Water and when I picked it up to move it It said we needed to do it again so I Found that interesting that's okay just Kind of a neat thing let's do an auto Takeoff So slide to unlock and see how it does That powered on the motors and then I Guess I press the button take off yeah Great [Music] That's telling me that your compass Calibration has interfered Yeah okay we're going to try to land This I don't believe we have GPS locked So we're gonna take it back over here And land it Telling me

The compass is interfered so we're going To land it You guys can hear that And we're gonna try again okay we've Recalibrated let's try again This doesn't happen very often We're definitely going to do a hover Test close here before we go over the Water I'm just moving it away from us Now there could have been we don't fly a Lot of drones off the water here this is A new area for us Abby take a quick look Over at the dock see all those metal Pilots or whatever those are called the Hooks I can't remember oh my gosh our Last name sailor and we're failing those Could have interfered with the compass Calibration and I took off from there I'm already getting a much better flight So it very well can be interference when You do a compass calibration but Here it is the blatant truth we show and Share all of the experience on our Channel Nothing to hide I could easily have cut That first part out we're just going to Kind of inch it out here a little bit it Might not like the water there might be A weird spot okay I'm just gonna play With this very slowly and delicately but Again I don't plan on this being a super Long video just because of the weird Weather situation no look at the camera Quality that's really not too bad my

Live feed is good it says we have a 10 000 foot range which sounds like a lot But probably if I flew to the other side Of the lake there I'd say that'd be Pushing our range I'm just going to pan Around a little bit because of that Funny little take off you know I don't Want things to get out of hand to where I can't recover the Drone so this is the Benefit of having flown over a thousand Drones we want to play it safe and Careful it's got really nice features I Can use the back left rocker I think it Is to Zoom in and out the screen recording on Abby's phone it's a digital Zoom so you Lose quality when you zoom in so that's Funny but it's there and then the Vertical up and down here on our camera Works on the back right rocker that's Nice it's a little jerky But it gets the job done Remember this is a now 200 drone but With our coupon code right over A hundred dollars and it's a good drone To learn to fly on at least so far okay I'm not gonna hold that against it even A thousand dollar drone could have had Interference on a compass calibration so Let's fly out a little farther I feel a Little better about this a little safer We're gonna fly up and out some though That's what we do with drones we have Telemetry on our screen of Abby's phone

And we hit our distance limit now let's Talk about that because everybody that Buys this drone and gets it new is going To hit that distance limit too this is For beginners it doesn't want you to fly The Drone too far away until you've got A few flights in I think that's really Smart this is one of the first holy Stone drones I've had that talks to us Too so that's right I really like that Is it talking through the transmitter or My fence I think it's through your phone Are you sure because that looks like Speakers on the train there's a speaker There but I think it's for the beeping The talking is through the app what you Can do is go into the settings Um you have to allow And you see where we have beginner mode On we just uncheck that and you can Increase it to Crazy distances whatever You feel most comfortable with No that's return altitude [Laughter] All kinds of things that we can adjust Here but we just want to get back into The app so uh we'll continue recording After we've made that adjustment Okay let's get a nice little nice little Panning shot and show you guys too we're Gonna fly out a little farther see I Trust the Drone now that we've got A little bit of time in we got a good Solid compass calibration that's always

Very important to do distance Limited what are they not you didn't Save it what's the old scroll down and Save there we go Okay now we should be able to fly out Further yes there you go good and off we Go sometimes our videos aren't Necessarily the same oh the bird there Is a bird that is not real happy with The drone look at that it is just Circling us Sorry a little bit I'll try to get out Of your airspace Kayla um yeah guys we like to show just The real true honest Experiences with RC because if I made This a polished video and everything was Perfect and you got the Drone and then You came out and had the same two Problems that I had you would think There's something wrong with your drone There's nothing wrong it's just part of The hobby sometimes now if I landed this And then flew it again we would not have To recalibrate that Compass but if we go Fly in a different location it's always Safe to recalibrate your compass so all Right now normally our videos are a lot Longer because we like to demonstrate More of what the Drone can do This one doesn't have a gimbal so I'm Not going to do the gimbal test I just Wanted to show you guys the camera Quality but because the air quality is

So poor right now Abby and I don't want To be outside much longer than we really Need to so let's do an auto land back Here about we'll pull forward a little Bit not in the goose tube right not in The goose poop Let's do an auto land Right here Looks pretty good yeah there we go maybe In the goose poop that was really close There's a few things to point out about This drone namely the price because of The coupon code if this were right at 200 bucks I would say save another 100 And get a better drug right that's just My honest opinion but because it comes In uh 100 let's just say 110 bucks That's amazing it's 4K although it's not Really true 4K and it is under 250 grams With brushless motors along flight time Can we say there's hobby grade 4K and Toy grades sure yeah they're claiming 4K It's definitely a solid 1080p but for The price that's amazing now here's the Other thing that I love about this it's Like they listened to our last few Videos they made a phone holder that Actually holds Abby's phone in a case in A case thank you not my phone not the Extra large one my phone doesn't fit but It's nice that it fits and another Feature too is it's actually wired now I Don't know if that's actually extending The range or what maybe it's just Sending Abby's battery to her phone but

It's cool that it's wired to the radio And holy Stone drones don't tend to do That this one wraps up in here it comes With two different cords for whatever Type of phone you have and then that Comes down these little thumb screws Come off and fold tuck in right there Under the radio there's a rechargeable Battery it's not their double A battery System it's a nice radio sure it doesn't Fold up as small as the others but I Think the functionality is way more Important and better for this drone it's Got to be one of the best about hundred Dollar drones that I have personally Ever seen Go back to Hubs and days where hubs and Drones were way more popular than what They are now and they used to have a Drone for ninety dollars Abby do you Remember the hubson white with red props That was 90 bucks and it had brushed Motors and this is years ago like Pre-inflation stuff so just to try to Let you guys know like this really is a Good drone for the money it really is Despite a couple little issues but I Can't hold those issues against the Drone and another nice thing about this Is if you buy it and you just don't like It it's on Amazon they've got the best Return policy not that I would ask you Guys to buy it and return it but you Know you just have that comfort knowing

That this is a seriously good drone for The money if you want to see more we Have an unboxing video where we really Show you up close shots of this over on The RC Sailors extra and I want to say a Massive thanks to God for not only Getting us out here to share this Experience with you guys but for giving Me the confidence the ability to Communicate not only to you guys but to Companies to let them know where value Truly is It was one thing for them to say you Know we're going to take away that Coupon code and see if we can still sell Three of these it's another to maintain That relationship long term for you guys With you guys and the transparency is There because of our patreon supporters We couldn't do what we do without our Patreon supporters some of you guys are Just mind-blowingly amazing but every Single person that chooses to donate Your own hard-earned money to us so that We can bring content like this to the World and 45 off coupon codes is insane and we all Thank our patreon supporters we have Tons of drone videos on our Channel and If this just didn't fit the bill for you And you want something a bit nicer we'll Have one of our nicer drone videos Popping up right about now thanks for Watching we'll see you there

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